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Review on: Odyssia Footwear
Rating: By: sorry4179 | 0 hrs 1 min ago

Hi friends I am explain myself experience for Odisha chappals. Some many products are selling the market but the Odisha chappal or right of selling and more powerful and comfortable to walking and runningVariety numbers of colours and red black orang
"Very bad experience"
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: mukulsainimsb | 0 hrs 14 mins ago

Today I am going to share my personal experience on Bata, few months ago I bought Bata Men's Robert Blue sneakers shoes from Amazon.com after a few days of buying it started to burst, sole came out, you can see in the photo how my shoes got torn and
"Superb brand!!!"
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: avishekavishek | 1 day ago

I am very excited to share my experience on this trusted shoe company. Everyone in India will definitely know this brand and all are using with more comfort than any brand! My family loves to buy shoes in this company and it is the most trusted brand
"Best shoes"
Review on: Puma
Rating: By: akshayandole | 1 day ago

Todays world everybody knows about puma brand. Because of only brand name I bought this shoes. But believe me guys the shoes are value for money. I bought this pair of shoe before 1 year at 1450/- rupees. Actually comparing with price and look wise I
"Puma the best brand"
Review on: Puma
Rating: By: sorry4179 | 1 day ago

I am baying the new shose in flipcart march 3Fast iam not intested and iam use 13 days and more confartable .and iam use continews and iam like the shoese and iam continuses 20 days iam very like the prodect Then iam understand iam the correct way .i
Review on: Sparx Footwear
Rating: By: anonymous_guy | 1 day ago

We all like branded shoes and we all want to have one too but truth is they are quite expensive. I want to share my branded shoes story with all of you. Few months ago I was searching branded shoes below rs. 1500 for me but after weeks of searching o
"You can never go wrong with Nike"
Review on: Nike Shoes
Rating: By: dollceekhattar | 1 day ago

At first I was sceptical buying nike shoes, since they are so expensive but then I made up my mund and bought a $120 shoes. Love Them! This was an year back and they are still as new! Nike shoes are designed to last forever. They are the most comfort
"VKC Best footwear"
Review on: VKC Footwear
Rating: By: farzanabanu | 2 days ago

Hi friends, currently I am using VKC footwear, it is one of the good product for foot. VKC has always been in the forefront for adapting technologies to bring out best quality product at most competitive price. as well as making it readily available
"Really Comfirtable Footware"
Review on: Puma Footwear
Rating: By: SonaliKale | 3 days ago

Comfort is really the world that sums the Puma Ignite Spikeless shoe up as it scores highly for that in an understated, yet classy style. Whilst it will do a good job on the course, it is really around and off the course that the Ignite Spikeless lig
"Worth the price paid !"
Review on: Puma
Rating: By: nmehra997 | 3 days ago

I got ignite 300 running shoes from a puma store in hazaratganj, Lucknow. They costed about 8k. I tried many shoes but my foot is arched so this one fit me the best.It has minimum cushioning but fits perfectly. Running in these shoes is very comforta
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