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Delivering an Effective Speech Tips

Its an ART and can be developed.

Dec 25, 2017 11:01 AMRead

Merry Christmas to all the viewers of Mouthshut.com. Hope this festive season brings in enough LOVE to erase the HATRED and enough MERRIMENT to erase the MISERY. Oh! I hope I am not getting deviated from the Topic that is how to deliver an effective speech or simply How to be an Effective speake...Read More

How to deliver an effective , eloquent speech

Dec 16, 2016 09:07 PMRead

Remember that speaking in public is a skill.This will serve us in many situations in future.Our speech should contain skillful comprehension which can influence listeners.It should be a persuasive one.It should contain sentences & paragraphs that will grab audience's attention & insp...Read More

Yes Effective Speech

Aug 26, 2016 05:31 PMRead

When I was in school, I discuss all my activities, for example, speech, or any host show.And, used to be involved in any kind of public speaking, I have the people I know about as it used to having a lot of fun feel about a particular subject in my thoughts, mindset, way. However, there is an ef...Read More


Mar 20, 2016 11:05 AMRead

Hello friends today I am going to tell you about how to deliver an effective speech. I want to share on of my experience with you.in that experience I will tel you how to deliver an effective speech without any hesitation.once in my office I was told to deliver a speech on th vey next day in...Read More

Effective Speaking Skills

May 23, 2008 08:45 PMRead

A survey was carried out in the USA about what was the thing that people were most afraid of. And the answers were ranked. The result was like thisNo. 3 - Fear of Income tax (IRS)No. 2 - Fear of deathNo. 1 - Fear of public speakingFear of public speaking is something which make e...Read More

Effective speaking comes once have conqured stare

Oct 04, 2007 06:49 AMRead

Effective speaking is diffrent from delivering speech, In  our normal day to day work or job, u can find even very normal people giving speech like talk.This u can categorise as just opening their mouth. Now the problem and solution lies within ourselves.can I deliver an effective speech with ou...Read More

Effective Speech

Sep 17, 2006 04:56 AMRead

When I was in school, I used to take part in all  the activities which involved any kind of public speaking , for instance-Debate, Speech or hosting any show.And believe me, I used to enjoy it a lot as by this people get to know about  my thoughts, mindset, and the way I feel about a specific su...Read More

Effective communication in delivering speech

Jul 20, 2006 11:22 AMRead

In our organisation we were in practice to attend Saturday Assembly in proper corporate uniform.Once a forum of Juries decided to give chance to some representatives of each department to deliver speech before 2500 people. I was surprised when my name was proposed  and informed to me.  They gave...Read More

The Four 'C's of Public Speaking

Apr 28, 2006 02:53 PMRead

Public Speaking is not a tough nut to crack. Any one can develop the talent. Its like riding a bike, you can always learn it and, if you desire, master it.There are four vital aspects or four things that one must concentrate on. I call them the Four ‘C’s of Public Speaking. They are Confiden...Read More

How effective is EFFECTIVE

Mar 29, 2006 04:07 PMRead

A bend in the road is not the end of the road .  unless you fail to make the turn.Before reaching at the end(that we presume as end) of the road, we normally stop and that’s the end. Rare are those who still go further till end and find that it was not end, but a turn. And thus the journey c...Read More

Be a dynamic speaker!!

Mar 28, 2006 07:05 PMRead

Speaking well can have a dramatic effect on your professional and private life. You may not realise how important the sound of your voice is, or how much you yourself judge other people by the way they sound. It is true that the impression you make on others often owes much more to how you speak...Read More

Delivering an Effective Speech

Mar 26, 2006 08:46 PMRead

Delivering an effective speech consists of a few basics -1. Ideally, you are talking on a subject the audience wants to hear.I was asked to address a group of potential entrepreneurs on tax and finance.  I was raw at speaking to groups but got a great response just by covering important ...Read More

Imagine if you were the audience

Mar 26, 2006 04:01 PMRead

I am sure you can find a lot of academic abracadabra on net on this topic, so let me just give you few things that work for you:Forget that you are going to read this piece or any'expert' advice on the net and will take the podium next time to deliver a cracker. Naah - never happens. Each ti...Read More

Delivering an Effective Speech

Mar 26, 2006 02:05 AMRead

As a child, I used to be often tongue-tied at the wonderful speeches that people used to make, which we often got an opportunity to hear because our parents were always so very well connected. Both brothers of my father used to be in the Service of the Government, the youngest one was an IAS Off...Read More

Anyone listening?

Mar 26, 2006 12:02 AMRead

Public Speaking! words which I am sure makes most of shudder with fear, anticipation and give sleepness nights...  For most of us, it comes across as an unwelcome task which we are given to perform when we are least prepared for it...A person who has this skill, is and would always be one step a...Read More


Mar 25, 2006 08:15 PMRead

You all must be wondering what is this kiss and what does it have to do in delivering a speech? But my dears your speech according to me is not effective without kiss!!!!!!!!!!That isK-keepI-itS-short andS-sweetMice ran in my stomach when i used to participate in oratory ...Read More

Knees turn into noodles ?

Mar 07, 2006 09:46 PMRead

Yes - Thats how I would describe my first experiences of public speaking.As an engineer/programmer I didn't really have to worry about my speaking skills, but as I stepped into the world of MBAs at an american university, I knew that one thing that I wasn't prepared enough for was - Speaking...Read More

Five Basic Fundas

Feb 21, 2006 11:07 AMRead

Recently, there was a report in the press that the best way to ensure that you make a great speech is to have sex just before getting on the podium! Well, that might work for some of our politicians, but for those of us in corporate life who have to make speeches every other day in stiff(pun uni...Read More

Speech-dont be afraid

Feb 18, 2006 02:18 PMRead

Perfecting and delivering your tone is very important for making good first impressions.so here are a few things which will certainly boost up your confidence.Keep your head held high, looking people in the eye at all times. Always hold your gaze a second longer if you happen to make eye con...Read More


Jan 04, 2006 04:10 AMRead

As I have always been an outspoken person I could hardly relate with people who got shivers if the teacher asked them to read from the book in the class.I was amongst those who would fight to get the biggest paragraph to read.It was only when I came to college and made a friend called Neha Manch...Read More

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