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Latest Reviews on Beetel Telephones

Review on: Beetel Trend
I have bought this land phone two days before. After using this phone I hate landphone.This landphone irritating me. Keytone is very irritative.After buying this phone somebody complaiting that my sound is very low. The redial switch not working prop
"Beetel the good brand"
Review on: Beetel Trend
Beetal is good phone brand and Beetel Trend is good phone, im using this phone from last 5 years and its all working fine no problem yet.This handset is good and also has advanced qualities that separates it from normal handsets, like loud speaks,
"Beetel Trend-Good Land phones"
Review on: Beetel Trend
Beetel Trend is good landphone that we have been using for the 4 years, as our landline connections, this handset is good and also has advanced  qualities that separates it from normal handsets, like  loud speaks, battery system for displaying number
"Beetel CLIPs are crap"
Review on: Beetel 850 Clip
By: biswajitpaul Sep 21, 2011
I am really frustrated with the Beetel’s phones. I might have used dozens(including 2 cordless) of Beetel’s phones since we got our Airtel landline connection at our residence. The last Beetel phone I used was P74 which I purchased on Mar 2010, and i
"Good instrument"
Review on: Beetel 850 Clip
By: gupta_shailesh Aug 06, 2010
This is an absolutely basic and fantastic product. For all those who are looking at basic speaker phone, then this is the product for them. The build quality seems fantastic. Voice clarity is also amazing both in speaker mode as well as handset mode.
"Phone with GSM SIM Card Reader"
Review on: Beetel Trend
By: prashant70 Nov 26, 2008
For a full description of specifications and features, see: http://www.beetel.net/?page=parts_large&filter.common.parts.id=30This award winning phone from Beetel has something unique - a SIM Card Reader / Writer to read / write numbers from / to
"Excellant Phone at par with international standard"
Review on: Beetel DF 6000 Clip
By: rkkoya Sep 12, 2008
This is the most user frindly instrument I have ever seen made in India. This shows how advanced we are and not behind any other product.It can compete in international market.There is lot of potential for this product if we market it and advertise i
"Good phone"
Review on: Beetel DF 6000 Clip
By: ShamsCaterers Sep 12, 2008
I'm using this phone at my home since around 3 years and i'm very much satisfied. The thing I like about it is its big buttons and illuminated display. The speaker phone has great sound quality but needs batteries for illumination in the display. Wor
"Finally one sound BEETEL(DF 6000 CLIP)"
Review on: Beetel DF 6000 Clip
By: iamvijay Aug 23, 2006
Ibought a beetel DF 6000 CLIP(caller id ) for RS 870(underexchange),this phone has many features like 25 name phone bookmemory.It is the only phone in this price range to have a decent,audible ringer volume. Earlier I have bought many Chinese phonesw
By: svjayalakshmi Feb 03, 2005
I wish at least this review of mine happen to be an eye-opener of BEETEL Company and it come forward to settle our grievances. In fact my dear readers, I am totally frustrated to talk anything about the Service Department of BEETEL. We have the norma

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