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2 Door Vs. 3 Door Refrigerator - Which is better Tips

Boon and curse !!!

Nov 08, 2016 11:53 PMRead

I bought whirlpool 3 door fridge 8 months ago, fridge is very nice and spacious also. Color is also nice metallic silver colour. Vegetable section is also very spacious and vegetable stays fresh for long time. But space for keeping bottles in door is very less only one shelf. the only thing is d...Read More

Should be 2 door.

Nov 07, 2016 06:56 PMRead

There are many types of refrigerators in the market now a days.but I like the 2 door refrigerator.the first and main thing is if you want ice you will open the upper or front door of refrigerator.means no confusion.and the other section contains food and drinks all u need.the 2 door refrigerator...Read More


Oct 29, 2016 08:51 PMRead

A refrigerator buyers always know this things.No1. the size,if he has the need of those 2door or 3door frizing machin.singel door alyase good power seving tools.I buy a 2door refrigerator .it is miss use for me.my house near the market so nothing to kip in it,some little things are s...Read More


Sep 12, 2016 09:58 AMRead

The refigerators are now a days common to have every one in summar session we would heat from atmoshere and the every one get thirsty environment so avoid this type of feelings I can suggest the refrigerator to suggest the LG, Samsung refrigeratos are working very excellenttwo door type and ...Read More

Review on refrigerator of 2 Door Vs 3 Door.

Aug 29, 2016 07:36 PMRead

The refrigerator is a machine combined of electromagnetically arrangement of a machine. The Technic involves using a compressor(a mechanical component) to liquefied a gas by creating pressure on it and in that condition heat release due to pressure. The temperature of inside compartment became l...Read More

Which U WANT

Oct 31, 2016 05:58 PMRead

I like  2 door only one freezer & one refrigerator sectionnormally the companies maximum manufacturing 2 door ref. 3 door is wastage of money, - Space, & electricity.But 2 door refrigerator in much comfort for Normal families.The 3 door  refrigerator take more space while opening vegetab...Read More

2 Door Ref.

Aug 10, 2016 10:23 PMRead

The refrigerator should be 2 door onlyone freezer & one refrigerator sectionnormally the companies maximum manufacturing 2 door ref. onlyUp to 4 door refrigerator available in marketThe National company introduce 4 door refrigeratorsThe American companies manufacturing re...Read More

2 Door is better and effective.

Jun 22, 2016 11:05 AMRead

Refrigerators are one of the few appliances, apart from televisions, which have become omnipresent today. Almost in every urban household you might find a refrigerator standing in a corner of the house.It would not be an exaggeration if it is said that refrigerators have become an integral p...Read More

I think two door refrigerator is better

Jun 10, 2016 05:36 PMRead

Hello friends.I am here telling you which refrigerator is better?I think two door refrigerator is better because in this refrigerator you get two different comparents for cooling.In the three door refrigerator you get another compartments for vegetables whucg is I think of no use because...Read More

Opt for Single door fridge

Feb 19, 2014 11:39 AMRead

Mostly People look out for a double door fridge when it come to buy a fridge. But I don't understand the logic behind it! Why people go for a Double Door Fridge. If you observe closely there's nothing big difference between a SINGLE DOOR AND A DOUBLE DOOR Fridge, Double door keeps the De-Freezer...Read More

Extremely poor customer service at WhirlPool

Jul 05, 2013 08:03 PMRead

Started giving problems barely 3 years into using the appliance. Very poor customer service - parts get phased out easily and then you have problems getting it serviced.  False promises as to replacing the defective components / tempting you to go for a new whirlpool refrigerator using a 'bailou...Read More


Jun 09, 2013 02:33 PMRead

I have BPL Fridge for the last 20 yrs I am using it and no problem as occurred.But from last 1 yr I am facing problem due to parts are not available.Today I come to know that co has started their production & come back in market from technician. From where we can get parts in MP.

Extrimely poor after Sales Service of WHIRLPOOL

Sep 18, 2011 06:15 AMRead

I have lodged the complaint of my double door refrigerator for low cooling on 8th September 2011. Your technician promptly attend the complaint and told us that your compressor is gone bad. Same was replaced on 12th September 2011 and collected Rs. 5500.On same day we have observed light fli...Read More

Review of 3D whirlpool refridgrator

Jul 11, 2011 11:00 AMRead

I purchased a 3D proton world series whirlpool refrigerator of 300 ltres.but I m still at doldrums whether I have purchased the correct item ot not. Kindly guide me in using this refrigerators for example what type of and of how much volt stabilizer is to be used in this refrigerator.As far ...Read More

Never ever buy Hitachi

Jun 14, 2010 12:27 PMRead

I am the owner of a Hitachi 3 Door refrigerator. Its two years old and have faltered at least 5-6 times. Awesome experience. Firstly the difficulty in getting their service center no. Then their system is seems to b down always. Then umpteen promises of technician's visit which might happen afte...Read More

Very good

May 01, 2010 11:10 PMRead

Surprised to know that service for Hitachi refrigerator is poor, but I purchased Hitachi Air Conditioner in 2005 from Durgapur and they have given very good service there.It is surprising to know about Refrigerator in Mumbai, it is doubtful about that dealer. I think it should be verified fr...Read More

No service for Hitachi Refrigerator

May 01, 2010 09:21 PMRead

I am trapped by the cheat home solutions who market Hitachi. A 3 door Fridge 438 L was delivered on 22.04.10 and no demo/installation service has been provided. Several calls to their customer care invoke only only nice english and nobody has been deputed so far. Taking up the complaint to their...Read More

260lt Kenstar Refrigerator : Please do not buy

Nov 03, 2008 10:41 AMRead

It is rather pathetic to say the least that a refrigerator compress stops working just after an year of purchase even there we have used the stabliser etc. And there is no spike in power what so ever. Actual issue start when we start looking for the service center for Kenstar. For bad luck Kenst...Read More

Low capacity vs High Capacity

Apr 07, 2003 12:37 PMRead

All of you might have seen that low capacity refrigerators are generally single door. As the capacity increases, no. of doors increases. In any case, no. of door add extra cost. More the no. of door, more convenient to store the food. Because if you want to store vegetable at lower end of refrig...Read More

Who is bigger?

Jan 21, 2002 04:52 AMRead

Your question reminds me, vaguely, of a rhyme in a Wodehouse novel. ''Who is bigger? Captain Biggar or Mrs. Biggar? Mrs. Biggar, because she hooked Master Biggar.What matters in a refrigerator is not whether it is of one door, two doors, or three doors, but its utility, healthy, and trouble ...Read More

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