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General Tips on Websites Tips

Excellent SERVICE
Feb 21, 2019 11:10 AM Read

I have recently mailed them to accept my institutions content, within no time they responded me back with a positive response and appreciate there help thank you so much. they hardly responded me back within 15 minutes I also would like to appreciate there education blog.

Beware of E-Mails!
Oct 01, 2018 06:08 PM Read (via Android App)

Everyone here might be using Emails but the fact is no one knows how dangerous it could be responding to few of those Emails that you received.

Any Email that you respond make sure that you have a clariry of their background or detail from where they are from and is that mail a fake or real one? To know that you need to do a simple check. For examole if you get any mail in the name of your bank in which you hold account saying that Your account was tried to get hacked please prevent it by providing security to it and login here. Few people get panicked and enter their login details without thinkung for a second and by the time it takes you to your bank's site, 1st it takes all your login details to your hacker to whom you provided data and account gets hacked!

To prevent that, you need to check or confirm the mail from which you received is a real or fake id. For that type that organisation or comopany's name in google and check the accurate email id because sometimes even a dot can miss away from you eyes and you may get into conclusion that its a real id.


Be Smart And Safe....
Aug 21, 2018 05:13 PM Read

Nowadays if you don't be careful using internet then it can prove to be very harmful for you. So you need to be conscious and smart about what you are uploading and sharing. But there are many sites which seems right to us but they can be fraud. So how to recognize such sites. There are some things you need to pay attention before entering any website. So today I will be sharing about those points and also how to avoid from getting tracked.

-> 1. The most important things that you should always check before entering any website is that check the URL whether it is https or not where'S' stands for secured. Try to avoid entering in websites whose URL is http only.

-> 2. Use some google extension which will warn you before entering any harmful websites, I personally would recommend you Adblock. As it not only warns about such sites but also stops Ads on pages.

-> 3. Always use a safe browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

-> 4. Always use VPN while connecting to any open WiFi network.

-> 5. And the most common mistake that people commit is that they download anything from any random websites which is not good, so thry to avoid such mistake.

So these are the points which you should look after before entering any random website.

How to use Google like a pro? Part2
May 27, 2015 06:32 PM Read

I have written about 2 useful Google Search tips on How to use Google like a pro? Part1.

Now, I have come up with part 2 with some useful tips on Google search.

Do you know Google search has inbuilt "FILL IN THE BLANKS " algorithm inbuilt on it. Often, it happen you are not capable to remember the exact keyword that you would like to search on Google, but you only remember some parts of the keyword or key phrase. Google has a wonderful solution to this problem.

Google search uses *( asterisk) as a fill in the blanks word, meaning the * can be replaced by the substitute word phrase. Google will come up with all the possible word phrase that could be replaced in place of *. So, you can find out your desired one.

Got it? Let me make it clear with an example first.

Search the key phrase: how many * in a month, now Google with come up with all the possible results that could replace the asterisk.

Just check the attached screenshot for your idea.

Google search can easily help you to find the meaning of a word that is unknown to you. You no need to search it on online dictionary. Example, suppose you do not know the meaning of the word "funambulist".

Just type on search box: define:funambulist and you will get the result.

Please check the second screenshot attached to get an idea.

Now, comes a really interesting one. Are you a movie buff? Are you planning to watch a movie tonight? Google comes here with a very easy search operator.

Type in search box: showtimes: dil dhadakne do and immediately Google will show you the results with show times of this movie in your city. How is it? Great indeed!

Google has evolved in several aspect and if you are capable to search like a professional, you will get effective output with in short time. Please use the above mentioned techniques to get better search result in Google in second!


You may get into a trap of Promotional E Mails.
Jul 04, 2010 12:25 PM Read

I have been enjoying a website for many months for sending FREE SMS in India anywhere.

The name of the website is

Before trying out this portal I enjoyed and

But,this site stands apart considering few distinguished aspects of it.

First is the registration part of it.Just by filling your Mobile Number,your Name,E Mail,Date of Birth,City and On Screen Secret code(to avoid SPAM) - YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO LOG IN after clicking in the link provided in the E Mail provided by you.

Now, you are ready to send SMS to any one you want.

The MOST striking things about the sites are- unlike other similar site the person who receives your SMS sees your name in the sender list NOT the site name if you use full 160 characters!!. The second distinguished feature is that FULL 160 Characters can be used.

Any such sites are full of advertisements(even MS also is not an exception,but it`s worth it).But this site has few such irritations as of now.

Added feature of Customized Google Search also exist here.

There are SMS Tempelate section.This section is divided into Many Sub parts like LOVE, JOKES, BIRTHDAY, MISS YOU, ONE LINERS, GOOD NIGHTS, FRIENDSHIP, ANNIVERSARY, GOOD MORNING.So if do not want to strain your mind much for a suitable line use the Temperates of your choice.

