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Latest Reviews on Thomson Televisions

"First Television at My Home & till today Run Well"
Review on: Thomson-21DF7DGX
Rating: By: Nikhil_Patil | Sep 09, 2015

Thomson Colour TelevisionThis is the first television in our home. Thomson is the brand that time comes with lot of offers and extra features in those days. My father purchases this television in 2004 at cost of 10, 500.00 only. This television was a
"The original rangmanch"
Review on: Thomson 21 T Flat V21 TF02
Rating: By: atulcool92 | Aug 13, 2015

My father bought Thomson television 2 years ago.it was fifth colour television in my home.No colour TV used to last more than 2 years.As in my home the TV use to be in on mode for whole day.But, this Thomson flat is still working like a new one.the w
"Samsung TFT(743 NX) 17" monitor"
Review on: Thomson 29 TFT Mega PIP V 29D W21XP
Rating: By: shabeesatsangi | Dec 10, 2008

This TFT is quiet good and have the good resolution and contrast ratio about 7000:1 and pixel resolution is 1280*1024 which is good for any designing purposes I am a PCB circuit Designer and I'm using this TFT. Reason to choose this TFT is this is Sq
"My super Boomer!!!"
Review on: Thomson 21 Flash Boomer 21BL101
Rating: By: raje533 | Oct 08, 2007

Great TV. This is my first TV I bought and still in good condition entering into 4th year successfully with excellent sound and picture quality. I feel proud of it and I am also proud to tell about it to my friends and relatives. All I want to say is
"Thomson beauty Black Diva"
Review on: Thomson Black Diva 25DK91XD
Rating: By: anvayaruna | Oct 05, 2007

An excellent TV we are proud to have .The picture quality &sound reception are incomparableI am wondering why  Thomson brand is not seen in India & not become popular.We were exploring other brands however I insisted to have THOMSON as I hear
"Is Thomson really worth a view?"
Review on: Thomson 20 Jumbo V51 DG 8CR
Rating: By: srideve.b | Oct 04, 2007

The satisfactory level is almost bear minimum or almost nil in case of Thomson.You want to burn your money on something useless, then here you have the best option.Go for a Thomson.The worst performing TV set I have come across so far with very bad r
"Good deal indeed"
Review on: Thomson 21 T Flat V21 TF02
Rating: By: superravs | Oct 03, 2007

We bought  Thomson 21 T Flat V 21 TF02 around 3 yrs back, since then we haven't faced even a single problem. Its sound quality is amazingly great with different options like Jazz, Rock, Voice and Personalized. So when you are in Party mood you can al
"Thomson futura NTSC"
Review on: Thomson-Futura series
Rating: By: aababy200 | Mar 14, 2006

On seeing advertisement ''USA no.1'' TV, I thought it is a no.1.I have a good TV of Videocon.I used it 10 years without any problems.When I purchased a new one in 2001 within 2 years problem strtd.After1 year and 1 months my TV started colour blurr.
"Very Very Good"
Review on: Thomson-29FUS+
Rating: By: ravisatpute | Nov 01, 2002

Hey It's just amazing... You can feel real entertainer. Just just like home theater.It has greater sound quality with great bass and treebel and sarround sound system. I can plug SONY NTSC DVD to it. It gives me better performance. It is very good pi
Review on: Thomson-Futura series
Rating: By: nask | Sep 03, 2002

This is regarding my TV 21DF7DC.I bought it in March-98 when Thomson had just launched.They promised a 5 year guarantee.I was fooled into believing that this is a American Company with a reputation.I paid the price for it.After I bought the TV,the de
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