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Getting Over a Hangover Tips

Hangover cure? Yes!
Apr 01, 2006 11:49 PMRead
Had to write in here as I have just found a Hangover cure that works! Well actually it prevents them from happening(which is better I reckon). I always seemed to get a chronic hangover when I drink more than 4 drinks so anything that helps is a bonus! What I like is  they are natural tablets tha...Read More

When you drink too much!
May 02, 2004 12:50 PMRead
Though a hangover may look a uncanny mistake, but it is a more serious problem to have. It's no fun having a hangover. Most of the people know this but they will still wake up to a spinning room, having a thumping headache, and of course the bathroom dash.?. Drinking alcohol is not a problem but...Read More

A simple remedy for hangover
Aug 01, 2003 02:28 PMRead
Hangover is caused by excessive drinking.One of the ideal medicine for its cure is Onion. After attending a cock-tail party in the night, take few pieces of shredded onion with a little lemon-juice and a pinch of salt next day as the first thing in the morning. Many parlours in western count...Read More

Take a Nap
Jul 08, 2017 02:23 PMRead
Best way to clear your Hangover is take good nap and take bath and cup of Coffee or Glass of water with ISABGOLif possible .Omit.the best way.  If one exceeds the limit of Drinking let him Omit clear the stomachand Take a good nap.if you attend any party and you feel like you had eno...Read More

Best tip to avoid hangover.
Feb 22, 2017 01:06 PMRead
Well, hangover is something which ruins your next day, you are still zoned, it takes all day to get normal. The main reason for hangover is dehydration, which increases urination, dry mouth, thirst.There are many tips to overcome hangover, as drink lemon water, coffee, lemon tea and too much...Read More

Getting Rid of Hangover
Feb 21, 2017 04:56 PMRead
Hangover is a common part of drinkers life, in the morning. Firstly we need to understand why hangover happens, because then only we can cure it.Due to the cocktail of drinks, last night. Like if you have wine, then a beer, and then some other drink and so on.Whiskey with cold drink also...Read More

Mar 14, 2009 12:28 PMRead
Getting over a hangover comes only when there is a hangover so why not discuss what really causes a hangover.As we all know that overconsumption of alcohol invariably results in a hangover;just how much alcohol is necessary to produce one depends on the biochemical individuality of the consu...Read More

Don't try to cure a hangover; prevent it
Oct 12, 2006 05:22 PMRead
The best way to avoid a hangover is to simple - just don't drink.But that's not the topic, so let me pontificate a bit from experience.Here is a sure shot way of preventing a hangover.Before you start drinking alcohol, have a large glass of water - drink it slowly, let the saliva mix...Read More

Prevention is better than cure....
Jun 30, 2003 12:34 PMRead
I have seen people drinks when they are happy or when they are equally sad. Some drinks when they just want to kill time or when they want to socialize. So whatever be the occasion, people drink. First thing that came to my mind when I started writing this review is Ghazals. Yeah who can forget ...Read More

Party time
Dec 31, 2002 05:15 PMRead
31st eve is one night when people who don’t indulge in drinking or heavy drinking all through the year tend to go overboard.The result: a bad hangover the next morning. Or in some cases, dehydration sets in as soon as you are through with the drinking.Hangovers are the result of ho...Read More

Just a few simple steps,mainly water based!
Mar 15, 2002 12:39 AMRead
This is what works for me:First, if u know or apprehend some fairly heavy drinking, try NOT to have an empty stomach.on an empty stomach the alcohol hits u much faster and heavier.If u cant eat something, line yr stomach with a little fat.swallow 2 teaspoons of butter eg.The fat slows down t...Read More

HOW TO get over a hangover
Mar 14, 2002 10:26 PMRead
If you are reading this I am guessing you are in pretty bad shape.  I will try to help but remember this moment the next time you get the bright idea to start drinking.The only cure for a hangover is time.  It takes time for your body to filter out all those toxins.  So if you can sleep thro...Read More

Glug down water!
Feb 18, 2002 01:02 PMRead
Here's a bit of advice that a friend of mine had given me for avoiding hangovers.actually, if you noted the words I is for AVOIDING hangovers.and not getting over it! So, I believe in that age old one-liner'Prevention is.'(you got it!).After your drinking bout, and before you fall as...Read More

Get over your Hanover!
Jan 28, 2002 11:06 AMRead
The fruit of all our painstaking research, The Almighty Hangover Emergency Cure. While the ingredients in this kit are based on hard science and not personal mythology, it must be said that there really is no cure for a hangover in the same sense that penicillin is a cure for an infection. There...Read More

Jan 28, 2002 02:58 AMRead
Molson's Canadian Beer, is a beer that Canadians love and everyone else seems feel it is not exciting. I don't think the citizens of the U.S.A., (please note that I never say Americans as all the people who live in North & South America are Americans too), even heard of this beer until the Compa...Read More

Jan 14, 2002 10:47 PMRead
This may sound silly but this definitely works for me.  After a big night out even though it hurts a lot and its the last thing you want to do if you get up and exercise(particularly if its hard exercise) you will get rid of the hangover very quickly.  In fact one you're done you feel very refre...Read More

Does your head feel like it's in a vice?
Dec 19, 2001 09:08 PMRead
Hangovers are the symptom of an over enthusiastic partying instinct. Generally known as the morning after the night before and is usually associated with a loss of a certain time period in ones memory. It happens to most of us a few times in our fleeting existence on the globe; I dare say that e...Read More

A Bad Feeling, for sure....
Sep 25, 2001 08:59 AMRead
Hangovers use to be frequent for me in my past. I don't have those hangovers today because I don't get plastered with alcohol anymore.I think the only real cure for a hangover is sleep, 8 hours anyway. If I was up most of the night drinking and dancing it was very hard for me to go to work....Read More

Self inflicted POISON !
Sep 09, 2001 02:35 AMRead
I do not drink, I haven't had a drink now in 2 years, and even when I was drinking, I only experienced a hangover a couple of times.  I will admit a few time I certainly did drink to excess and could have had a really bad hangovers but I played it smart.(Smart probably is the wrong word, no one ...Read More

May 29, 2001 09:09 PMRead
I have to admit I am not a drinker. In fact, I have never had a drink. So can I truly write about a topic that I have no experience? I honestly believe the answer is yes!What exactly is a hangover? It is the body's reaction to the excess of alcohol. Notice the word'excess' which by definitio...Read More

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