Also,Contacts may be created so that each time you do not need to type the Mobile Number.It can be even arranged as different groups for easy reference.

One can use the option of sending SMS later.Exact Time and Date can be chosen.An interesting feature indeed.

One can also see full history of Sent SMS.

In My Setting section many type of Customization can be done like Changing the Password or even the Mobile Number and E Mail i/d.

The site being comparatively new ,Hanging problem is extremely rare.

Happy texting buddy.


I stopped using it due to some attractive SMS packs from my mobile service provider. Now , it seems, fullonsms admin keep sending me reminder mails as well as irritating promotional mails from third parties to whom my mail ID has been given by This site admin.

Now, I do not want to recommend this site for Free SMS sending.

Be careful please.

Be careful
Jun 17, 2018 12:01 PM Read (via Android App)

Today I would like to write about some tips on website security and general use.We come across many websites in our day to day life.Many of them are very genuine and helpful for our works.But there are many fake websites also around us.First of all the payment gateway websites, If you are trying pay an amount to anyone through a website make sure that there is green lock symbol near the https tag, otherwise the payment gateway is not secure.Also check that the site whether have SSL certificate or not, it will also display near the search tag.Next, Before you start work on any websites and online stores first you should read the reviews and feedbacks of the particular websites, you could read out it from MOUTHSHUT like platforms and from Google also.Don't get attract with the design and ease of loading and working, all these are only for getting the viewers and website subscribers.Avoid websites with lot of advertisements and connected links to many other platforms, that may be harm.Do not provide any banking and related detailes to any websites before make sure that this is not harmfulAlways make a contact with theire customer service.Avoid personal chat and emails.Don't provide your phone number to any websites, it may lead to the virus attack of your phone through spam emails and messages.So dear friends before using lot of websites please make sure the above tips are workingThankyou

Protect your privacy and Be safe
Jun 04, 2018 10:55 PM Read (via Android App)

Now a day internet is a virtual world. You can learn, you can earn and you may do whatever you want, through internet. From shopping to travel, online application to video conferencing and tutoring, all are here. But it is necessary to know some tips, to secure your usage and protect your data provided online. Because of fraudester work, it is required to be safe.

First thing you must remeber while browsing internet, is your security and provided data protection. If it required to provide any important data, first check whether website is secured or not. Just check website url open with https: // instead of http: // in start. Https means a secured web network. Also, dont provide account related data, untill its necessary. Dont pay on any inknown site, yoi dont know about.

While registering on any website provide minimum information required. password must be secured with right combination, which is almost impossible to guess. Also dont write this password anywhere. Only remember the password. Also while login, uncheck the box woth keep signed in option.

Always close unnecessary website, openinv during visits. It may be by mistakely clicking on any ad or popups.

Be careful of frauds and scams websites
May 07, 2018 09:54 PM Read (via Android App)

We come across many websites on net, some will be genuine, some are good and usefull but many of them are fake.Specially those websites that offer Work from home, we see it in facebook, youtube are in some other sites and we get attracted on that.

Similarly I was searching for home based job but I find captcha work I found this on facebook, first I contact them through whatsapp and they said that 800rs should pay thats for registration fee and they said the work can be done in android or in computer.

I had paid 800rs and after that I contact them and they told link will be send and then signup and start the work, but it was worst it cannot be seen properly the letter which appear and just for 1000 captcha just earn 1$ which is so less and its waste of time.

So we should know before joining on any sites and search it on google and check all information because there are many scam sites.

Read the tips and be secure
Nov 30, 2017 04:43 PM Read (via Android App)

With the increase in the scope of internet, frauds and scams has been becoming common things. It is very tough job to unearth fake and scam websites. Fraudsters are extremely crafty and experienced in creating convincing websites. Today I am giving some crucial tips to find fake websites.


It hardly takes four to five minutes to browse any website. You may read its 'home page' or 'about us' page to know more about website. Some fake websites use poor english with grammatical mistakes that sounds quite right. It could mean that the site is not genuine. Sometimes these websites don't have contact and email page.


The word domain is still unknown for most of the internet users. A lot of fake sites use domain name that references a well known brand but is not official website. You should be aware of domains that end in .net or .org as they are rarely used for online shopping so may have been acquired questionable organisation.


If you buy something that turns out to be fake or non- existent with a credit or debit card, you do have some rights to get your money. But if you pay by bank transfer, there is very little chance that you get your cash back.

Every website has its term and condition page, check for this page.

