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3 5, Bilekanahalli, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560076, KA

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Avalahalli, Bangalore
₹40.3 L - ₹46.8 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Begur, Bangalore
₹36.2 L - ₹44.3 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on T G Developers, Bangalore

Apr 27, 2022 08:58 AM Read (via Mobile)

Disgusting people and team. poor quality of work.

Pathetic management. They will show dream house only in brochure and videos. Currently I am resident here feel like m in jail . There is no basic facility like water and power always some or the other issues.

This is even after getting OC. Lift doesn't work most of the time. Bad planning and execution.

Unprofessional people and they most of the time will not respond.

Never buy any property from TG developer.
Mar 14, 2022 05:01 PM Read (via Mobile)

Ia from TG arte but not that project in list so selected ascent buy please don't go with this builder they are very money minded and biased.
Sep 21, 2016 02:14 PM Read


I introduce myself as Amit Krishna R, residing in T G Vajra flat no 305. I must say owning a dream home has finally come to an end,  I am really happy with TG Developers for making this to happen.

The flat is very well ventilated and spacious unlike most of the other apartments. The corridors are very spacious and overall design is very appealing. Thank you once again for T G developers in helping me to take right and important decision. Also I must say there is no compromise on the quality delivered.

The quality of the sliding windows and doors and the tiles are of a superior grade than what was initially finalized. The entire process from the booking to the registration was a delightful journey.

A Special thanks to Mr.Sandeep Kumar, Mrs.Supriya and Mr.Vinay for their wholehearted support and guidance.

Kudos team TG Developers!


Amit Krishna R


T G Developers - Bangalore
Sep 15, 2016 11:45 AM Read

Great experience with TG Developers. Booked my first flat and from Booking till Loan processing and then Registration, all went hassle free. Total Value for Money. The flat is spacious, The amenities promised are provided.

The build quality is good. During the development of the project, the Windows and Balcony gates were upgraded to UPVC(a better build quality).

The best part was allowing us to modify the design of the house as per our requirement.

The staff is understanding, helpful. Thanks to Mr. Sandeep, Mrs. Supriya, Mr. Vinay, Mr. Arun and other members from TG to make this an easy process.

would strongly recommend TG Developeres to any prospective buyers.

Sep 14, 2016 12:13 PM Read

Had booked a flat in TG Akshaya in Feb 2014 and took possession on May 2016.

TG Developers have quite a few projects - Akshaya, Abhushan, Lake Vista, Vajra, Epitome, etc.

They have a proper vision on what they intend to accomplish. They sure are focused and on the right track.

Just the matter of time before they capture the market share and become huge players in the builders and developers industry segment.

The Akshaya project was built using the latest material available in the market.

Akshaya Project's raw material cost kept increasing every fortnight/month. But the cost was never passed on to the end customers.

The Project Akshaya(JUST VISIT IT ONCE) literally stands out from the other competitor's apartments.

Value for money guaranteed. Bliss endorsed.

They also go the extra mile in being flexible in terms of payment. You may negotiate regarding the cost but they never compromise on the quality.

The founders and of-course the main pillars of TG Developers - Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Vinay don't treat you as just customers. They treat you as their friends. They are down to earth and humble.

The extra time consumed for the project completion is to ensure that the end product comes out robust, magnificent and stand the test of time which I strongly feel it has.

If you plan to invest either for your first home or as a second investment, you can go ahead with TG Developers.


Vinaykumar Rao
Sep 08, 2016 07:17 PM Read

It was a wonderful experience with T G Developers, From agreement to Loan processing till  registration of the flat, in every step Sandeep and team help me a lot to make every process very smooth, in each step I just visited once and everything else was taken care by TG team,

The apartment comes up so well that was not imagined, no compromise in the quality

All the Amenities has been provided which was committed during the agreement process

Overall it was a great experience and a good decision to buy a flat from TG Developers

Happy Customer

Sep 08, 2016 12:14 PM Read

I own a flat in T G Akshaya and my experience with T G Developers has been very good.

The quality of construction is very good and I have got more, than what I actually expected.

The staff in their office is very courteous and had been helping me very often in each and every aspect of flat construction.

I personally appreciate the professionalism shown by Mr Sandeep and Mrs Supriya.

