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Five Best Hindi Comedy Movies Tips

Five best hindi comedy movies till 80s

Mar 26, 2011 01:10 AMRead

Gol Maal- Released in 1979. Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Starring Amol Palekar, Utpal Dutt.Ramprasad is a recent college graduate who finds a job with a finicky man, Bhavani Shankar, who believes that a man without a mustache is a man without a character. Bhavani Shankar is also against...Read More

Five Best Hindi Comedy Movies

Feb 28, 2017 01:09 AMRead

Hello friends, We know that the most difficult thing in the world is to make people laugh.  So many movies come out each year trying to make you laugh.  However, it is only few ones that really make you laugh effortlessly.   I have some list of comedy movie and  I think are the best Comedy Hindi...Read More

My Favourite Hindi Comedy Movies

Jan 18, 2018 01:46 PMRead

Are you looking for the best Hindi Comedy movies?My Favourite Top 5 comedy movies are:Heera Pheri.Goolmal.(Directed by Rohit Sheety) - All the four series of this film are good but first one is the best.Chup Chup Ke.Munna Bhai MBBS.PK(Directed by Rajkumar Hirani)All t...Read More

Comedy is not so easy....

Jun 09, 2017 06:43 PMRead (via Android App)

Dear friends,Today I am going to duscuss about five best hindi comedy movies. As we all knows that Comedy is the game of timing and in bollywood a lot actors has a great timing of comedy. A lot of comedy movies made in bollywood with some great comedy actors. So here is my list of 5 best hin...Read More

Deserved some more attention

Jul 25, 2012 03:37 PMRead

The list of comedy movies which I am going to discuss may not click to you as the best.But believe me this list below are the movies which should have got attention but were trashed under our hypo critic Indian society which will appreciate black comedies from the west like AMERICAN PIE but ...Read More

Surprised to see no mention of "Angur"

May 17, 2012 04:07 PMRead

This could easily be the greatest comedy movie ever made in bollywood. Based on shakespear's story, directed by hrishikesh mukherji, the film has two double roles sanjeev kumar and deven varma, both malik and naukar, and story unfolds loads of laughter. Wonderful movie with great skript and dire...Read More

Hindi comedy movies, must watch

Jul 10, 2011 11:37 PMRead

Pyaar Kiye Jaa - Mehmood, Shahee Kapoor, Om Prakash. Mast comedy movie. Based on this movie was made Haseena Maan Jayegi with Govinda which was equally good.Chupke Chupke - Amitabh, Dharmenda. One of all time favorites by none other than Hrishikesh Mukharejee.GolMaal(old) - Needless to s...Read More

Top hindi comedy movies online

Dec 06, 2008 06:32 AMRead

If you are looking for some good Hindi comedy movies to kill your time on net then check the list below and it can be a good timepass. There are few new hindi movies like Hera Pheri, Golmaal which are also ok but it has forced comedy in form of dialogues. Below is the list of ultra sitcom with a...Read More

Bollywood Comedy Movies

Oct 01, 2008 12:09 AMRead

This review is not about 5 best Hindi comedy movies. It is difficult to choose, cos there are quite a few that can tickle that funny bone in you & make you roll in laughter.And I must admit here that just the thought of the comedy movies I have seen brought a smile to my face. I will mak...Read More

My favorite comedies

Sep 08, 2007 12:58 AMRead

Comedy films are made to elicit laughter from the audience. These are lighthearted screenplays crafted to amuse, entertain, and provide enjoyment to all classes of people. Comedies are created from day to day situations, typical frustrations in our life, and some characters we have come across i...Read More

Comedy Ke Sartaaz

Jul 08, 2007 02:22 AMRead

It is easy to make people cry, think and scare.  The most difficult thing to do is to make people laugh.  So many movies come out each year trying to make you laugh.  However, it is only few ones that really make you laugh effortlessly.   I have gathered a list of movies that I think are the bes...Read More

Five comedy films

May 04, 2007 01:19 PMRead

Guys this is my new review and this is my take   on five best comedy movies and first movie on my list isChameli ki shaadi starring anil kapoor and amrita singh , this film was pure comedy .As the title says the story is about chameli's shaadi . The best part of  this film was amrita singh, ...Read More

The great comedies

Apr 12, 2007 11:27 PMRead

I love comedy films that prompted me to write a review on five best comediesHere's my list of five best comedies **i would like to start withGolmaal starring amul palekar and utpal dutt **and the film directed by great filmmaker hrishikesh mukherjee the casting was perfect  I simply love...Read More

THE Laughathons!!!

Apr 08, 2007 03:35 PMRead

Its been a long time since no review has been written on this topic/product. The last review was written on 23 Jan'07. So I may continue the proceedings.I know that the list I m going to mention is not going to appreciated by many people out thr. So, This review has to be a controversial one as ...Read More


Jan 23, 2007 09:15 AMRead

After having watched three hilarious movies K9, Uncle Buck and Once Upon a Crime from the Hollywood over the weekend, I was taken back in memories to my schooly/college dayswhen we used to create silly jokes of our own from any regular Hindi movie and laugh out. But for some other, there was...Read More

5 best comedy movies I have seen

Jun 19, 2006 11:16 AMRead

There have been a lot of comedy films made in Bollywood since the old days. I have always been a big fan of comedy films ever since I started watching films. Films are meant for entertainment and after days of hard work one gets tired and thinks of colling off by watching a movie. At this time, ...Read More

There are more than five

Nov 22, 2005 07:27 AMRead

Deewana mastana- The all time great comedy movie, which starred anil kapoor, govinda, johny lever and juhi chawla. The story is just simple two guys one girl, but as usual the flirt salman at the end. Govinda and anil kapoor are truly great actors. The drunken scene of anil kapoor is the best sc...Read More

A Comedy Movie Package- Get it Now

Aug 30, 2005 08:08 PMRead

This is my second review and hoping that I get the same response and support from the people around me. Anyways not much wasting time I get on to the topic right away.Here I am their to present 5 best comedy films of my choice from my view point, Actually speaking this topic deals with more ...Read More

Haste raho

Aug 01, 2005 09:16 PMRead

Comedy films to indian people in recent years basically means farcial govinda flicks like rajaji,dulara and many more which make you anything but laugh but there have been instances when film just on the basis of their clean script have managed to makes us laugh and here the best amongst the res...Read More

Laugh Even in Memories: Best Hindi Comedies

Apr 21, 2005 09:10 PMRead

I am writing this review because many peoples here rated Mumbai Xpress as a good comedy movie, while I felt it was a sick comedy movie. Kamal Haasan could be so much ruined of creativity ...it was not possible to imagine till I watched this movie.* I write top Hindi Comedy Movies here with a...Read More

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