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General Tips on Tipping Tips

Tipping Fundas
Jun 03, 2005 03:08 PM Read
Fortunately, tipping is not compulsory in this country, in some countries, for e.g., Canada, tipping in restaurants is compulsory - they would write on their bill - please tip your server! Anyway, whether its compulsory or not, I always feel that tip should be given to your server depending on h...Read More

Tipping advice
Apr 25, 2005 02:38 PM Read
When ever I use to go outside for the dinner or outing, I like that I should enjoy my dinner or outing. Every thing should be cool, enjoyable, lovable and meet my expectation which I have in my mind. If I am going outside, I prefer that restaurant should be good not in the sense of the interior ...Read More

Nov 09, 2004 06:46 PM Read
THIS IS THE GENERAL VIEW ON TIPPING TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE VERY MUCH PART OF UR EXISTENCE.THATS WHAT THESE FOLKS THINK OFF. (I had no choice but to write here under this restaurant heading. Please excuse me if you have been misled.) Hi guys! Its Diwali time and lots of fun?.designer cloth...Read More

Few Tips on Tipping!
Dec 20, 2016 09:58 AM Read
Well, the title of my review sounds slightly weird " Tips on Tipping"! However, it seems that a lot of guys in India are not accustomed to the practice of giving the tip to the waiters while in a restaurant. Though, not necessary, however, you should try to give some tip if you receive a good se...Read More

Tipping is not a good practice.
Apr 22, 2016 01:35 PM Read
We all to have food out side for some special or regular moments. Especially in restaurants  after we finish our lunch or dinner or breakfast we keep a tip on the bill after paying it. Actually I feel its not good. They are doing their duty,  by doing so they don't reduce our bill amount nor ...Read More

Tip the waiters for their service
Jun 11, 2015 09:24 PM Read
When ever we go to a restaurant or Hotel for Lunch or Dinner, we are in usually in a happy mood, Family time or get together time, we are spending a good amount on our bill, so if the food served is good, tastes good, served well, we should give some decent Tip to the waiter or waitress who have...Read More

Tipping ~ Yes!
Apr 13, 2010 04:59 AM Read
Depending on where you are, this includes different countries, you should definitely tip. Some people work just for tips. This helps ensure that the customer gets better service because the customer has control over the employees pay. In America, every sit down restaurant that has a server, a...Read More

Is it rite to give tips to waiters
Aug 06, 2009 12:47 PM Read
Recently I had gone to a restaurant in colaba.named of the restuarant was koilas. its one of the best restaurant I have been to. Good location.surroundings is simply unbelievable .u can see the whole gateway by just sitting and having dinner.but one thing that I realy disgusted me was their w...Read More

Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Tips
Oct 22, 2008 11:39 AM Read
"Should I leave some tip? How much?"  why does this question lurk every mind (Richie richs' excluded pls!) May be it’s the globalisation wave, & we’re trying to be cool in a bid to adapt to the westerners' cultures. May be it's a status symbol or to avoid the waiters from swearing/ snigger...Read More

Mar 02, 2008 07:09 PM Read
I have chosen this subject, that has been eating my mind for years, but was never able to come outright, TIPPING IS A DEBATABLE, AND THE AREA IT COVERS IS WIDE, AS WIDE AS WOMANS MIND, AS DEEP AS THE INTRIGUE IN THE EYES OF THE RECEIPENT AND CANT BE WRITTEN IN ONE HUNDRED LINES. MEANING AND S...Read More

Oct 05, 2004 08:48 PM Read
GENERAL ADVICE ON OFFBEAT TIPPING Well in my younger years I hated tipping anyone. Out of pocket allowances were meager and there was not much left anyway after seeing a movie and going to a restaurant. A few years down the line, I met an interesting friend who was fairly rich and a compul...Read More

A few pointers in tips
Jun 04, 2004 02:10 PM Read
As a person grows up eating out in hotels becomes an essential part of life. Though the primary purpose of going to these places is preety clear, one may find the small intricac ies involved a bit confusing. This is mainly for the younger set of people like me. Tipping is something which come...Read More

Business Method of Tipping
Apr 29, 2004 06:44 PM Read
As a business person in the U.S., I tip 15% of the pre-tax meal charge. You should not tip on top of taxes. If the service meets expectations, I give a 15% tip. If the service exceeds my expectations, 20-25% is my norm. If the service is exceptional and coincides with a special occasion...Read More

Tipping according to service
Mar 15, 2004 05:48 PM Read
Here in the states the general procedure for tipping is ten percent of what your total bill comes to, but that is only a guideline. I for one believe in tipping. A wait person does not make much money in salary and depends upon their tips for their living. I always tip a good wait person m...Read More

To Tip or Not To Tip
Feb 28, 2003 04:45 AM Read
Tipping is something nobody teaches you - I am sure many of you would agree. You learn as you go along. In the current business environment with so much emphasis on the service industry and Customer Satisfaction, the Shakespearean-like dilemma of “To Tip or Not to Tip” is moot. The question du j...Read More

I WILL remember you........
May 02, 2002 05:14 AM Read
General rules of tipping in the US are probably different than in other countries. If you go into a fast food restaurant, no tipping is required.  And in most fast food restaurants, it is not allowed.  Employees may not take any gratuities. But, in a regular sit down restaurant the general...Read More

Mar 17, 2002 12:31 AM Read
I had been a fine dinning waitress in Las Vegas for about ten years.  I have seen almost everything, and what I had not seen I heard about. My husband and I one night went out to eat with some friends.  At the end of the meal when it was time to tip the waitress, our friends only put down 5.0...Read More

My husband a Domino's pizza delivery driver
Jan 02, 2002 02:21 PM Read
I was asked about the prices,  I asked him, he has no idea. He says he just delivers it, and it already written how much they owe. But I will get a list. I'm sorry, I was trying to make a statement how important it is to tip any waiter or waitress at any place to eat. ANYWHERE. It could be an...Read More

Feb 15, 2017 02:26 PM Read
HI today I toking about general tips on tipping I thing every one going to the restaurant in one time in own life I thing every one going to restaurant in many time so I thing some where restaurant you will given a tipping for seeing a food quality and testy food also and you will happy to eat t...Read More

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