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Glucon D Reviews

Best energy drink ever

May 03, 2017 02:55 PMRead (via Android App)

Glucon D is no doubt the best energy drink in India. Energy drink is not very expensive it comes in 3 flavours that is orange Yaman and original flavour.This is very cheap but very effective methods for athletes to get energized within 20 seconds this product comes in the form of powder you ...Read More

Best way to get energized instantly!!!

May 03, 2017 02:04 PMRead (via Mobile)

Glucon D is the best drink ever. This has been my childhood favorite drink and it comes in 3 flavours viz orange, lemon and, original.Glucon D is the best source of artificially generated glucose and is absolutely pure and provodes energy as soon as 1 minute.I strongly suggest and recomm...Read More


Apr 21, 2017 07:43 PMRead (via Mobile)

Glucon d is the drink which I am drinking from my childhood. Glucon d is the most selling instant energy drink. It provides instananeous energy. It is a very good to drink if have traveled lots and felling thirsty as it cools down the body temperature and provide all necessary energy to the body...Read More

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Regain Energy Instantly

Apr 15, 2017 10:33 PMRead (via Android App)

Many energy drinks available in market but Glucon D is most popular drink, because it is giving really instant energy to all age group. Orange flavor is most popular taste, packaging is very good because when packing will be open the powder quality will get really fresh and dry. Cost not higher,...Read More

Energy booster

Apr 15, 2017 06:08 PMRead (via Android App)

Glucon D is engergy booster product when I tried and feel engergy level is low specially in summer season. Then I used glucon D it is good product for instently give the energy to my body. Flavour of glucon D is good sweet like suger and it have no foul smell but remember after use it close the ...Read More

Glucon D - Good Power Booster.

Apr 06, 2017 04:48 PMRead

Hello friends, Today I am sharing about world famous and best resulted one of the best and most popular Glucon D.Its very good energetic Drinks.This Product very important in summer session, and especially for children,Glucon D is a very good power booster and fast recharge your body...Read More

Glucon D Tangy Orange Flavour

Mar 25, 2017 05:51 AMRead

Hi Friends,I use Glucon-D during summers without fail especially for my children who play and feel tired and exhausted after play. Glucon-D is an instant energy and makes our glucose levels up. It is available in various contents like Glucon-D original, Nimbu Pani, Tangy Orange, and Aam Pann...Read More

Energy booster

Mar 03, 2017 02:10 PMRead (via Android App)

Hello dear friend today I am going to share my true experience with you all.Glucon D is really very good power recharge of our body.It help to maintain fluid level of the body.In certain exertion body need energy which is in the form of glucose. Certain( ATP) adeno trie phosphate whi...Read More

Instant your energy

Mar 03, 2017 07:11 AMRead (via Mobile)

Hi friends this is Shaikzzz let's start about Glucon-DGlucon-D this is a energy Powder in this energy Powder have sugar and vitamin and Glucon-D has vitamin D and Calcium the provides strength to the bones and bodyAnd Glucon-D have minerals also it has phosphorus that is essential for en...Read More

Energetic drink

Jan 13, 2017 07:39 AMRead (via Mobile)

Glucon D is very excellent drink which gives instant energy. I always prefer to have this drink after tiredness. It is very much helpful to me as it is enrich with vitamin D. These Vitamin helps body to fight against disease and instantly energize after perspiration. This also keeps our body coo...Read More

Energy Drink or flavoured Diabetic drink !!!

Oct 24, 2016 10:00 PMRead

Hi there,Today I am going to review some of the basic key points about the taste as well as the pros and cons of Glucon D. It is an instant energy booster in summers and very helpful for the persons having stomach problems.Specially, Old age group people should use nutritional drinks to ...Read More

Glucon D is energy drink conatins so many yummy fl

Oct 24, 2016 12:50 PMRead

Glucon D is a gud product n it's energy drink it's gud product n maintaining thesame quality since so many years n conatins so many flavours like tangy many I prefer glucon dGlucon D is a gud product n it's energy drink it's gud product n maintaining thesame quality since so many years n conatin...Read More

Really Refreshening

Oct 18, 2016 10:34 AMRead (via Android App)

I recently bought a glucon d from a nearby store, as I was feeling tired.So I decided to take glucon d to refreshen myself.I hurrily opened the pack and mixed up the glucon d powder into water and started drinking it.While taking Glucon D I felt amazing, the body started to cool down.And within ...Read More

Energy booster

Jul 09, 2016 10:21 AMRead (via Android App)

It is good for everyone especially in summer season.It is really good quality product till today, is my personal opinion.better to see date of package before you bought this one.Refresh your body always and give relieve from your tiredness when using this drink.I think it is good for...Read More

Love other flavour of Glocon D

Apr 23, 2016 02:25 PMRead (via Android App)

Glocon D is very essential when you feel weak. While playing football in evening I always bacome so tired but after driking Glocon D its refresh me and give energy to work futher.The the problem with this glucose D is I dont like the flavour specially the green pakage one. I like the glucon ...Read More

Not bad

Apr 22, 2016 06:12 PMRead

The most moving product is glucon d, when we feel uneasy everybody remembers for children, adults, people remembers to drink is glucon d, all this opinion is one side.The other side is that flavour is not good, not feeling good in drinking that, moreover when you mixing the water the water c...Read More

Best energy drink in summers.

Apr 07, 2016 03:32 PMRead

Glucon D is a very useful product specially in summers, this powder helps to keep the body cool from inside even in hot weather. Just take 1 tea spoon of Glucon D powder in 1 glass of water and stir it nicely. This product has helped me to remain hydrated in the summer season  because I have to ...Read More

Glucon D:Energtic Drink

Mar 22, 2016 10:15 AMRead

Glucon D is a energetic drink which provides quick energy.I used to drink Glucon D in the summer time.Whenever in the summer time, after playing a lot it gives me Instant Energy.I feels better in the summer after drinking it.It covers the energy of the body and makes us survive with full patienc...Read More

My favourit drink in summer

Mar 22, 2016 09:04 AMRead (via Mobile)

I can not handel the summer season easily. I can not handel the sunlight and the warm environment. I am a patient of jaundice.I need drinking water in outdoor environment.Here comes Glucon D. This is the most preferable drink for me in summer. I do not like the soft drinks available in marke...Read More

Refreshing drinks

Mar 01, 2016 12:38 PMRead (via Android App)

My name is rohit and today I am writing about most used and well known drink i.e. glucon-D. I used to watch the advertise of glucon-D in my childhood. Glucon D is one of the most comprising products in India. Lets go through key points:Flavor:Mosty used flavor is simple sugar sweet or yo...Read More

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