Tip to get free certifications from COURSERA.ORG
Apr 11, 2017 02:23 PM Read

Hi friends, is one of the worlds best MOOCs provider. its providing best courses from worlds top universities such as standford university, yale university, university of michigan, university of sydney, university of columbia, university of washington, Google cloud, NGS, OLC and much more. and it also providing certifications of completion. but we have to pay some amount to get the courses and certifications. it costs aprox 20, 000 - 4, 00, 000 INR per course. it is very huge amount for middile class peoples. but do'nt warry about it, here is the tip to get those services for free. coursera provides financial aid program to their learners who does'nt effort the course price. just login to youre courera account, and sellect the course you want to take. in left corner of the page you will see the line'apply to financial aid' bellow enroll the course button, and click it, you will go to the application page, now fill youre personal and financial details and submit. after one or two weeks you will get response from coursera team, and follow the timelines which they gives, and complete the course with in timeline. and earn certification for free of cost. but you need to apply for each course on specializations. all the best for learning in coursera. Web site review
Feb 16, 2016 03:42 PM Read

I am looking for a cheap domain register for my blog to host on a custom domain name. Googled for cheap domain name seller's. Find long list on search. Finally decided to go with web site which shows on adds in couple of web sites including google ads.

Pl. find the enclosed attachment enclosed the snap shot of domain  ads which shows Rs. 99.  Visited web sited and selected my requested domain name which is available. So decided to buy the domain name. When I tried to add card it shows 299 and additional charge of basic service around 2200+. I removed the basic service then the page refresh and show now not 2200+ now 999. I tried to remove again it happens three times the finally able to remove basic service from purchase cart.  I have enclosed the purchase cart for your information.

I decided to not to  buy from this web site. I am looking for some other alternative web sites. If yo have any suggested web site to buy domain pl. suggest.

Website - Easy to use, navigate, load faster
Nov 07, 2015 02:55 AM Read

Website - is the online identity of any product or organization which will be seen by people across the globe so it should have below qualities:

  1. Design should be eye catching - Website Design should be like the user once visit the website he will visit again and again

  2. Easy to use - User could easily navigate from one part of website to other

  3. Ample of information provided - True and good information should be provide, it should not contain any steal information from website

  4. Website should be easily loaded - Website which we create should be available 24 X 7 X 365 days without any glitch in case there are any maintenance then the users should be well aware of that or notify before

  5. Website - If contains login page then the user information should not be at any cost compromise or steal it should be highly secure different encryption logics should be applied to save those information as for the website owner it could be only the way with which the person will login but for user it is more than that.

  6. Unwanted links to other websites should be avoided - there ways to keep ad of other website on our own but in some cases if those ad link take time to launch then it will impact our website as a whole

  7. Link provided on the website should not be broken links - Avoid broken links on our website as it give false interpretation to the users

  8. Daily update with new information - when you update information on your website daily basis and keep it up to date then user will give more interest in the website to look at and use the same

  9. Website should have different and unique content then other - keep in mind that users on internet are going through millions of website daily basis so to keep our website on top you need to make website and its content in a way that it stand still in front of any other website

  10. Images on website should be in less kbs(i.e. size) - as the main obstacle in website to launch faster is images if they are of more size then it will take time to launch so use images but keep the size low

This are some points if we sit back and think of website then there could be many more points we can come across

Online casinos cheating
Aug 01, 2019 05:15 PM Read

I came across from somany online casinos only thing I can tell if u have money go and invest in some RD or mutual funds don''''t go with this fake rigged casinos

These are the rigged ones. iam not telling these things because I lost money want to save you before going there

1.Online casinos licenced with Malta are fully operated they allowed casinos to operate boards even in live.

Came across with these

Bitstarz,royal pan,leoveg,bet3

If u want to play with multiple casinos and registering there won''''t help because they share information with each other they know from how many casinos you are playing and in live games they operate the videos and they observe the IP address they can easily identifu from how many platforms you playing the game

2.rummy circle,pokerbaazi,rummy passion,ace2three,adda52 these are all follows algorithms they won''''t give single penny to players its fully operated by system program and robots

Guys iam trying to save you pls dont go with online casinos if you really fascinate about card games go and play live physical dealer games.

The website -Industry Buying
Jun 11, 2016 11:01 AM Read (via Mobile)

The website is completely fake.

What can you say for a website which gives a contact number when you place order but when you receive the order damaged  and call up the number you realize after endless waiting and numerous attempts you don't get through.

Then when you decipher their trickery and call up the same number and choose option for placing order it is responded within second. When you talk of refund the staff becomes rude and asks you to write email. I would call them CHEATS, CHEATS AND CHEATS. I have sent them to mail as asked let us see if they respond .The product in question is worth 1600/-and prepaid through credit card.

Fake development website
Feb 01, 2016 11:43 AM Read

Today I want to tell you about one fake developer his name is lov singh he is from bhagalpur. his phone number is 725018xxxx & 950475xxxx .

