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Choosing a Microwave Oven Tips

"Choose & Buy a Owen depending on ur need"

May 26, 2015 07:28 PMRead

Well today Cooking gas has become so costly that out home maker have decided to move on to other cooking appliances like Induction stove, Electric Cooker and so on.  And in that list comes first is the Microwave oven.Well I am not sure from how many days back the oven are under use. But I am...Read More


Feb 12, 2017 03:10 PMRead

HI today I toking about choosing a microwave oven I thing in that time every one use microwave oven because every one like to use microwave oven because the microwave oven is really easy to use I really like but now I telling about choosing microwave oven I thin LG microwave oven is really good ...Read More

Unprofessional service from Panasonic Bangalore

Mar 09, 2016 06:19 PMRead

The glass panel of my 2011 Panasonic microwave oven's door broke for which I called up their call center in early January of this year. A technician visited after a few days and advised to replace the glass panel. A few more days later, a lady called from the Bangalore service center requesting ...Read More

Why Microwave Oven?

Oct 05, 2015 10:54 AMRead

Microwave is an ideal appliance especially for those who are not that great in cooking, yet wish to cook tastier food without asking anyone or for those who wish to surprise their spouse, loved ones with their cooking.Obviously this microwave can bake, has convection, grill along with microw...Read More


May 29, 2015 05:53 PMRead

I have bought a sharp microwave oven 2 year ago which was higher in price as compared to other brand .it work smoothly for  1 year or up to warranty period, thereafter it create some trouble from time to time despite I used it in spick and span environment. After 20 months from purchase it stopp...Read More

Buy Microwave from a reputed brand

May 08, 2015 09:16 AMRead

Microwave oven have become an integral part of our kitchens .Specially for reheating food . But before purchasing a microwave oven few things should be kept in mind.Since microwave oven comes in various sizes like 20 lts, 25 lts, 40 lts etc, Its important to decide the size according to our ...Read More

Companies don't make durable things and spare part

Oct 09, 2014 02:38 PMRead

Its good that u told about bad performance of panasonic microwave now I wont buy it. I also have on bad experience with hair refrigerator many parts had to be changed just after one and half to two yrs - like once sensor gone then heater gone then timer gone.Now I have converted that double ...Read More

My MW Experiance

Sep 08, 2014 04:38 PMRead

I have got a Whirlpool Magi Cook MW since 8-10 years and till date no problem observed. We use the appliance on daily basis for cooking, defrosting and get the food warmed which has kept in the refrigerator. Even I put my cup of tea when it get cold or not enough warm. I use to warm my food whic...Read More

How to Buy Microwave Oven

Jul 23, 2014 06:12 PMRead

Microwave Oven Buying Advice:1.  A lot of microwave oven have different features inbuilt in them. Before buying a microwave it is important to know and understand the features. Some microwaves have a defrost option, some have a popcorn setting, and some a dinner TV setting.2.)Microwave o...Read More

It's Down to Inverter vs Non-Inverter

May 28, 2014 03:22 PMRead

When one is talking about choosing the microwave oven, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you want an Inverter or non-Inverter microwave.Plenty of discussions can be found that highlight the benefit of Inverter compared to the traditional microwave oven mechanism. In summary...Read More


Oct 17, 2013 04:11 PMRead

I bought this LG charcoal grill model For Rs.25000+ on August 15 2012, It was working fine for 6 months, after that suddenly it stopped working. There came a service guy & replaced some circuit board & then it was working fine. Suddenly it stopped working again From last month. I Registe...Read More

Microwave Ovens are unsafe for Human consumption

Jan 17, 2013 06:51 PMRead

I have done a exhaustive research for Microwave ovens and has collected very critical information for all Microwave buyers / existing users.Below is the excerpt from report published by Food and Drug Administration, US Federal Government. These regulations / norms are applicable for all Micr...Read More

Damaged oven delivered and not replaced

Nov 05, 2010 11:40 AMRead

We bought a Whirlpool Magicook 20C Oven just a week before Diwali, but found it to be a defective unit on opening the package.The door of the oven is a dislocated one and the button panel was also loosely fitted. We complained immediately to the dealer(Fomra Electricals, L.B. Road Adyar, Che...Read More

Godrej Microwave Oven - Dumped in a corner

Nov 17, 2009 08:54 PMRead

I bought a Godrej Microwave oven Model GMC 32B in Jan 2007 with warranty for One year. Exactly after one year some of the functions are stopped. (Turn table not rotating, inside bulb not glowing). I lodged the complaint on 15 Feb 2008 explaining the fault of the oven as both the troubles started...Read More

Samsung Microwave for your delicate cuisine

Oct 16, 2009 04:32 PMRead

Microwave Ovens have become a common household kitchen appliancethese days for people living in urban life who are exposed to fast life andhealth stress.Besides being quick and easy, microwave cooked items help retain thenutritional properties of the food ingredient and also good...Read More

Microwave vs Induction Stove

May 04, 2009 12:48 AMRead

Could someone tell me if induction stove can be a more efficient alternative to Microwave oven for cooking?I know MW lets you bake and grill that induction stove doesn't but I was wondering if MW can let you say cook larger amounts of rice or perhaps heat water which Induction stove can?...Read More

Whirlpool Purafresh Elite - not so elite

Feb 07, 2009 04:14 PMRead

I bought this water purifier about 5 months back and have stopped drinking water from it. After I started drinking water from it, I experienced the worst acidity problems in my life. Initially I suspected its because of some other reason and took ayurvedic and alopathic treatment. I was on Gelus...Read More

LG Microwave(Grill+Convection)

Oct 04, 2008 11:42 AMRead

LG Microwave - Grill+Convection - On first year company offer warranty of 1 year and apart from that I have purchase 5 year extended warranty.The model is of 2006.One day in Sept 08 suddenly it stop working and we launch complaint in customer care on 18th Sept.Next day technician call at home an...Read More

The Microwave Oven De-mystified

Nov 26, 2007 10:11 AMRead

Modern Technology in the kitchenWith the passage of time, the encroachment of technology into the kitchen area has increased manifold – beginning with the gas stove of century ago almost, to the more modern appliances in vogue today, viz. food processors, mixers/grinders/blenders, Refridgera...Read More

Microwave oven - can make ur kitchen heaven...

Aug 06, 2007 05:01 AMRead

Kitchen ..this would have been a less visited place especially by bachelors. But situation changes infavourable :-( for people to stay away from their home say for the reason like education or job. What happens next... hotel food for some time ..ok Then.Think a place like Uk where the option...Read More

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