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Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Reviews

The best oil

Jan 29, 2018 11:22 AMRead

I have used this oil to my kid and writing this review, the Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil is very famous in india and yes it lives upto the expectation we have on it, it gives a very smooth and cool experience to children the products are goes through five level of safety to ensure best experie...Read More

Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil

Apr 28, 2017 12:57 PMRead

I come across the Johnson baby oil after becoming father around two years back. People have suggested me not to use this oil, but I used it and based on my experience it is not so good as any natural oil. Like in India climate changes in every state and every state has got their own requirements...Read More


Apr 25, 2017 10:22 AMRead (via Android App)

Johnson and johnson baby oil is the standard choice among other baby oils in the market. It is believed by my parents and now it is my choice as well. The fragrance is very mile, because no such fragrance is there. You can use it on the hair as well as in baby body. The hair looks shiny after us...Read More

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Very Good Product

Jan 02, 2017 06:42 PMRead

I am going to Talk about Johnson Baby Oil Vitamin E Baby Oil Product.The oil smell is very pleasant and the baby wont smell oily after you apply on it, the oil is been absorbed by the Baby skin so you wont feel the oily skin of the baby. that is good. Most people think that if you aren't see...Read More

Nice oil for babies

Mar 17, 2016 09:36 AMRead

This is released by Johnson that baby oil is a very nice product. Johnson & Johnson baby oil is especially for children. It protect and moisturized their skin easily also a hair oil. It is suggested by also doctors. It is most popular and demanded brand. It is also safe for the Childs. It is...Read More

Good Oil but so expensive to afford

Feb 23, 2016 08:04 AMRead (via iOS App)

Johnson & Johnson is one of the best brand available in india in child care products with diverse range and quality product but they also take benefit of this point. Being the only customer loved brand in India so they try to make best out of this.Though products of Jonhson & Johnson...Read More

Great to remove makeup!

Dec 14, 2015 04:11 PMRead (via iOS App)

Johnson baby oil is definitely great for babies to massage them and also as a hair oil.This oil is also good for women, it can also be used to remive makeup from your face.The waterproof mascara or the eye liner and even the face makeup and lipstick can be removed using this oil!Just...Read More

Best buddy for babies

Dec 09, 2015 06:03 PMRead

I brought this oil for my sister in laws 6 months old son and its really a great product.its nourished with vit E which is very good for babies skin.my sister in law used to use some other oil for her baby which caused allergy.but after switching to this oil its completely allergy free and very ...Read More

Johnson baby oil is very best oil

Nov 11, 2015 04:41 PMRead

Johnson baby oil is very good oil for baby . johnson baby oil with vitamin E johnsons baby oil pure mild and gently in small quantities using firm but gentel strokes before bath and for moisturising after bath. I have a dry skin and I can’t step out of the house without a moisturizer.Very ra...Read More

Johnson oil not suggestable

Jul 26, 2017 05:55 PMRead (via Mobile)

My own personal suggestion is not to use this oil for babies.application of oil make them dark and you will notice kind of stretch marks after few days.Doctors also don't put to suggest this oil. Better to use oil made naturally obtained ingredients which will be suitable for all kind of ski...Read More

Best baby oil

May 16, 2017 12:10 PMRead

Johnson baby oil good for babys I loved that oil.Ipersonally love this product.It is so basic and yet so purposeful. It is one of the products that I would not be able to do without.And especially the fact that it dose wonders to my skin and is healthy.The trick is simple,just squeeze the re...Read More

Don't use for your newborn baby

Mar 21, 2016 04:40 PMRead

I have used Jhonson's baby oil for my newborn and to my utter disappointment it gives rashes to my baby the very next day. I had to contact my pediatrician and he told keep all Jhonson's product away from your baby. Most Jhonson's product are now a days of bad quality and gives rashes to babies....Read More

Nice baby oil

Jul 06, 2015 06:33 PMRead (via Mobile)

Johnson baby oil is the most trusted and best product for the babies. It is coming in the packing of 100, 200 and 500ml  of transparent bottle with pink color lebel. I used to buy 200ml in Rs 165 for my grandson.It is very useful and healthy product for the babies. It is the ingredients of v...Read More

Best baby oil...

May 28, 2015 02:55 PMRead

JOHNSON’S baby oil locks in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin, leaving your baby’s skin soft and smooth. .It is clinically proven to help prevent excess moisture loss. Moisturizes baby’s delicate skin and helps protect from dryness. Pure mineral...Read More

Best oil for baby

May 25, 2015 08:06 AMRead (via Mobile)

Johnson's baby oil is clinically proven oil. This oil is pure, mild& gentle.contains vitamin E acetate.I use Johnson's oil while massaging my son since 9 months, before bath&  for moisturizing after bath.This is mildly perfumed and non staining.I have never yet seen any problem cause...Read More

Constantly effective

May 15, 2015 03:49 PMRead

Over the years Johnson & Johnson have been supreme in the market. Everyone knows that this is the best baby products selling coming of all time. The moment a new baby is born in the family. You automatically see their products come in and that too in bulk.That’s how good a company they a...Read More

Safe & Tender for baby's skin

May 08, 2015 02:36 PMRead

Johnson’s Baby Oil is pure, mild and gentle. It contains Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E acetate. It is to be applied gently in small quantities before bath and for moisturizing after bath. It has a lovely mildly fragrance. It doesnt stain your clothes and is non-sticky. It gets absorbed in the ...Read More

Safe & Best Baby Oil

May 08, 2015 12:58 PMRead

Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil is the most trusted brand for every new mother for her new born child.  Every mother wants the best for her baby. No other brand comes to mind when one has to buy a baby oil for her baby. And I think Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil is around since ages and everyone ...Read More

Baby care@johnson

Apr 29, 2015 09:50 PMRead

Johnson!johnson!its the brand being heard every where all around the globe!as this the best baby care product, every mom can trust this product.there are many varieties in johnson brand like baby care doy that is soaps, baby oil, baby shampoos.All these products are tender and very much stil...Read More

Please don't use Johson & Johson oil

Apr 21, 2015 02:41 PMRead (via Mobile)

As Johson& Johson Product are inorganic and it contains chemical and synthetic materials which are not for Human and hence not approved by USFDA. But in India bcoz of Policy Paralysis and Govt. Enforcement agency are reluctant as corporate company are using corruption as tools to sell there ...Read More

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