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"Bajaj ceiling fans"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: Rikta199730 | Jan 27, 2018

Hi guys I am sharing experience of bajaj ceiling fans.This company is not so good. The fans are really very old type and very boring design it has.It does not give cooling nicely. The air doesn't reaches to me it just goes here and there.It makes a l
"Bajaj Ceiling Fans One of the best quality Fans"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: zahiddraxi | Jan 14, 2018

Hello friends As every one needs fan may be summer or any other season,so compare to other products, I found these bajaj have very good quality .These fans works wel on low speed, they keep the room airy or ventilated, deliver lot of air in the room,
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: snehasishpadhy123 | Jan 06, 2018

It's a gift for me in my house inugration , in the year 2015, nearly 3 years has passed away still it is working at same rate at same speed.Its degine is decorative as well as attractive.When ever there is a hot weather it makes feel coldThe coil wh
"Slow rotating , more electric consumption"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: sumitmule222 | Jan 05, 2018

My family built a new house . For the house we bought the Bajaj Ceiling Fans . The fan was in good condition but after one year the fan started to make sounds and loosing the maximum speed . The fans sound disterbed us for sleep and other work. The I
"Satisfied with product"
Review on: Bajaj Midea BT05 Table Fan
Rating: By: monikakhude01 | Jan 05, 2018

Hi, I am happy to inform you about bajaj bt05 table fan. I was purchased this table fan last 1 year back in Rs. 2000. In summer seasion This is fantastic fan in summer sesion beause, this is amazing to family. Feature is rated powe 55 wats and high p
"Bajaj fans"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: 1993sudeepa | Dec 28, 2017

I have brought bajaj fan few days back.As per the product it says it give good amount of speed and durable.But actualy the speed is not good as promise by company.It get heated if we use more than 5 hrs and problem like fan get sounding.The quality i
"Good product"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: sayannayak116 | Dec 23, 2017

Hey evereyone , I am Sayan. I have been using bajaj fans for 5 years. I think bajaj company is a good company for fans. During this five years only 2 times it had stopped working. The parts are available everywhere. The air passing through the fans a
"Bajaj ceiling fan is not good"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: Ismailpcp | Dec 18, 2017

My father build new house; At the time of house warming we purchased four Bajaj Ceiling fans. Fans are very attractive in colour and style. It also provide good refresh to us. First time it has good working condition. I think it is after one year two
"Bajaj Ceiling Fan"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: praffull1998 | Dec 14, 2017

Hello friends, today I want to share my personal experience with Bajaj Ceiling Fan.With in 3 months of use, I had to register complaint for annoying noise from the fan. Technician visited, didn't something manual and it worked for 10 days. Again same
"Bajaj Ceiling fan is a bad product"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: amitposwal | Dec 14, 2017

I am using Bajaj ceiling fan at my home but I am not satisfied with this product. The quality of this product is not perfect. When I bought this ceiling fan company had given me two years warranty. But before two years fan spoiled many times so I had
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