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Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 Reviews

Response to Bill Taylor SCAM letter

Jan 23, 2013 09:50 PMRead (via Mobile)

I respect the fact that you have recently completed a masters degree in business and your comment seems very much an attack on the whole method of selling approach by Arbonne. " if it was so good why is it not in stores" . I don't have the answer to that , maybe it will raise the cost of the pro...Read More

Arbonne Consultant Review: Scam

May 08, 2012 05:32 PMRead

Below is a letter I sent to a family member who unfortunatley has been sucked into this arbonne reseller scam, since then our relationship has been distant and I want to share this with others to avoid the same situation. Arbonne really does brain wash people, and if you known someone before and...Read More

Works great, a little is all you need!

Feb 05, 2012 02:28 AMRead

I too loved the RE9 products I began selling it!  I have recently shared it with 3 friends and they ALL noticed the difference right away.  I just had a baby and my dark circles were darker than ever. The eye creme has faded the dark circles.  My skin is just softer and haven't had a single blem...Read More

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Jan 24, 2012 03:29 AMRead

OMG what an amazing product and company! I am so impressed with all they carry I have joined as a consultant! You MUST try the products for yourself to see and feel the difference they make! My acne, is gone, my wrinkles have faded AND I have lost 18 lbs using the fit plan!Try it for yoursel...Read More

Beware of the new NutrimiC Re 9 revised products!

Sep 12, 2010 01:21 AMRead

I started using the products NutriminC Re9 in May and I cannot believe the very deep crevice wrinkles I have acquired from using these products. Instead of preventing and minimizing the wrinkles it has actually added and emphasized them more profoundly. I basically am going to throw these produc...Read More

An AWESOME Product!!!

Mar 26, 2009 11:41 PMRead

When I was first introduced to the Arbonne products, the one thing that pushed me away at first was the price. Looking at the size of the bottles, I thought they were not worth it.The Arbonne Rep told me that the size may appear small but you only need a small pea size amount for your face a...Read More

Very nice if done right

Nov 19, 2008 01:01 AMRead

I agree with the poster who said if you use too much, you'll feel sticky and greasy.  It's very concentrated and just a dab does the job.  I, too, found it very "tacky" and sticky at first, but I realized I wasn't letting some of the products dry before applying the next step.  If you allow the ...Read More

Arbonne Gets Results for post surgical scars!

Oct 24, 2008 07:59 AMRead

I have been using Arbonne on my post surgical Tummy Tuck scar for 5 months and have seen results in first  3 days. I tried the Intelligence skin condtioining oil and the rejuvenating cream.. By far the best. the products are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way! I tried numerous cream...Read More

Arbonne RE9

Aug 11, 2008 04:04 AMRead

I bought and used a$1.50 sample pack of the RE9 line from a friend of mine who is a consultant, and I am almost positive that I saw a discernible improvement in areas of my face, such as my frown line nearly disappeared and the lines that have been forming on my cheeks seemed to be vanishing as ...Read More

I have seen amazing results from Arbonne

Jul 08, 2008 02:04 AMRead

As a salon owner I am always searching for the best products on the market. I have spent a fortune on other brands, expensive and inexpensive searching for immediate results. One day I noticed a noticable difference in a salon customer's appearance (I thought she had Botox or skin resurfacing) b...Read More

Products DO contain artificial fragrances

Jun 30, 2008 12:50 AMRead

I am very sensitive to artificial fragrances and only went to an Aronne demonstration because they claimed to be free of chemical fragrances.  I was OK early in the demonstration, but at some point one of their products set off an asthma attack and caused my sinuses to swell shut.  At about this...Read More

Intelligence Shampoo and Conditioner

May 01, 2008 10:06 PMRead

I purchased Arbonne's Intelligence Shampoo and Conditioner.  The shampoo literally smells like turpentine and lingers throughout the day.  It stripped the color from my hair the first time I used it.  The conditioner is just ok.   It certainly doesn't warrant the price.I use it as dog shampo...Read More

Great Results with ARBONNE!!!

Mar 08, 2008 06:29 PMRead

I have been using the Arbonne RE9 antiaging set for just over a year now and LOVE the results.  I was introduced to the product by an aquaintance at church and was very skeptical because I had been using a so called "great (expensive) product" with minimal or no results.I had lived in the so...Read More

Arbonne mineral makeup and Nutrimin Re9

Sep 22, 2007 02:38 PMRead

I have used many different products to help with my large pores and I recently ran into a lady who told me about Arbonne.  It was a great thing that I met her because now my skin looks a lot better and I also use the Mineral makeup after I use the Re9 system.I have oily skin with large pores...Read More

RE9 - great for sensitive skin

Apr 02, 2007 08:27 AMRead

I too can attest to the amazing results of the Arbonne RE9 skincare line.  My skin feels so great and looks so healthy.  I love the "arbonne glow"  that I have all the time - even when I don't have makeup on, I get compliments on my skin and my face's healthy appearance.  My sister has bad rosac...Read More

Cosmetic junkie turned ARBONNE exclusive!

Feb 20, 2007 06:44 PMRead

I have to admit I have used EVERYTHING you can buy in the Department Stores.  I work there, so the cosmetic ladies see me coming... hook, line and sinker!  BUT...  since I never really saw any actual results from these products (and I have tried them ALL)  I kept looking for something better.  M...Read More

Exceptional products for a reasonable price

Jan 28, 2007 09:21 AMRead

I've been using Arbonne products for the past 6 months.  The products are gentle yet effective even those for those with sensitive skin.  My favorite is the eye creme b/c it faded my sun spots only after a few weeks of use.  I also really like the cleanser b/c it gently washes off my makeup....Read More

2ys and still love it..

Jan 21, 2007 09:58 PMRead

I am only 23 and I have used Arbonnes products for 16 yrs. I have been using the NutriMinC for 2 yrs after my mom (and now upline she has been with them 17 yrs!) told me to try this anti aging line. I have excema and you would never know it. I have been on prescription and tried a lot of stuff f...Read More

Good product for a good price

Dec 04, 2006 03:11 AMRead

I love this product. I have been using it for 6 months and everyone has noticed an improvement to my skin. I no longer have dry flaky skin. I personally feel this is an exceptional product for a good price. It seems steep but this product is so concentrated that you only need to use one pump. Mi...Read More

Great for over 35 skin

Nov 06, 2006 04:39 AMRead

Arbonne's Nutrimin Re9 is best for people over 35. My skin is normal to dry and had fine lines and tiny whiteheads for as long as I could remember. Since using the Re9 spf 8 day cream and the night cream my face now has far fewer fine lines! The people on this site who complained about the oilyn...Read More

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