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"I like this serials"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: 8837410702a | 1 day ago

Hi friends. I m tanmoy sarkar. I saw this cartoon from a small one. I love this cartoon. there is a lot to learn from it. In it doraemon is obe important characters. Nobita is a lazy character. He always just sleeps. He always has zero results in the
"Sinchan enjoy full review ??%"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: kumarkesh248 | 2 days ago

Hello guys now I ask about shinchan the wound full cartoon show and which I ever seen. In this cartoon show lots of fun and very comedy and in this show is present whose name is shin chan . The age of this boy was 5 years and he lives with his mom an
"Funny Shin Chan"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: gurijohar7777 | 2 days ago

Hello friends.Today I am telling you about the Shin chan show. I am personaly watch this show and trust me guys it is very good and funny show.In this cartoon Shin chan playing their role very well. In this show many carectors.they are very cute.andm
"Doraemon show."
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: gurijohar7777 | 2 days ago

Doraemon Cartoon is one of the popular Cartoon in the this Cartoon Doraemon teach Us very good lesson in every episodes.In this this cartoon many crectors like Nobita, Doraemon, giyan , suniyo , shizuka etc.they playing their role very well.
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: prahalathbrahma | 5 days ago

Doremon ! Doremon ! Doremon ! Doremon is the most famous cartoon in India. It is a very nice cartoon for all the children and even adults also see this carton Doremon. It is very interesting and very fun carton and it is my favourite carton also. Chi
"Most liked cartoon series"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: utkarshsinghania8 | 7 days ago

This is again a best cartoon series for children and adults in which the main character nobita and doraemon in which doraemon is a 22nd century robot who introduces gadgets which helps in day to day life of human beings.Some other character of it are
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: sohail25msa | 18 days ago

Doraemon is cartoon and it is showed on many channels like hungama channel, disney channel, and it is very nice cartoon for kids. because in some episodes it tells us good information about atoms, planets, water purification this cartoon there
"Admirable cartoon"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: ranigracee24 | Feb 17, 2018

Its a pain releiver for every bad things happen to u. its gives u fresh and jolly atmospre. shinchan nogara was a too mischeivous boy. he done everythng nrmly wich end in serious bt in comic way. he was too unique among his friends. he has a sistr an
"Its good on the point of view of entertainment."
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: vilasdongre5454 | Feb 17, 2018

Its my first review on cartoon series.DoraemonMainly a machine having mainy equipment and and cat like blue coloured body structure.nobita a boy always finding a shirt way of working.As cartoon the children who are watching theis think that if I have
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: rishisho2005 | Feb 13, 2018

I don't know why you can't spot inappropriate content there is a lot hidden in the series what are you watching it your kids watch this better be with them while watching the show if you have seen only a little amount of episodes them you can't revie
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