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Neha Mathur


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nenners's Timeline

Commented on psyxx's review

Jun 12, 2007 01:39 PM

He aint getting any reward from me :p Studying now...might need that bottle of baileys to live through these exams :p

Commented on psyxx's review

Jun 12, 2007 01:10 PM (Updated Jun 12, 2007 01:12 PM)

Lol...since i murdered ur name yesterday....thought i'd continue the routine :p.. Omg...u just made me have a stomach ache...i laughed my way through the entire revu...most hilarious thing i've read in ages!!!....umm....shouldnt exactly be reading it right now ( have an exam in a few hours :p)...... Anyway....soooooooo glad u wrote on this topic :D!! Should thank the 2 people who made u write it :p... Keep writing!! U made my day happier! Luv, Sadistic Creature :p PS: tell tanmay to forget about the so-called prize :pRead More

Commented on ms_express's review

May 16, 2007 02:17 AM (Updated May 16, 2007 02:18 AM)

Hey Munir!! Ok..i just told u what all i thought about ur usual, its well written, clear and quite descriptive. I read this book on a very good friend's reccomendation too...of course, that friend was you :), and just like you, I totally loved the read!! The book is spiced with moments which just make u which that only good things would happen to the main characters...of doesn't...and just like u, i was quite disturbed by the end....its like a jab in the stomach... To answer to some of ur questions, yes it's true that Mistry does give a very dark view of India, and yes it does cater to the West...but still whatever that view is, its quite a realistic one. The west has a very skewed idea about Indians and indian society...and to give credit to Mistry, he never falls back on those western stereotypes... was really nice reading ur revu after such a long time...and it felt good commenting too :) Keep Writing, Neha PS: I'm a little rusty shows..Read More

Commented on moviezombie's review

Oct 31, 2006 02:55 PM

First of all...congrats on the 50! I watched this show a few months back and absolutely loved it! Its just the kind of show that indian television desperately needed. Out of all the thousands of news channels, with their thousands of talk-shows, this one show really captures the perfect balance ...between controversial and intellectual! Its after a very long time than Indian TV is seeing some real rational and intelligent debate...usually its just a jumble of talk, which ends up being incredibly boring!! And Barkha Dutt...simply awesome!!!! Well, really well written revu u have here...thoroughly enjoyed reading a revu after a very very looooong time...and it was just by luck that I chanced upon it..and not the countless other below average ones! Keep Writing, NehaRead More

Commented on lavagopal's review

Apr 04, 2006 01:05 AM

Am i dreaming or is it really Lavs back on MS?!! Will comment properly later..exam tomorrow!!! Neha

Commented on paulose's review

Feb 10, 2006 07:20 PM

Hey there Mr.Aam Aadmi!! I'm here finally...2 days se something or the other kept coming up and i wasnt able to comment here!! Chalo now that i'm here...lemme tell u that this was one Brilliant piece of writing!! How how HOW could u be so!! I loved the puns on all MSids :p! T...hey were hilarious!! I was so excited to see my id there too :D:D!! Out of the rest of the ids...the funniest ones i thought were 'Faisla' ,'Driver'Bhavra' :p and 'Psyxx' hehe...those were really hilarious!! Hats off for ur imagination! Keep Writing! Luv, Neha aka nenners aka Menners :p! Read More

Commented on own review

Feb 06, 2006 04:46 PM

Arundhati: Aww....yeah i can so very well understand what u're saying!! Cuz, as chandy tells me, i'm going through PED too...That is, Post Examination Depression hehe..!! So yeah..i was so bored..that i posted a revu! lol! And omg...i can soooo related to the 'singing in the family gathering' thingy......cuz i've been made to do that!! hehe...phir sabko out of politeness taarif karni padti hai :p!! Works out in the end :)!! Amit: Hey! Yeah i'm sure you sing really well...have to make us hear it someday :D! Muahahah...Gotcha :p!! And yeah, i really wanted to learn singing too...oh well, its never too late :)! Praveena: hehe u're back!! yup water is a good tip...thanx to pras for pointing it out!! U in a choir? Thats so neat!!! Thanks a million to Everyone for leaving such encouraging comments! And sorry for the delay in replying...promise to be more punctual ( and less lazy :p) from the next time on! NehaRead More

