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Latest Reviews on Sharp Televisions

"Worst television ever"
Review on: Sharp LC 32L465M
Rating: By: rickyghosh123 | Dec 07, 2017

This is my personal exprience I used this lcd tv around 3 year, and I say this is worst product for me.in 3 years 3 fault in it, and main thing is its repair cost amd parts cost is so much high, that you can buy new tv in that cost.customer service p
"Awesome product"
Review on: Sharp 21TK41
Rating: By: nareshgandrapu | Oct 13, 2017

Hi friends now I will share my experience with the sharp telivision 21tk41 model it is present in my uncle house he bought this last 8 years back still we using and watching we get only small minor problems compare to other telivisions. Most of the s
"Sharp company provides the best television"
Review on: Sharp LC-19A35M
Rating: By: ddiya243 | Aug 05, 2017

Hey! I am Diya Das.This product of sharp is too old but still I can say one could hardly find a product as efficient as sharp LC-19A35M. It is been many years that we have been using this model. But I am saying till today this product needed no repai
"JS Thoughts"
Review on: Sharp LC-52G7M
Rating: By: jiten3270 | Jan 27, 2017

Sharp LC - 52G7M LED TV is good LED TV. Sharp LED TV picture quality is very good. Sharp LED TV is full high definition LED TV. Sharp LED TV sounds system is very smart and amazing. Sharp LED TV sound is very clear and good .Sharp LED TV is ECO FR
"Sharp television is good"
Review on: Sharp LC 32L465M
Rating: By: pdevpitha | Jan 17, 2017

I have a sharp television. It is good for the family use. It has vibrant colorful screen. It has great sharpness, nice pucture quality. one thing I have noticed which impressed me a lot that is sound quality. It is very effective for large size rooms
"Good brand"
Review on: Sharp LC-52G7M
Rating: By: khawersajjadkhan | Nov 16, 2016

I purchased the sharplc-52g7m 52 inch dealer delivery home installed in a home it is good brand I use alwsys good my all home mrmbers and relative like this specily brother it is good it purchased date I 1.12.2013 I al way watcings a my all friend an
"Great qulity product for house holdes"
Review on: Sharp LC 29LE440M
Rating: By: bittu283 | Sep 29, 2016

Best quality lLED Tv size is perefect for big tv . gud HD tv in smart tv included two UsB support maximum size provides.No need for maximum sounds or other sounds system attrchment requirment .High quality provided by inter devicesGreat looks and
"Worst tv"
Review on: Sharp LC 32L465M
Rating: By: yash35626 | Sep 19, 2016

I had purchased this TV one year back. It is worth Rs 22, 000 and had one year warranty. The seller just told the good things for this TV. After using it for the year I am totally disappointed with the performance of this TV. The TV is full HD but th
"Picture quality is too poor also sound clarity"
Review on: Sharp LC32A33M
Rating: By: maxaish | Aug 26, 2016

Hello my dear friends I am max from pune my brother buyed sharp telivision because it is in his budget , But after buying it my experience is so worst , the qaulity unsatisfaction , poor picture and sound quality , after only two days the sound of th
"Worst television"
Review on: Sharp 21A-S3
Rating: By: aakashsoni443 | Mar 18, 2016

This is a really worst television and I really dispointing to use this telivision becouse this is a not good television no clearity provide not quality provide and much more are totaly worst it is a not good television and I used tgis television and
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