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Blood Diamond Movie Reviews

The title itself shows all about movie

1 day agoRead

Movie mainly based on illegal trafficking of diamonds.Modern society do not knows the harsh reality behind the one of the most precious and loved thing by mankind-Diamonds.Movie is not all about it but it shows what happening in third world countries their inner wars, lack of education, disconne...Read More

Blood diamond is a true story

May 06, 2016 09:06 AMRead (via Android App)

In hollywood my favourite actor is leonard dicaprio he's done he's best in this movie first he visit to a village with one fisher man and journalist they deserve in between war in that small village and the fisherman is already loose his son, fisherman's son join mafia gang and he following ther...Read More


Jul 08, 2009 03:17 AMRead

In a small village of African continent, a poor fisherman Solomon had a dream that his son Dia will one day become a doctor. But that land had the diamond mines. The Revolutionary United Front(RUF) used to sell those diamonds to a company ‘Van De Kaap’ and used the funds to buy weapons to rebel ...Read More

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Jun 27, 2008 10:29 AMRead

I will not get into the specifics and mechanics of who directed the film and who did the screen play. But what I would definitely draw attention to certain aspects of the movie that really caught my attention.Conveying an important message through powerful storytelling and imagery Most peopl...Read More

Leonardo, Djimon, Truth

Mar 19, 2008 04:15 PMRead

Besides Leonardo DiCaprio's stunning performance and the graphicportrayal of Sierre Leone's conflict diamond trade truths . BloodDiamond subtly touches the theme of child soldier, international powerplay of the corporate and of course, the weapon supply. One Movie -several facts ...Read More

A Pressurized Chunk Of Coal Pigmented By Blood !

Nov 19, 2007 12:31 PMRead

Wow, I never thought you could break a  work into something so complex and I could not find an explanation to expand the word blood. George Bernard Shaw, in a club once said " Do I have your gracious permission to insert the tips of my digits with the atomized particles of tobacco into my nasal ...Read More

Predictable ending..somewhat boring..

Oct 28, 2007 05:23 AMRead

I heard all the hype about how this movie exposed the blood soaked trade in Diamonds for everyone to see.The Kimberley Process certification scheme was supposed to rid the market of conflict diamonds but it has not made any dent as big corporations do not want their clout to get minimized....Read More

Double standards

May 09, 2007 01:31 AMRead

While watching this movie but I could not stop thinking about the double standards of the holliwood industry. Certainly the producers, actors, director, etc, are making a fortune from making this movie, while they present themselves (quite successfully for what I read in other reviews) as compro...Read More

A gem of a movie

Apr 10, 2007 09:47 AMRead

The promo of the movie was enough for me to know the movie was A grade.After watching the departed I have realised that leonardo is nochocolate boy, he is a seasoned actor who can deliver strongpreformances. This is a movie which is worthwhile to watch.TIA- "This Is Africa"Di...Read More

One of the Best......

Feb 28, 2007 06:26 PMRead

Rarely are there some muvies which touchs one's heart that it actually makes you wanna get up and do something for the people of africa, and certainly this one delivers that.One of the best and outstanding muvies to hit the silver screen in recent times.Set in Seirre Leonne with the afri...Read More

Blood Diamond: Gem of a movie!

Feb 25, 2007 12:16 PMRead

My brother spent a little more than one year in Sudan as an officer in United Nations Peace Keeping Force and it was only then, that I bothered to look up where Sudan is on the map of Africa.Brother is back safe and sound, and Sudan is out of my mind. There is some trouble in Darfur region o...Read More

This african diamond is real and it glows

Feb 20, 2007 10:13 AMRead

There are very few MOVIES which deliver more then they promise , this is one of the rarities , its a true story set in sierra leone in the nineties after the discovery of diamond mine fields in that peaceful country , as remarked in the beginning by a character , whenever anything of value is fo...Read More

Remarkable,mind blowing,

Feb 18, 2007 07:17 PMRead

IT;s NOT MY VIEW ASK Mr. HERMIT HE WILL KNOW ALL REVIWERS AND HE CAN TELL WHOSE TAKE IT ISIt is one of the most out standing and shocking movie in recent time. The director Edward, made a crap flick, a american playing as a last samurie. But this time he hits the bulls eye.The movie is shocking ...Read More

A bloody solitaire

Feb 15, 2007 10:24 PMRead

Blood Diamond is a diamond and its a huge solitaire at that.The movie has a tight script, great cinematography and powerful performances. Performances are really damn good.Whosoever said Leonardo DiCaprio can't play tough guy....well he better check out this flick.The man is in form and how....Read More

Amazing content!!

Feb 15, 2007 05:34 PMRead

For the first time we have a very bold content of a film which you can see and cry "EXPOSED".The setting, the visuals and the theme of the film.(reddish pink hue seen deep in the uncut diamond, hence'blood diamond') are so well thought of and filmed that each frame reveals the hunger in the ...Read More

Hollywood Treatment !!!

Feb 15, 2007 10:48 AMRead

"Blood Diamond" has generated a lot of interest, on account of its focus on "Conflict Diamonds" - i.e stones from war torn African Nations. It's long been an open secret that most of the rebellions and conflicts in some of these states are the handiwork of diamond cartels and arms dealers. The f...Read More

Conflict free Diamonds

Feb 05, 2007 01:38 PMRead

When I went to see this movie I thought it would be a typical Hollywood humdrum movie but I was truly surprised to see a **slick action movie with a definite message.The movie is fast paced and the violence and action might make you confused about the REAL message of the movie. To bring you ...Read More

Movie Review Of Blood Diamond

Feb 02, 2007 11:00 PMRead

Director – Edward ZickScreenplay – Charles Leavitt and C Gaby MitchellHistoryAngola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote D’ivorie, Democratic Republic Of Congo and Republic of Congo. What do these countries have in common besides being poor African countries and former Belgium and French Col...Read More

Blood Diamond : A Bloody tale worth a watch

Feb 02, 2007 06:09 PMRead

Well the name “Blood Diamond” sounded a bit 007ish to me . Also I didn’t like Edward Zwick’s previous flick “The Last Samurai” . Well that was an well executed one . But the very idea of the Yankee turning into a suicidal samurai just couldn’t convince me .Anyway after looking at the Oscar nomin...Read More

Touches your heart, wrenches your soul

Feb 01, 2007 01:11 AMRead

This is one of the movies that when you've watched, makes you feel that you can see the world a bit more clearly. It's true. In a way it opens your eyes. In many ways actually.The film is set in Sierra Leone inAfrica documenting the civil war on account of the diamond mines discovered there....Read More

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