Commented on own review

Feb 06, 2006 04:39 PM

Mayank: Hey Cool dude! neighbours are already sick of my noise..hehe!! God Help Them! And yeah...I wanted to title my revu 'gao bajao' too :p! Adi: hehe...of course, what else would i expect Zulu*dancing* to do...but naching :p! Lol..! Hehe..and yeah, i agree with ur school of thought t...oo...dil se gao, mann laga ke gao...and you're unbeatable :)! Himanshu: Hehe...glad u found the revu useful!! Thanx for commenting! Sarvesh: hehe...well if that research is right, then i should be happy everyday...cuz i always sing in the shower :p! thats once place i have to sing!! Ambuj: hehe.. yeah sing fearlessly! Thats my theory!! :D! Abha: hehe..yeah somehow my voice never sounds like it sounds in my head! I'm so much more surili in my head!! I've worked a way around that though...sing with one ear closed..and u get the right affect somewhat...:)! Read More

Commented on own review

Feb 06, 2006 04:32 PM

Pras: yaa! I had no idea there was something like that...well now i know..thanx for those tips :)! Anuj: Hehe...Ms.Nakhrebaaz ke nakhre har taraf phel rahe hain :p! Bewaarreee :p! Vaise..u're my friend..why would i torture u with my singing :p! So no...u wont have to jhelo my musical nak...hre :p! Ashi: hehehe..ashi dear, i put that word there just because its sooo annoying! I'm so irritated by it..that i had to use it to show my irritation at that moment! and Lol..i love ur little parody! Chandy: hehe...ok sweety, even though i think the only 2 things good about Salaam Namaste were Saif and one is calling ur choice bad :)! You're the best! Hehe...its so funny to see the word 'rocked' coming from u :p! Lol...i'm looking forward to ur longer comment! Anusha: Aww...i'm sure u can sing fabulously!! Have no doubts whatsoever! But why're u singing this depressing song!! Sing Happy, Be Happy! er...ok that was lame :p! Read More

Commented on chand_tare's review

Feb 05, 2006 05:33 PM I am finally...i read your revu last night ( at 1.30 to be precise :P)..but was toooo sleepy to comment then! My comment wouldn't have made much sense....well...not that its gonna make much sense now :p! Oh well.. First of all, I huuuuuuuuge thank you for even considering dedicating this... revu to me! And secondly, it IS NOT trash!! hehe...well i'm kinda glad you wrote this makes it easier for me to understand you and ashi talking :p! This will be a glossary i have to keep open everytime we talk :D! So, instead of annoying u by asking u what every word means...i'd just refer to this! Btw...this was a totally 'hatke' revu...on a very 'hatke' topic..i would never have thought of writing on it! Although..the other reason for that is that, all the american slang that i well, not ahem..'decent'..hehe, if u know what i mean!! Anyways, this was quite an enjoyable read chandy! And i loved ur intro was hilarious! Keep Writing! Luv, Neha Read More

Commented on own review

Feb 01, 2006 10:22 PM

Hey there Glad you liked it...i put whatever info i had about this topic! Btw...i might be sounding ignorant here, but what's 'mulethi'? Drinking water...hmm now thats a good tip! Thanx for RRCing! Neha

Reviewed Tips on Singing

Feb 01, 2006 10:15 PM 6537 Views

(Updated Feb 02, 2006 05:31 AM)

The Title courtesy Disco Dancer, an 80s Hindi movie. This was the dialogue before a song in the movie. Watch it to know how hilarious it was! Anyways, Review Time! 'Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.' Charlie Park...Read more

Commented on own review

Jan 30, 2006 04:59 PM

Thanx for dropping by and leaving a comment on this revu :). I'm glad you liked it. Best Regards, Neha

