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Computer Networks ( 3rd edition) - Andrew S. Tanenbaum Reviews

Classic book for networks

Jul 18, 2017 10:48 PMRead (via Android App)

This book by tannebaum is the most best seller in the history of computer networks.This book provides information how network works inside.This book include all most popular internet application protocols.Tcp/ip is clearly illustrated.The book covers the concepts wireless technologies, www and i...Read More

Computer knowledge

Jul 13, 2017 09:26 PMRead

Computer is very necessary in today's world. So I am going to give you basic knowledge of computer. Firstly you must know how to start computer. In computer window you click on search then write notepad and a window is open. If you want to write anything then it is very useful. I am going to tel...Read More


Jul 01, 2017 02:50 PMRead (via iOS App)

Yeah! Due to computer , Established  in the country or in the whole world each and every work is being possibe in today's context. This 3rd edition computer are of high technologies made with best ideas on recent advances in computer hardware.I think or in my sense this computer Networks of ...Read More

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Computer Networks Best Review

Jun 21, 2017 01:17 PMRead

I was Forced to read Tanenbaum in university and I hated it, partially because I didn't know if it wasrelevent . Now after 10 years in the IT industry Irealized that I need to understand networking and came back to this book.the introducation is hard to read and somehow put me off it...Read More

Its Benefit

Jun 13, 2017 04:52 PMRead (via Android App)

This is the way to share information using the internet.We can easly share any types of file within the network.Besically the computer network have seven OSI layers which have the different functions.Namely Physical layer , data link layer , network layer , transport layrer, session layer , pres...Read More

Books have been a source of knowledge for many centuries. There is atleast one book written on every single topic under the sun. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul.There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books.
Computer Networks 3rd Edition - A System Approach

May 01, 2017 10:32 AMRead

It is really best selling textbooks in the world. Their System Approach Treats the network as a system composed of interrelated building blocks giving students and professionals the best possible conceptual foundation on which to understand current networking technologies. This is one quickly ta...Read More

Title of the Book

Dec 02, 2016 11:53 AMRead

I like the title of the book.This book is looking comprehensive and well command in the subject.Networking is the connecting of two or more computer with each in order to share data, information and resources.With the help of computer networking we can share our reviews and ideas amo...Read More

Review on Computer Networks ( 3rd edition)- Andrew

Oct 08, 2016 05:02 PMRead

I HATE THIS BOOK!From the perspective of an instructional systems tech major and in which this book is used for instructional systems tech majors, this is not an effective book. It starts with the introduction chapter, which is nothing very outstanding, but then the next chapter is about the...Read More

Good book for computer network concept.

Sep 30, 2016 05:08 PMRead

I read various book for computer network concepts.But I found some doubt in concept.For university exam in india we can prefer any local books by local writers.But if you looking for High level entrance exam and looking for job in best company which is really product based. Then we h...Read More

Computer of Humans

Feb 24, 2016 11:44 PMRead

Computer is a electronic device.now a days useful to every one.then computer one part of body in the present days.because any application and any job apply to using computer through on line. Computer modified Charles Babbage.he is  an English polymath.A mathematician, philosopher, inventor a...Read More


Feb 08, 2016 10:54 AMRead

This is probably the most complete and in depth theoretical approach to Computer Networks book you can buy.The structure of this book is based mainly on the OSI Reference Model which is divided in 7 different layers. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to a layer, in this way, one can get ...Read More

Not Bad

Jan 18, 2016 06:58 PMRead

Hi frnd! I am Mehra. I have bought this book from my near book store with just 360 rupees.this is a very good and valuable book for me.it this book covers my all Msc.it syllabus. My classmate also read this book.it is written in very simple language and I can easily understand it.this book deepl...Read More

A Classical Book on Computer Networking

Dec 31, 2015 02:16 PMRead

Computer networking and its related applications forms the backbone of global communication in the modern world. A book on this subject written by Andrew S. Tanenbaum is like a bible in computer networking. It is included in the course syllabus of almost all reputed universities around the world...Read More


20 days agoRead (via Android App)

I love you my LapyActually I'm mad abt my lapy ( laptop ) that is my life my every thing I jus lone mu lapy forever .Actually my aim is to become a best programmer to make best apps and other softwaresAnd I want to become a best networking engineer because I'm CCNA, CCNP and Hardware...Read More

Computer,laptop,printer and cctv cemeras

Dec 18, 2017 06:21 PMRead

Hi friends,You are also use the pc, laptop, printer and cctv cemeras. When you have any problem in technical, you can call me also. I will trying to giving you fast services. Here I am repair pc, laptop and also refiling a printer toner.Mob. 9920358436From mumbai.

Computer Networks Book

Nov 22, 2017 01:51 PMRead (via Android App)

This book is really good and concept is easy to understand, examples are good which helps to understand the concept easly. The auther written the concept for undestandable for all kind of lerners, epesially for them who starts this book from basic and no previous knowlwdge on various topics of c...Read More


Nov 08, 2017 01:18 PMRead (via Android App)

Computer is an electronic device which collects the data, process the data and give output to the users. It contains 1. Input devices.2. CPU ( Central Processing Unit) .3. Output devices 1. Input devices. It will takes the data from users. Ex: mouse, keyboard. 2.CPU It will process the data whic...Read More

A computer network or data network

Oct 31, 2017 12:37 PMRead

In the late 1950s, early networks of computers included the U.S. military radar system Semi-Automatic Ground Environment(SAGE).In 1959, Anatolii Ivanovich Kitov proposed to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union a detailed plan for the re-organisation of the control...Read More

Computer , viruses and network

Oct 06, 2017 10:11 AMRead (via Mobile)

Computer ek operating system Windows XP and the other side effects and the same problem with your phone and computer and viruses,Hindi - computer ka network Jo hota hu vi sabhi computer de connect hota hu is liye hacker hire he vo hack kar lete hai, much hacker viruses ko use karate hai hack...Read More


Sep 13, 2017 03:46 PMRead (via Android App)

Computer is a electronic device which help to people to save the time and any work can done on computer with the help of the intetnet the internet more importent part of the life any work can do on computer with the help of the internet it is precious it id smater its work is good is marvalious ...Read More

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