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Reviews on Zed Habitats, Bangalore

May 02, 2024 11:55 AM Read

If you are thinking to rent a house in ZED earth Phase-I, this review is for you.

After staying 22 months, here is our lesson learnt.

"Staying in modern small house is much more comfortable than in legacy house that reflect marriage hall"

Here are the pros and cons of Zed Earth phase-1


1. Greenery everywhere, and so you feel like you entered resort life.

2. Somewhat secured compared to an independent house in an open layout.

3. Most of the residents are senior citizens, and so they are supportive.

4. Gated community, so you get peace of household issues addressed quickly.

5. Air pollution free as it is away from hustle bustle city life.

6. 24 hrs water and electricity supply. But ready to pay the water bill in addition to 11250 maintenance.


1. Though quite big houses, they were built with olden days(> 15 years) technology and architecture. So they are not user friendly.

2. The houses are not elder-friendly considering only one small bedroom on the ground floor, and the shape of staircases.

3. Quite far away from any shopping center. To buy even some curry leaves, you have to drive at least 10 kms(to and fro)

4. Though no noise from nearby railway tracks at day times, during silent night time you hear loud noise as the trains bang.

5. In a year, alternative 6 months long, the flights from KIAB enrouted right above this layout. So too many flights flying in the night disturb your sleep.

6. As most of the residents are senior citizens, your kids won't get any company and they tend to feel loneliness. If you are senior citizens only, then this is not applicable.

7. There was an incident in which a thief entered the layout via a compound wall. So staying near the boundary wall is not safe.

8. Doors and windows with no grills let you feel insecure. Sometime we started feeling more insecure from the incident #7 above. Anyone can enter the house just by breaking the glass with a small stone.

9. Snakes are found often, so roaming inside the layout at night is not safe.

10. The maintenance is quite expensive(> 11, 000). It is not justifiable. More than 3500 goes to DC Generator as too long power cuts happen often in this locality.

11. Water is too hard.
23 days ago Read

Zed Habitats embodies the epitome of modern urban living, seamlessly merging sustainability with sophistication. Their meticulously designed spaces offer eco-friendly comfort without compromise. From compact studios to spacious lofts, each habitat is a testament to innovation and community, fostering connections amidst urban chaos. With a keen eye on adaptability and environmental consciousness, Zed Habitats ensures a harmonious blend of luxury and responsibility. For those seeking a sanctuary that resonates with both style and substance, Zed Habitats stands as the ultimate choice, redefining the landscape of contemporary living with grace and purpose.
23 days ago Read

1- Zed Habitats is a pioneering company in the field of sustainable architecture and eco-friendly living solutions. Their innovative approach to designing and constructing habitats integrates cutting-edge technology with environmentally conscious practices to create spaces that are both functional and harmonious with nature.

2-One of the standout features of Zed Habitats is their commitment to utilizing renewable resources and minimizing environmental impact throughout the entire construction process. From the selection of materials to the implementation of energy-efficient systems, every aspect of their designs is geared towards sustainability.

3-Moreover, Zed Habitats places a strong emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. Their designs not only blend seamlessly into their surroundings but also offer comfortable and practical living spaces for their occupants. Whether it's a residential home, a commercial building, or a community development project, Zed Habitats consistently delivers innovative solutions that meet the needs of their clients while prioritizing sustainability.

4-In addition to their focus on sustainability and design, Zed Habitats also excels in customer service and project management. They work closely with clients from the initial concept stage through to the completion of the project, ensuring clear communication and attention to detail every step of the way.

5-Overall, Zed Habitats sets a high standard for eco-friendly architecture and sustainable living solutions. Their commitment to innovation, functionality, and environmental responsibility makes them a top choice for anyone looking to create a space that is both beautiful and sustainable.

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Zed Habitats - Bangalore

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