He will tell you that he worked in google and had so many experience in website development but all this is  a big scrap never trust them. please never pay money to online website development company without verifying their address because I lost all my 15000rs  because of my small mistake last year I gave money to one of the developer Initially he started with the webiste I saw this website name in  design exchange I thought they might be trusted but they are not trusted one if any things happens  with them the will not come in between.

I gave him 15000rs after taking money he told me he will be giving me website in 1 month but all those promise are fake.after one money he forwarded me a fake nulled website then he started neglecting my call. I tried so much to contact him but no option because the address given on the website and while buying domain is all fake you can't reach him. till yet I didn't got the website he holds multiple domain such as .his website is still their in design exchange so please beaware of him  he will be posting some job offer always in facebook jobportal page so beware of this guy never pay online money to such fake people you can't do anything to such people because their address are fake

Aug 03, 2015 11:14 PM Read

I think you are also feeling very happy to hear of taking like decision

Advance happy independence day to 02 august 2015(free from adult websites)

Where the government banned porn sites for our children as well with unexpected sites opening while browsing is very very ugly.

While the family or children have been on browsing usually,

Thanks to the government taken the memorable decision after independence this is the newborn in our internet browsing.

Hats off to this type of decision

There are a lot of adult rated sites,

The government banned only trees there are lots of sites are still available belongs to the porn sites must remove

From the roots of trees to success our life to spent very nice, due to this sites the children addict and making crime

Government must provide access to the people whenever to browse without logging my get crime rate to fall

Must logging by mobile one time password to log even browsing to make fear to the persons about their security

The Government provides website to suggest our opinions to get rid of unwanted or crime,

Adult related sites to take necessary action,

All things are the way to girls facing a lot of issues by making harassment to them by this site only particularly

Mobile Responsive Website
Jul 17, 2015 02:42 PM Read

In todays world People are using internet for their day to day requirement. People have shifted to mobile devices than traditional desktop for mobile search. Its important to have mobile responsive website that will adapt to various screen size of the device.

Google has updated its Algorithm where it has placed mobile first, it means the website are not mobile friendly they will suffer in their search ranking. So the shift is here to stay ahead of competitors start adapting to Mobile Responsive Website.

Advice on websites
Jun 24, 2015 03:06 PM Read

I have tips for both browsing and creating a website. Hope you will find it useful! Browsing a Website

Browsing websites are fun, but we need to be careful of frauds.Here are some tips for a safe experience. Many websites  have attractive contents to make you visit it.But, they are fraud.Some types of websites has virus.So be careful.Also download an anti-virus application like AVG

Some websites will try to cheat you by holding contests like'Play and Win Money'. Do not trust them.Participate in contests like Mouthshut.Usually Game websites, have viruses

Some shopping websites will try to cheat you by giving huge offers to products.Buy in well known websites like Ebay, PayTm and BigBasket.If you want to buy from an unknown shopping website, check their reviews on Mouthshut

Happy Browsing! Creating a Website for Business. Creating a website for business is important.Here are some tips to get you started:

First we should run our business in small scale, before going to large projects.Before your business becomes large, open a Facebook page, before opting to a website

Promote your face book page for more audience.First you need to have regular and prospective customers, before you start a website

After you website becomes popular, start a website.Many companies are giving for low cost. Example: Yahoo is giving a website for just Rs.299/- per month with unlimited domains. Inform you customers about you website

All the best!

Be Careful of Frauds and Scams
Jun 12, 2015 10:12 AM Read

We come across many websites on the net, some are genuine, some are good and useful but many of them are fake. Specially those websites that offer WORK FROM HOME .

Some 3 years back when I was new to net and was looking form some good earning opportunity on net, I saw one website which promised to give a decent income.

It was work from home kind of thing, they said need to post advertisement on various sites for their promotion  they would also give referral link.I will be getting money for people joining under my referral  link, every thing sounded good .This all for a registration fee of 300 Rs

I had joined that site, paid 300 Rs .But it was all fake . After this experience I learned that there are many fake sites on the net, so one needs to be very careful while joining any such site, one should never pay anything in advance, one should never give their Bank details and other personal details to new and unknown sites . Because the net is full of frauds and scams .Its better r to work on trusted and Known sites.

Points to include in any website.
Jun 10, 2015 06:23 PM Read

As per my views website should describe a to z information about company as under.

  1. Time of started, (when company formed)

  2. Category of business.

  3. Name and history and experience  of company organiser.

4.Description of every product in detail.

5.Description of sales arrangement.

6.Packing information, terms of dispatching, bill payment etc.

  1. guarantee regarding product.

8.Sales after service.

  1. Contact details to contact company  in case of further inquiry.

10.Last but not least, company should ready to get review regarding there product from available sources, time to time.

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