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Reviews on Upkar Developers, Bangalore

Apr 21, 2020 02:41 AM Read

It was in January I had enquired about 3 plots that I want to purchase in their Green view project. I had gone to Upkar office in Jayanagar and they are really sweet to welcome and I was given VIP treatment and offered coffee and all. I could really sense the drama. I was also taken to the Greenview project the next day in their own car.

After that they started calling me daily 3 times to make an investment and almost forcing me to pay an advance. On suggestion on one of my friends that Upkar had done some fraud to lot of site owners, even without looking at the papers I told that I will not be interested to buy property and wanted to ignore them. Then Upkar people started threatening me and became very rude telling if you are not interested why did you waste out time and told me that there was a buyer but they denied to him because I wanted 3 land continuous and all. I completely understood the kind of people here and I could feel how much 3rd class people work here.

Then I am seeing review here, I am shocked to see the reviews and notice how many people Upkar developers has cheated. I do not know about all the frauds, but I want to tell they are so rude and were trying to force you to buy, you could see there is surely some problem with the properties that they are so desperately wanting to sell.

My recommendation to you is not to buy with this developer until you completely know that the property is no problem
Apr 13, 2020 12:29 AM Read

I own a plot in the layout. Hence this review is genuine. Developer never delivered amenities as promised during the purchase. Layout is in bad condition. Residents have to take up the development work in their own hands after being betrayed by Upkar.
Apr 11, 2020 01:38 AM Read

Please don't fall into the trap of Upkar Developers. Please visit Upkar Habitat and talk to the local people(specially the sites near TVS factory) and you will get to know the real issue.

I have lost my 10000 advance that I have paid to get the papers. I am saved that I lost 10000, they were asking booking amount as 5L.


Upkar Developers - Bangalore
Apr 09, 2020 02:42 AM Read

I am a current resident of an old layout of Upkar Residency in Ullalu. The layout is pretty good and I loved to stay there(I am currently away), but there is a huge problem with the sites near the lake, which was for some unknown reason acquired by BDA.

I feel sad for the site owners who, for the last couple of years are struggling with Upkar and BDA.

If Upkar really wants, it is not a very big deal for them, they can sort it out, but they don't care.
Apr 07, 2020 03:33 PM Read

My husband and me were planning for investment 2-2 30x40 sites and our close friends recommended Upkar Greenvally in tumkur road as he too has 2 sites there and he is ok with it as it is for investment purpose. There is no great improvement, but I think as the time goes many things will come there and I felt good for investment puirpose.

But, now when I am looking at the reviews I am a bit worried as I see a lot of people talking about the documents being incorrect. I tried contacting upkar but due to the lockdpwn I think their office is closed.

Then I again contacted the same person who recommended us, his friend is advocate, he told that he too has heard issues there. Nothing is visible though, but can lead to future issues. so dropped the idea and now in talks with SRI SACHIYAY VALLEY to buy the plots.
Apr 06, 2020 02:05 AM Read

I have gone to upkar developers and visited visited their Habitat project which in near attibale. It is too far away and I Noticed there are many nicedr and more maintained projects that offer better price than upkar group. I also enquired about this project then I heard there is some letegation in few sites, not all, I think there are the 1 full row that they have to leave road to TVS factory or something, I am not sure about that.

I dropped the plan of buying at upkar Habitat.
Apr 05, 2020 04:27 PM Read

Highly disappointed with Upkar Developer. The green valley near Nelamangala there is not even little development over 2 years and finally handed over the sites and to our surprise all the roads water tank is cheaply built and sanitary has no connection at all.

They don’t deliver on time nor keep up the promises or commitment. Please don’t waste your time and money on this developer. Definitely not a professional place. So many issues which is not resolved yet and inspite of me calling regularly my katha is not transfered because of some paper issues and the builder is not worried at all.
Apr 04, 2020 11:55 PM Read

The thing is, if you are looking to invest in Upkar Developers, my suggestion as an owner of Upkar Habitat is, please don’t! I will continue to update if they are getting better or not, obviously I as human don’t want others to go through the same issue I have gone through!

So when there is an improvement, I will continue to update and increase the rating!
Mar 30, 2020 11:57 AM Read

When you invest the amount of money invested with UPKAR you expect your daily life to improve whereas it definitely hasn’t!

The maintenance is not there only and they seems to lack knowledge or will to help the residents or resolve the issues urgently! The management, including chairman and MD have no motivation to get the work done as quickly as possible, they seem to take the decision only which will help them make more money and not to help residents! Customer service is non existent from Upkar Developers.

