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Latest Reviews on Kenstar Washing Machines

By: aswathypkrishnan Feb 07, 2016
It's been over 10 years since we have bought this washing machine. It stands different asking ask washing machines with tumble functionality in a top losing body.Still works perfectly and cloths are cleaned well. There hasn't been much complaints exc
"Kenstar Washing machine - Equal to Dustbin!!"
By: rajiv22 Verified Member   Apr 21, 2015
We purchased this Kenstar Fully Automatic Top Loading LF 210 5.5Kg is 2005 from viveks Adyar Chennai(an unlucky one for us).  We purchased it for Rs.15000.   The Sales wen fine and product was delivered to us in 2 to 3 day!B4 this, we had a 15 yrs ol
A washing machine as become a necessity in this day an age. Every second house has a washing machine and why not? It is easy and effective and cheaper than the local laundry. Washing machines, off late, come with many features and functions. To help you select a suitable washing machine for your home we break down the types of washing machines available in the market and their functions.
"Smart Washing Machine at a great price!"
By: popp2112 Dec 22, 2010
Have been using this machine for more than 6yrs. We bought this top loading tumble washing machine at just Rs.13, 500/- and has soo many features which even washing machines at double the price do not have.The advantages are:-  Hot wash-  Compact Des
"What's after sales service ??,we don't know."
Review on: Kenstar LS-70
By: kupu Apr 03, 2009
To serve more and more by not rendering quality service seems to be the motto of the Kenstar service centers.I have a kenstar LS-70 washing Machine purchased on 17.04.07 from Raghukul Enterprises, chandrapur.The machine's dryer unit started giving tr
"Good product but horrible aftersales service"
By: rpminz Mar 05, 2009
I had bought a top-loading. fully automatic washing machine. It worked quite well for some time until some rats found their way in and bit the wires.I phoned their service centre that is actually run by Electrolux. After numerous phone calls and afte
"Kenstar Poor Service Network"
By: RaiseMouth Nov 13, 2008
Washing Machine Model LF 2008 E Purchased In the  year 2004-Two Tmes Belt Replaced service was good till 2007-On 14-08-08 complint no:8C 00788140008 Dt 14-08-08 complined- attended on 19-08-08 found Bearing Problem-No bearings available in stores-wil
"A very good machine but bad service centers"
By: kraigag Oct 29, 2008
The Kenstar machine is a great utility washing machine for the modern home especially where space is at a premium, this machine neatly fits into a small space and is neat in appearance. It does a great job of washing clothes and since it is fully aut
"Kenstar has no commitment & been a worst experien"
By: maparash Sep 06, 2008
I got a Kenstar Mixer in 2005 which had a life time warranty on the motor. Till 2008 July, It hardly happened for me to use this mixer and might hav used around 15-20 times. By then The motor went bad. The service centre said the motor had to be repl
"KENSTAR rips you off on SERVICE"
Review on: Kenstar Tumple Top
By: ychauhan Aug 20, 2008
We bought Kenstar machine few years back in Mohali(Chandigarh).Since we were out of the town most of the time, it was never subjected to heavy use all these years.Anyways whenever we used it it performed well. This is a good product indeed. Small, cu
"Kenstar Tumble top LF 0210 -Very good"
By: surendiran Apr 14, 2008
Hi,I had bought Kenstar Tumble top LF 0210 fully automatic washing machine on july 2006. Till now I haven't faced any problem with the machine.Why I had choosen Kenstar Tumble top LF 0210-Allows you to load / unload from top. . As it is top loading f

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