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Latest Reviews on Onida Air Conditioners

"Ac working well,Superb, no more noisy"
Review on: Onida 1 Ton Inverter INV12SKL Split AC
Rating: By: bipinsaisr | 0 hrs 6 mins ago

It's power consumption is not like inverter AC rest all other things are pretty good. I just bought this AC in order to reduce my home power consumption. Cooling is good and looks wise it is good. Don't go for it if you are looking for less power con
"Onida AC good product"
Review on: Onida S243FLT-N Power Flat-N 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: waqarahmadnew | 21 days ago

This is a good product , 2 ton Ac and is very cool even its 40-45 degree tempreture outside . Its been 2 years since I have this Ac in my room whether its May or june this AC is very compatible and good in performance.Quality: -Everything is used in
The economic growth of India and elevated buying capacity has empowered the average middle-class to the luxuries of air-conditioners. Gone are the days when air-conditioners were considered as the mark of luxury and were found only in well-to-do households. Today, it can be seen in every average home, not just in metros but even in the smaller cities.
"Best split A/C for summer..!"
Review on: Onida Deco Flat New INV12DLA 1 Ton Split AC
Rating: By: RAKESHRAKI | 30 days ago

Hi friends.! Today I am going to share my real personal exprience about onida decon split A/C. It has high efficiency DC inventor, inventor compressor is well designed and looks preety good. It has 170% silent and faster cooling, 140% more cooling an
"Poor quality product"
Review on: Onida Split AC 1.5 Ton
Rating: By: saptaswo1803 | Feb 02, 2018

In our home we have used this product . The quality is extremely bad. It was used for 1 and half years then we sell it as iron weight price . This company is bad .Service and support : - The worst thing that I faced for this is service . I have to ph
"Happily satisfied"
Review on: Onida S18SPD-L3 1.5 Ton 2 Star Split AC
Rating: By: mayamayur143mp | Jan 15, 2018

I have just installed this at my home.And I am vry happy with itAll the functions of the AC works very gudSleep mode, timer system is as I wanted is obtained to meRemote sensing is vry gud which catches long distanceVarious cooling functions are vry
"Bad performance"
Review on: Onida REGALIO-INV12RGO 1 Ton Split AC
Rating: By: shubhwayne | Jan 07, 2018

Hello guys! I want to share some important information about its quality and perfotmance. Body shape and features average. Just behind at over crytics then we can see its over reliability. Value and cost is so high compared to its demand. Chain syste
"Need Improvement - Poor Quality and Customer Care"
Review on: Onida S18SPD-L3 1.5 Ton 2 Star Split AC
Rating: By: ishag309 | Jan 07, 2018

I bought this air conditioner cooling system and then installed in my flat. I used this cooling system every day and night and across all around the day during weekends. There are many issues with cooling abilities. I complained numerous times on cus
"Temperature output not very Accurate"
Review on: Onida Split AC 0.8 Ton
Rating: By: prakharpradeep | Jan 06, 2018

I have been using this product for over a year. I will tell you why not to buy this and why to buy.Why not buy this?If you like accuracy in your product, don't go for it. You will set the temperature for 25C and yet feel like you aer sitting at 16C.
"Very fast cooling"
Review on: Onida 183TRD 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: gundumogulasivaku | Dec 23, 2017

As a split AC it will give you very fast cooling effect and it charges someone has current and it automatically switches off when the room is over cold is is the best feature in the ac . I am saying this with my personal experience that AC is the bes
"Fast cooling with (i-cool) mode"
Review on: Onida Split AC 1.5 Ton
Rating: By: navinnaik727 | Dec 10, 2017

Hello everyone, I am Navin naik, I want to share us about ONIDA Air conditioner. IN Air conditioner Onida is the best company.thats because I bought a new onida AC. I want to tel u about the cooling and design.It's copper winding pipe that is bigger
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