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Nishana Sujith


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Label Jars, Not people

May 26, 2014 07:06 PM General 395 Views

(Updated May 27, 2014 06:37 PM)

This photo had gone viral on Facebook a few months back and chances are that you have already seen it. When I saw it for the first time, my interpretation was that a girl's attitude always matched with her skirt's length or rather in general terms. - what she wore.But later, I found an article on th...Read more

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Shaadi ke 'side' effects!

Apr 22, 2014 06:54 PM

hi Enjoyed reading it. Congrats on the featured status. Keep writing. :)

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Bad Girl?

Apr 14, 2014 01:35 PM

Sigh I know what you mean. Its a patriarchal society that has different set of morals for men and women. Its sad that sometimes the women as well use this established set to scale and weigh the other women. Congrats on your FP Regards, Nishana

Followed caretaker

Apr 11, 2014 04:32 PM


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Taare Zameen Par and the perfect teacher

Apr 11, 2014 04:20 PM

@sydbarrett Nishant, I agree with you completely. Most of the time parents blame the teachers for everything as well.They do not understand the role parents play in a child's development. I have a student who scores mostly above 95. Her parents ask us why she doesnt do any better! What is the ans...wer they expect. That child is academically good, not brilliant. I mean she can mug up and score, but she does not have the application skills. The parents took her to a psychiatrist to see whats is wrong with her. They told me this and told me that they were concerned for her as her grades were slipping (that is 50/50 to 49/ 50). Sad I cant help. The child is always scared and way too mature for a 11 year old.Sometimes I feel sorry for her. But we are helpless. The world think grades are everything and still they dont realize that those people who actually make it in the world are the ones who possess grit .... to thrive through life and this is exactly what our schools or society fails to cultivate in students or rather in our future generation.Read More

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Taare Zameen Par and the perfect teacher

Apr 09, 2014 05:53 PM General 757 Views

Recently, I have seen a picture doing its rounds on face book- The one that features Amir Khan and Darsheel Safary. Ram and Ishan: the ideal teacher and his student from Taare Zameen Par. The photograph is circulated with a caption “We want more teachers like him” I do not want to douse any revoluti...Read more

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Unsung melodies of Nanu Bhai's radio

Mar 22, 2014 08:53 PM

Congrats On the featured blog status and keep writing :)

Commented on MouthShut_Official

New Year Bonanza Results Announced

Mar 17, 2014 06:27 PM

congrats Wow!congrats to all the winners

Commented on Aarini's blog

The Wonder Of Living

Mar 10, 2014 05:56 PM

As always, Awww! after all it makes the world go round..... :) loved it.... hugs btw and forgot! Congrats on the featured blog status :)

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Teaching makes me feel ancient.

Mar 10, 2014 05:53 PM

@jains24 Hmmm..... A two way process.... that is something that every teacher should realize.... everyday I have instances where I learn something from them... I dont mean anything from the text book, but sometimes they teach us much better lessons on life... :)

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Teaching makes me feel ancient.

Mar 10, 2014 05:51 PM

@sydbarrett I guess you were thinking about the classical antiquity or the ancient ages ... Did gurukula come to your mind by the way? I am curious.... What did I fool you into? Well, I meant the quality if being ancient. But I do see that the title is misleading... let me see ... Thank you for the... comment Syd :) and I absolutely agree with you.Read More

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Teaching makes me feel ancient.

Mar 09, 2014 07:53 PM General 483 Views

(Updated Mar 10, 2014 05:54 PM)

It all happened one fine day as I was teaching them about Victorian Britain. As a starter to the lesson, I showed them a video about a typical Victorian classroom and some punishments administered at that time. It showed them the strict Victorian teacher who never smiled and had a frozen expression ...Read more

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Feb 05, 2014 07:16 PM

so true Isn't it true we all attach self importance to ourselves a bit too much? Was a nice read... keep peening :)

Followed smartgirl

Feb 04, 2014 07:29 PM


Commented on own blog

The Judges of Happiness

Feb 03, 2014 11:41 PM

@suraaz Thank you bro.... Its good to be back here as well... certain things had dragged me away for a while :)

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The Judges of Happiness

Feb 03, 2014 11:40 PM

@maaz_nawaz Exactly and sometimes when people rub it on, I just feel so annoyed!

Reviewed Those Pricey Thakur Girls - Anuja Chauhan

Feb 03, 2014 07:12 AM 8899 Views

(Updated Feb 04, 2014 07:21 PM)

Do you remember that time when you saw this attractive cake dipped in caramel and sugar pecans and you could not resist it? Do you remember how you took that small bite and thought, “Yeah this is good” and then how by the third bite it became so sickeningly sweet that you wanted to throw up? Wel...Read more

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The Judges of Happiness

Jan 24, 2014 09:26 PM General 525 Views

(Updated Jan 24, 2014 09:28 PM)

There has always been a love story that has passed around; mouth to ear and from there to another ear among my husband’s family. The story, not a rather pretty one features an uncle of his, who is in his fifties now. Although he is now happily married: a third time without any particular reason, he ...Read more

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A consolation

Jan 18, 2014 09:19 PM

chalojai @chalojai I dont know what to say, I mean it seems as if we are mirror reflections in this case. I have felt as you had mentioned. do you know what, my mouth made a wide :-O when you said that you believe the child will come back or the spirit. I had written a poem at that time and I rem...ember thats how it ended. Wishing for the same spirit to fill my womb again. :) I am sure we will be blessed. May God bless you dear! :)Read More

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A consolation

Jan 18, 2014 09:17 PM

suraaz @suraaz, Hey bro, It was a long break. I dont know why I took it, but it was necessary and I was feeling overwhelmed. Its nice to see you all and reading these comments, I am taken back to those days in MouthShut_Official which I sadly miss. :)