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Latest Reviews on Pune State Board Schools

"St Joseph boy's high school khadki : The best in p"
Review on: St Joseph’s Boys Convent High School - Khadki - Pune
Rating: By: mayurrevankar | Dec 18, 2017

Hi friends let me share you my schooling experience, I am ex student on this school which had rich infrastructure and a big library plus a school which has rich extra curricular activities, a has contributed in a way to India hockey as the school is
"Rosary School.. scholars zone"
Review on: Rosary High School - Pune
Rating: By: sheetal1977sharma | Oct 04, 2017

I am the proud mother of 2 girls studying at the Rosary School Camp Pune. Many members of my family have passed out of this institution. There is very good teaching staff in the school and they are academically very sound. The next generation of the
A school is an establishment, intended to offer learning settings and spaces for educating the students under the guidance of teachers. Nearly all countries feature systems of prescribed education, which is usually obligatory. In these organizations, students step forward through a succession of schools. However, different countries have different school names, but primary schools are usually intended for young kids, whereas secondary schools are intended for adolescents who have completed their primary education.
"Pict school"
Review on: PICT Model School - Pune
Rating: By: prabhudrm | Jul 27, 2017

This school was the best school in the pune they academic programs are good and the administration are also good they work properly. they will take care of each student in the school and they conducting the special class for slow studing student and
"Rosary High School-Pune, Need To Be Modified"
Review on: Rosary High School - Pune
Rating: By: shounlijana40 | Jun 20, 2017

Rosary High School is located at Pune and very old school .This school is having many branches situated all over the Pune city. The teachers are qualified and experienced but are failure to control the class. One side teachers are teaching from best
"St.Josephs Covent the school of mine"
Review on: St Joseph High School - Pune
Rating: By: stutigupta39 | Jun 11, 2017

Pune, the city of education my first step to Pune to study  in my 10 th class the beautiful premises with a big play ground .My teachers where great, they use to create a different change with our studies with our outdoor indoor games.All I use to ha
"Not Good teaching"
Review on: St Joseph High School - Pune
Rating: By: rk257628 | Jun 03, 2017

St. joseph High School is very bad school for high school. In this school here is not good teaching in this school because teacher has not good experience which is needed for good teacher to teach. Academic programs is not happened in this school. I
"My Honest Review !"
Review on: Rosary High School - Pune
Rating: By: mesilverie | Mar 24, 2017

The school is no wonder strict, but this level of strictness is important for one's career. There is focus on less of extra carricular activities and more on education which is fairly good at times. But they should also include extra-carricular activ
"Sadist school started/run by a tyrannical family"
Review on: Rosary High School - Pune
Rating: By: Phunsukwangdu | Feb 12, 2017

I have read the glowing positive reviews on this site and it makes me speculate one of the following, each one more morally reprehensible than the previous one:The reviewers who were alumni are masochists and they enjoyed the abuse.The reviewers are
"Nestling Day care- A Home away from Home! "
Review on: PICT Model School - Pune
Rating: By: rituverma52 | Sep 02, 2016

In an era where life sprints at a speed of light and success is important to both the parents at the career front, the question of child's growth and development stresses the most.And then 'Nestling Day Care' became our fairy god-mother. Nestling- da
"Great school"
Review on: Twinkling Stars English Medium School - Kalepadal - Pune
Rating: By: roqayya | Feb 08, 2016

Twinkling stars english medium schoolthe students great place is school every student loves to go school its mean that their second home this school school is one one of the best school in pune so many students are studing here good teachers are ther
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