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Latest Reviews on Marathi Newspapers

"Steel rods on the road"
Review on: Maharashtra Times
By: ojaspune Mar 23, 2018
Today while going for morning walk, I have observed the steel rods fixed in the road which can prove to be dangerous for the walkers& also can damage the tyres of vehicles.The location is near to Anand Nagar, Paud Road. The direction from Anand N
"Not a single word on National constitution day"
Review on: Maharashtra Times
By: mahendralokhande23 Nov 26, 2017
What a strange thing that an Indian newspaper does not recognized the national constitution day. Not even a statement about the Constitution in the newspaper where 2 pages are fully occupied with the advertisement. What a shame!I used to be a regular
"The biased marathi newspaper titled with un-biased"
Review on: Maharashtra Times
By: omgpkp Sep 10, 2017
I am a reader of this newspaper for several months, and I can say they are totally biased now. in every single day, they talk about how Modi Sarkar is drowning our nation and how non-secular they are. if anything happens in all over India they just s
Review on: Ratnagiri Times
I say this newspaper informative from my view because it comes with lots of amazing feeds on page 10 and its really very interesting to inculcate this feeds wich focus on current development and technology and related articles. A mojor portion of thi
"Use Your Talent In National Interest"
Review on: Sakal
By: drpmdarakh May 25, 2014
In editorial write up 'awatanachi diplomacy' dated 24th may 2014 in the beginning of para two the editor has written Modichi 'kheli' which down grades the national image internationally as cunning/decisive approach. Whereas writng 'Modis Dhoran' woul
Review on: Prahaar
By: aaw28 Mar 21, 2013
Prahaar is leading and growing marathi daily newspaper. I got corporate subscription plan at very low price for 1 year.Our family enjoyed reading it for a year now and about to renew d subscription. In short prahaar is good daily marathi newspaper.
Review on: Sakal
By: aaw28 Nov 02, 2012
Our family was reading lokasatta for years n years.But in recent months it was observed that rather it being a news paper it's just an advertisement paper.Left out with very less content to read including articles n news.Rather, being a daily dose of
"Prestigeous newspaper"
Review on: Navprabha
By: raja1235 Jun 23, 2011
Navprabha is a small but quality newspaper of goa. published for last 41 years is well known for its unbiased news reporting and editorials.. it is owned by the ethical businesshouse of dempos. Navprabha is day by day changing its looks and is much b
"Get up Ratnagiri Times "
Review on: Ratnagiri Times
By: thakuraltaf Apr 13, 2011
The most useless news paper on this planet I feel to tier it  n let kids sht on it, What a reporting and reporter what quality of reporting, and what a editing, with nae any body can understand RATNAGIRI TIMES  for ratnagiri but there is hardly any n
"Good paper"
Review on: Loksatta
By: a2zlove092 Jan 21, 2010
This is finest news paper in Maharashtra. True journalism is the plus point of there journalist. Sometime sit is anti BJP. Kumar ketkar's article are too good. Tambi durai is also good.  Openness to the subject is what I like among all.  Hasyaranga,

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