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How to buy Vacuum Cleaner?

Updated on : Oct 23, 2023 3:07 PM
How to buy Vacuum Cleaner?


Vacuum Cleaners are common household appliances that have made the cleaning process extremely easy and hassle-free. So before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is important, that you are well aware about the various types of vacuum cleaners available in the market.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Upright vacuum cleaners are vacuum cleaners that you push around with their long adjustable handles (some cleaners adjust their head automatically). They are the most common type you will see in many homes these days. These vacuum moves around your living room on rollers, using their beaters to blow debris and dust out of the carpets. Upright vacuum cleaners are of two types – single motor and dual motor. On single motor, brush and vacuum are driven by one motor and with dual motor, brush and vacuum are driven by separate motors. The upright vacuum cleaner is best for carpet and hardwood floors.
  2. Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Canister vacuum cleaners are overweight vacuum cleaners that move smoothly as you carry out vacuuming of your home with a nozzle on the end of a flexible tube. This nozzle makes canister vacuum cleaners suitable for stairs, hard floors, and curtains. Canister vacuum cleaner has a bag and motor in a separate unit. They are portable and easy to carry around as compared to upright vacuum cleaners.
  3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Robot vacuum cleaners are self-propelled and programmable and carry out the cleaning process on its own. It has sensors to avoid obstacles and can clean underneath furniture easily by using transitioning technology. The sensors first scan the area around it, then it starts the cleaning process. You simply have to start vacuum cleaner, set the program and it will do the cleaning on its own. After it’s done with the cleaning, the machine will go back to its recharging station and recharge itself. Robot vacuum cleaners have no bags and give an indication when the dirt bins are Some robot vacuums even use the navigation system to map out the room.
  4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight vacuum cleaners that are either corded or operated on batteries. Handheld vacuum cleaners are effective for smaller jobs. Opt for a corded handheld vacuum cleaner if you will be using it frequently, if not the battery will run out quickly. Cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning windows panes, car interiors etc.
  5. Stick Vacuum Cleaner – The Stick vacuum cleaner is just like the upright vacuum cleaner, but without any additional attachments or accessories. It is lighter in weight and can be easily stored. If you want a vacuum cleaner that can deal with light rubbles, this is a great vacuum cleaner for you. The main advantage of stick vacuum cleaners are they can run on battery too, and clean even the inaccessible surfaces.

What is HEPA Filter in Vacuum Cleaner?

HEPA is the acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA gets rid of harmful allergens such as dust, mold, and smoke from the air. However, that does not imply that vacuum cleaners without HEPA do not function perfectly because all other available filters do that to a certain level.

Comparison Between Cleaners with Bag and Cleaners without Bags

Bagless Vacuum CleanerBagged Vacuum Cleaner
You can empty and reuse bins countless timesYou have to buy new bags regularly
Gets your hands dirty while cleaning out the bagsYou are not exposed to dirt
Suitable for asthma and allergy patients
price range:    6,000 –    14,000
price range:    3,000 –    6,000

Vacuum Cleaner Features

 Cord Length – It is essential to look for cord length that is big enough for your whole room, or you will waste time looking for a socket in every corner. Look out for the automatic winding feature; it enables cord to wind quickly and easily.

  1. Dust Bag Capacity – It is better to have a higher capacity bag as it reduces the trouble having to empty or dispose of the dust bag too often. You should consider dust level indicator, which will save you the efforts of checking on whether the dust bag is full or not.
  2. Air Filtration – If you have pets or suffer from asthma, then you might consider vacuum cleaner with special filters. These filters help purify the air in the room.
  3. Noise Level – This is an important factor considering that, the noise levels during cleaning can be a disturbance to others present in the vicinity. Also, it can get annoying due to the continuous humming of motors.

Keeping these pointers in mind will assist you to buy a perfect and cost efficient vacuum cleaner for your house.