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

Jan 30, 2006 04:47 PM

Hey there!!! I expected this revu today :D! And that does NOT make me any less envious of the fact that Everyone has seen this movie...except me!! Argh... So yeah...i cant comment on the movie...but your revu was very well written! You didnt give it out the story..and i'm delighted for that!! ... I really really reallly want this movie to do well!!!! I'm an AR Rahman fan all the way...and i love the music of this movie!! My mom is quite pakaoed by me...cuz i play it all day..again and again :D!! My favs are Roobaroo and Khoon Chala. Cant wait to see how they are picturised!! Anyways, good revu here! Detailed and to the point! Keep Writing, Luv, Neha Read More

Commented on own review

Jan 27, 2006 09:47 PM

Thanx for dropping in and reading :)! And a bigger thanx for the generous praise :)! And since i'm thanking...lemme thank you for adding me to ur TL! hehe..ok that was an overdose of thanx! Best Regards, Neha

Commented on matwalaboy's review

Jan 27, 2006 04:52 PM

Hey Cool Dude! First of all, i'm SO jealous!!! I'm dying to see this movie and you and everyone in india just go and watch it easily :(!! Sigh...advantages of living in india! Hehe, anyways coming to the movie, i cant comment on it yet, cuz i havent seen it. But it surely looks like an exampl...e of path-breaking cinema. But u know, i would be really disappointed if this movie doesnt work. Would just prove my theory right, which i formed after Swades...that Indian audiences are not ready to accept reality and cannot handle serious issues...they are fine with their sugar-coated family dramas...which really dont serve any purpose at all! Well..lets see. Anyways, this revu was detailed and totally analytical. I read it knowing u wouldnt give out the story :)! Good Job! Keep writing, Luv, NehaRead More

Commented on apsara419's review

Jan 24, 2006 04:45 AM

Heyyyy!! 49th revu huh?? Good Job hon! Congrats and Happy MS bday to u :D!! Ok first of all...thanx for that adorable mention :)! I'm happy that u like my revus :)! And hey...we think thats a reason i like urs too!! I still remember our first m2ms...that was fun! About this revu......well i dont need to say 'I Agree'...cuz since we think alike...u practically put my thoughts on paper! Er...on ms :P! SWs...wierd! And now...even the HOFs are u said...'some' people have WIERD pics!!! About MS...well, all i can say is...its losing its charm day by day... Anyways, some good food for thought here ashi dear!! Keep Writing! Luv, Neha Read More

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

Jan 23, 2006 05:00 PM

...bhaisaab :p:p! Ok first of all...WHO in their sane minds names an internet Explorer GECKO!! Thats like...ewwwwww!!! A Gecko is the sickest looking creepy disgusting Lizard that i've ever laid my eyes on!! ew ew ew...just thinking about it gives me the creeps! So yeah...I will Never be able to... use that program :p :p! Vaise..usually i'm like totally zapped by all this tech talk..but u know what, i actually understood most of it in ur revu :P! If i ever think about changing my explorer..i'd opt for this one! Some neat features!! Anyways, detailed revu u have here!! Keep Writing, NehaRead More

Commented on megs.4u's review

Jan 21, 2006 08:17 PM

Hehe...everyone has such an interesting story to tell about their first time on MS! Mine was when i was introduced to nikamma1112's revus...i got hooked on ever since!! And at that time..every 2nd revu u clicked on..was a masterpiece in itself...that was so addictive!! One thing really really go...od about MS is the comments sections, and the support u get from other members...and thats one of the main reasons why i'm still sticking around here :)! Well, very well written revu...aur abhi toh shuruaat hai...u have a loooong way to go on this site!! Keep Writing! NehaRead More

Commented on own review

Jan 21, 2006 08:10 PM

Hey there!! Well i really appreciate u taking the time out and reading this :)! And if my ramblings could evoke some cherished goal has been fulfilled :)! Thanx for ur comment, Neha