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Mouthshut Verified Review

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MouthShut Verified Review!

What is 'MouthShut Verified review'?

A product review marked 'MouthShut Verified Review', is written by a consumer who has already purchased an item from the brand and used it. The Verified Review stamp appears only in case of genuine reviews written by a person who has made a successful purchase. Members will find 'MouthShut Verified Reviews' helpful in making their decisions regarding purchase.

A review not carrying the 'MouthShut Verified Review' stamp isn't necessarily written by a person who has no experience with the product. It merely means that we were unable to verify that whether it had been purchased from brand. They may have made the purchase elsewhere or must have used it at somewhere else . I know this doesn't sound good. But is this what you wish to say here?
  1. How can my review will become 'MouthShut Verified Review'?

    When you make an online purchase through any brand, you will receive an email from, asking you to share your experience, in the form of a review, on MouthShut. In case you are not happy with the 'service/product' provided by the brand, you can post a 'MouthShut Verified Review' and get your issue resolved by the brand within 14 days. Once your review has been resolved by the brand, an automated 'MouthShut Verified Review' stamp will be shown next to your review.
  2. What if I have already written a review on this brand ?

    In case if you have already written a review on any brand/product and made another transaction with the same, then you will receive an email from MouthShut, asking you to share your experience with the product/service. Its your choice to write a new review on the same brand/product OR to edit the existing review . If you write a new one, your existing review will be there on as it is. You can edit your review anytime.