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"Cooling effect is poor"
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: bhuwanjoshi555mj | Jul 03, 2017

I bought this refrigerator in 2015 and faced so many issues while using this. Firstly its cooling effect is very poor. The durability is of average category. The refrigerator is handy as well as easy to carry from one room  to another if neededStyle
"Definitely a bad one"
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: kumaranurag492 | Jul 03, 2017

Today I am here to audit on BPL referegitor. It is not all that great cooler the cooling impact is not very great. It doesn't work appropriately more often than not. The toughness is additionally less. The style and configuration is obsolete it looks
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"Bad Product !!"
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: mr_shishodia | Jul 02, 2017

Hi guys I would like to tell you my opinion about BPL F-202VX. The company(BPL) was good but nowadays gone are the days of BPL because it is not providing good service to their customers.It is not making good products now.The refrigerator BPL F-202VX
"Not a good refrigerator"
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: Singharadhana254 | Jul 02, 2017

Hello friends today I am here to review on BPL refrigerator. It is not so good refrigerator the cooling effect is not so good. It does not work properly most of the time. The durability is also very less. The style and design is outdated it looks jus
"The cooling feature did not work properly!"
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: Truearnab | May 23, 2017

I bought this BPL refrigerator two years ago and faced lots of trouble by its cooling feature as it did not work properly most ofcthe time.I call their mechanic and he made some stopgap solutions but the situation remained the same.The durability was
"BPL F-202VX... Its service is to bad"
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | Feb 01, 2017

BPL F-202VX : - my uncle use this refrigerator from few months and its not good I am see always its not working properly .its always trip in summer and hot days and stop cooling automatically and its cunsumed so much electrcity and its compressor qua
"BPL 312VX.. Service is so poor.."
Review on: BPL 312VX
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | Feb 01, 2017

BPL 312VX REFRIGERATOR : - I have this refrigerator from last year its not good and its cundumed so much electrcity and its compressor quality is not good and its make noise.its cooling system is not good.Its not easy to use beacuse its cooling set b
"BPL 312vx it's my life bad experience"
Review on: BPL 312VX
Rating: By: dholu1997 | Feb 01, 2017

BPL 312vx . last time my family going to market in purchase refrigerator .We are enter the BPL showroom. .in many refrigerator in the showroom. I purchase BPL 312vx refrigerator. .This refrigerator designing is so good but it
"BPL F- 202VX ..its company is so bad products."
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: dholu1997 | Jan 28, 2017

Bpl F-202vx . This company is bad products and not good model its last time we are purchase this refrigerator but I am not happy for this refrigerator is buy. This refrigerator buy for wast my money.its not good refrigerator and bed q
"Bpl 1852W ....bad experience. ...."
Review on: BPL 1852W
Rating: By: dholu1997 | Jan 28, 2017

BPL 1852W : - BPL is not make good refrigerator. My life is bad experience this refrigerator and bad model its not cunsumeg electricity bill .tis refrigerator its not good and quality is so bad .its really hard for use this refriger
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