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Fogg Scent Intensio Reviews

Total Bakwas

5 days agoRead (via Mobile)

Don't waste your money on this. Does not last long. Fragrance not good at all. Strong smell . Better perfumes are available from other brands at much cheaper price. The company is fooling us with advertisement. Park Avenue Essential is 100 times better than this.

Attractive fragrance

Dec 26, 2017 05:00 PMRead (via Android App)

I want to share my personal experience of using this fogg scent. On my birthday my friend gifted me this scent and when I used this scent I impressed its fragrance and its fragrance really very attractive and long lasting. And this will stay in our body for long time . Its bottle design also goo...Read More

I love this

Oct 23, 2017 10:38 PMRead

Hello my dear friends I want to share my personal experience of using this scent through this review. actually my close friend gifted me this scent and I became very impressed with its fragrance and appeal. this perfume is very long lasting and it is very compact also I can carry it anywhere wit...Read More

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Kay chal raha hai fogg ! i find this stupid

Apr 29, 2017 07:14 PMRead

The fogg scent it is the worst scent I have ever seen before . I don't like it at all it smell is very strong .if you don't like strong scent it will cause you a head ache so please don't try it . I have thought it to be good but it was very bad I just it is not giving long listen effect bad thi...Read More

What a fogg this scent have no competition..

Apr 25, 2017 12:59 PMRead (via Android App)

What a fogg scent yaar this is really very good and this will stay in our body for long time one time I spray in our body . These will stay in our body whole day.And the bottle design is really very nice to see. what a loook slim.It lasts for a day in our body aur more time.This bran...Read More

A fragrance is a concoction of, as people refer in perfume industry, raw materials. These can be yielded from natural sources or synthetic ones. Perfumed oils are then dissolved into solvents like alcohol to maintain the aromatic mixture of scents. A higher percentage of concentration means a stronger fragrance, this determines how long the scent can last on your skin.
Not so cool and extra smell produced

Apr 24, 2017 03:36 PMRead

Last month I bought a set of Fogg Scent Intensio and when I used it, it fails to impress.It has some extra smelly touch and I threw it away.It has only a Brand name that's it.Nothing special in it. It has a classy design and it doesn't lasts for hours.What they shows on TV you will never...Read More

Noting special average quality

Apr 19, 2017 07:08 PMRead

I used fog many times and before it got famous in the market by the ad(fog chal raha hai)my many of friends uses this scent and and love to use it but I dont like it much .because of its sharp fragrense this is normally a body spry and very expensive and its effect lasts with in one or half hour...Read More

Fogg Scent intensio its good fragrance ...

Apr 18, 2017 10:47 AMRead (via Android App)

Fogg Scent intensio - Fogg scent intensio its good fragnace . .its very good scent. Its bottle desgin is so much good and batter its bottle is so stylish and modren . Its packiging is so stylish.Its brand is so good and its company is so famous .Me and my family and my dear friends use t...Read More

It Doesn't have Long Lasting Effect

Apr 17, 2017 09:19 AMRead

Fogg is very big brand for perfumes but quality is reducing day by day. Fogg scent is gas less but it is not that much good to use. I liked this fragrance when I bought it but Its smell is irritating and becoming deep after application. I couldn't bear this smell after application and also it do...Read More

Fogg Scent Intensio

Apr 13, 2017 01:51 PMRead (via Android App)

I bought this product for my husband as his birthday present. It was good.But not excellent. I think it is just waste of money. As a comparison with other scent temptation is more better. But tastes are not same.So I can tell you who used it daily, you can be tried the other brands. May be you w...Read More

Good fragrance...

Apr 07, 2017 04:36 PMRead (via Android App)

Hi friends. I want say about fogg scent intensio. Fogg all products are very good in quality. I am a fragrance lover so I have a lots of collection of perfumes.the fogg scent which I liked the most.it's just wonderful fragrance. It lasts up to 8-9 hour. fragrance is sweet. It is valuable for mon...Read More

Never liked it's fragrance :/

Apr 02, 2017 12:00 PMRead (via Mobile)

Whenever I visit any store for buying deodorant.i always look for new any pleasant fragrance. So I smell many deodorants. fog doesn't smell good.i dont know why.i see advertisement many times on tv but its not like it is shown.no pleasant smell.some weird smell. it has become popular " kya chalr...Read More

Not that best

Mar 25, 2017 02:52 PMRead (via Android App)

Hello friends today I'll share my personal life experience about fogg scent intensio.I must say this is totally waste of money.I bought this product 2month ago just because of it's smell. I just loved it's smell. I mean I just loved the frrgrence of this scent.But I must say the frrg...Read More

Very bad

Mar 22, 2017 05:05 PMRead

Hello friends today I share my personal experience about fogg scent intensio.I bought this one month ago because I love fragnance of the cent. I bought this from local market. Price of this product is high when we compare this product to other brand.Bottle design is ok not the greatest m...Read More

Sweet smell

Feb 15, 2017 10:16 PMRead (via Android App)

Fogg scent has a super smell .it contains better fragrance useful for men and womens.There are somany type of scent, at older days I used enchantah body spray it is better but it full of gas I don't like it.Now iam using fogg scent it is gas free full of liquid and perfect one.The bo...Read More

Fogg ni chal rahaa

Jan 28, 2017 06:14 PMRead (via Android App)

I m not happy with fogg scent intensio . What we saw in advertisments all were fake promises . Although the design of bottle is very attractive but except the bottle all othet things are useless . Its effect is not lasting long .at the time of use of fogg till 2 hours its smell will there but af...Read More

Don't fulfill what they advertise

Jan 27, 2017 04:41 PMRead (via Mobile)

Fascinated by the going advertisements on the television about so much good in fogg scent I also decided to try some for myself. But after buying and using for sometime I came to realise something about the fogg scent. Based on that experience I am writing this review. First thing that these fog...Read More

Only Name Is Fancy

Jan 26, 2017 11:05 PMRead

Only the name of the scent is fancy . as far as the bottle is concerned the design is unique and look good in hand but the fragrance is not nice at all and it just disappears as quickly as you apply it and it does not help in longer run which is not a good thing . also the smell is very strong a...Read More

Genuine Review on Fogg Scent Intensio

Jan 25, 2017 09:45 PMRead

Hey Guys, I would to write a review regarding Fogg Scent Intensio, I bought this scent because I am a user of Fogg deodorant and almost all fragrances I have used and those are very good in smell and relaxation for mind also and I personally liked very much Black deodorant. When comes to Fogg sc...Read More

Unbearable strong fragrance

Jan 21, 2017 12:33 PMRead

Fogg is a good company. I usually use the deoderants produced by it. Few months ago, its new apparel, that is, Fogg Scent Intensio came in the market. Excitedly, I thought to buy a bottle of this scent. I was happy when I saw it as its bottle had an attractive design. I thought that I will use i...Read More

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