I strongly suggest you review further comments before even thinking of investing in any of their projects! If you visit their sites you will see what i’m Talking about!. There are DISASTER DEVELOPERS
Mar 27, 2020 05:38 PM Read

Hello everyone, I have heard a lot about Upkar Developers residential project upkar habitat, so I visit their yesterday and found that this residential society is really a good choice for investments in plots or lands.

I also meet sales guy there he said that this project is getting a good response from peoples and their is less plots left in this society
Mar 24, 2020 10:17 AM Read

False promises and fraud company. No .1 fraud company. be careful before buying any property.Worst. I can say in all angles. the entire society is struggling with legal issues. for a property brought close to 10 years before(upkar residency). with this developer is not picking calls and ignoring messages. its better to pay 500/- extra and go for branded builders. don't even think about buying from this developer even if he is offering at a nice attractive price. These are professional cheaters.
Mar 23, 2020 01:46 AM Read

If your money IS HARD EARNED, then you should be avoiding to buy anything from these people who live on cheating. These people are not behind bars and this is the reason why there is so much of real estate mafia in the country.
Mar 14, 2020 09:03 AM Read

Upkar didn't take approval for layout formation and has case against it but has has shown fake papers to the buyers. Now they are playing like they are good people on google.

News was that Upkar has taken a conditional approval from panchayat with a precondition that the road in front of the project and amenities will be developed. Now it has been more than a year and no progress has been made. Using the same conditional approval Upkar has not registered itself in RERA. There was a case against Upkar registered in RERA by a person called Sambashiva. Now that the conditions in conditional approval are not valid, I believe Upkar should is doing some fraud for sell their sites and this is the case in all their new layouts.

My personal suggestion is not to take risk with this developer. There are so many good developers around.

(please note: I don't have complete information, please do your own research)
Mar 13, 2020 12:28 AM Read

These people are Corona Virus of the real-estate industry. I know this developer since long long ago. Their nature of business is "CHEATING". There has been problems with each and every layout right from their oldest layout till the new one. If you are in doubt about these people and their cheating, please visit BDA office in Vijaynagar and look for Mr. Sunil, who is the executive and he will tell entire history of this developer.

I am happy that I rescued my friend, who had almost finalized a plot(which turned out to be having issue - because TVS company have put a case of those plots).
Nov 05, 2019 03:15 PM Read

I strongly recommend not to go with this developer. I had been to their office in Jaynagar and they did a ward welcome and everything looked impressive. They even discussed and told me they'll help me with financing as their projects are approved with several banks. All good till now. However, in the next room I saw people fighting for some issues that have happened with their land, another set of group was standing outside waiting for the head of upkar to sort out their problem with the land they had purchased some years ago.

I was very curious and asked them what the problem was, they they suggested me not to even thing of this developer. They don't ever bother to talk to you once you have purchased the land. They told each and every layout of theirs, they have problem with the papers. They asked me to verify from the BDA and BMRDA(lawyers wont be able to help - because their DC conversion order itself has some problems, which can be got to know if you visit BDA and BMRDA offices). I am not exactly sure what the problem with the paper is, but it is with the same conversion number being fraudently using in multiple lands.

Please check on this aspect if you are thinking of buying land from them. I also saw some reviews talking on the similar lines, please check them too
Oct 31, 2019 01:22 PM Read

Dabba.all positive reviews are fake created by their employees only to promote their product.Beware. they there are meny meny fake documents with this developer.read all reviews corractly
Nov 01, 2018 05:58 PM Read (via Mobile)

I reside at upkar Oakland apartment for nearly 6 months now, which is very close to my work place. I am extremely happy with my investment here. My thanks to upkar developers and it's team. Apartment has all the basic amenities and maintenance is very well.
Oct 25, 2018 05:31 PM Read

Are you thinking about Habitat? Don't even. Upkar developers has encroached the TVS sites. Please beware of this developer. Please check genuine reviews before approaching this developer and please get all the papers checked. Only if satisfactory then go and buy.

My recommendation, AVOID!
Aug 10, 2018 11:10 AM Read

Hi all, you should be very careful if you are thinking of buying sites from upkar developers. I think someone else also has mentioned, their papers are all fraudulent. They have faked all the approvals. A laywer cannot find that out. You'll have to directly go to the BDA office and find that out.

Specially layouts like Habitat is under serious issues. Royal garden in Hosur is under scanner. Residency has been partially acquired by BDA.

Please be careful
Jul 07, 2018 11:49 PM Read

This developer is a complete mess and fraud. I am saved by reading the reviews at mouthshut. I did an internal enquiry and found out that Upkar developers live on fraud. I have taken papers from Mr. Somnath at Upkar office in Jayanagar and give it to my lawyer for checking and found that the conversion order is completely fake.

This developer has not lowered the prices to attract more bakras. Kindly don't get trapped. My humble suggestion is to stay away from this developer.

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Upkar Developers - Bangalore

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