In short, T G Developers exceeded our expectation and I strongly recommend them.
Aug 30, 2016 07:51 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am very lucky to have been able to own a flat worth in many ways in TG AABHUSHAN in Bangalore in a short period of time. This was made possible due to the sincere efforts put in by the management and staff of TG Developers, especially Supriya Maam, Mr. Vinay, Mr Pawan, Mr Sadanand. I would strongly recommend TG Developeres to any prospective buyers.
Aug 25, 2016 01:35 PM Read

My experience with TG Developers has been pleasant and useful. I was able buy a flat through them without any hassles and most of the things which Sandeep promised has been delivered on time.

He has a great team to work with who are reachable and understandable. I would personally recommend TG Developer's initiatives for those looking for a good apartment.

The project was completed well within the stipulated time, unlike other developers who promise and never deliver.

They also assist in getting a smooth documentation and also assisted in getting a home loan too.

The staff are friendly and nice to all their customers.

Regards, Stanley
May 12, 2016 12:10 PM Read

Initially, I had booked a double bedroom(1165 sqft) with T.G.Developers which they have launched recently.I am a first time buyer and had no such experience of buying a property.I sat with Mr. Sandeep and honestly he went beyond his way not only once but several times to ensure that I am making a right deal.I visited all this properties, sat with him severals times each time he was as energetic as the first time with the same interest and enthusiasm I am no relative of Mr. Sandeep in anyways however he took the pain and did give me his time not once but several times to ensure that I understand everything related to the purchase I am making.

Now I have canceled and re-booked a 3 bed room flat in the same launchthanks Sandeep for giving me the confidence and he has helped me through out the way so I make the right choice from explaining me the floor plan to the fitting and fixture that will be used.He is never in a hurry to take the deposit or anything at least I never felt it.I am after him to take the money I mean the initial  deposit.Yes I did see a burning desire in him to GROW and I appreciate it.All of us have the same in us GROW. He provides flats at a reasonable price and trust me I had been to so many builders as this is my FIRST Purchase, you will hardly any one who is a owner would talk the pain or explain you things which he does.

I do agree that in his office he might have not every experience staff but then He is also trying to give chance to the GenX to learn and grow like him. I saw that there are young aspiring people like him in his office who want to learn and grow.  They do make mistakes but then Mr. Sandeep explains explain them and correct the material as a buyer I get my document rectified and thats what is important.

I believe now that I have made the right choice.My family is happy and I am looking for to pay the initial deposit and looking forward to meet him to thanks him personally for all his help and assistance he provided.

I would suggest that people should meet him in case if they have a problem. He is approachable yes I do agree sometimes he doesn't answer but then he calls you back to discuss.

Initial buyer also if interested please meet Mr. Sandeep in his office before you come to a conclusion reading positive / negative feedback on the site and then decide.

I will keep my post alive through different stages of my deal to ensure that people get the right feedback.

Oh yes - I did this deal sitting here in Pune which is a 900 KM from Bangalore.
Apr 22, 2016 11:52 PM Read

I am here to share my views & my best experience through out the journey of buying my home.

Back in the month of Feb, I was in search of house. off course it was not easy job knowing the I want wonders to happen in my "Budget".  I never wanted to compromise on the Quality & look of the building.

Most of the builders had multiple issues like without having valid approval to build apartment or illegal construction or not meeting the quality.

Finally I found T.G Developer, I saw there tag line it says" We build". May be it sounds simple, but it did has inner meaning to it they just don't build house. "They build our dream house & bring it alive".

If some one ask me what is special about "TG Developer" my answer would say "QCC"

  1. Quality.

  2. Customer service

  3. commitment.

Quality - When I say Quality, I can say the product used for construction are "A" class products. I am sure no one would deny it when you have look at the apartment.

Customer service - It was really amazing experience with T.G . I have bugged them with shower of questions some times silly questions too. however I always got response from them clarifying all my doubts.

"What more do we need when you questions or being answered logically & honestly " I call this as customer delight.

Commitment - Last but not the least, It was smooth transaction without any hurdle or any issues . The work that was promised has been completed on time without any issue.

Thank you so much for wonderful experience! & bringing my dream alive!
Sep 18, 2015 03:18 PM Read

I purchased a flat in Aabhushan and my experience with the builder has been very good. They provided all legal documents additionally required by the lawyer for getting me a home loan without any issue or objection.

They even executed a new deed for the access, as required by the bank. The registration process and obtention of title deeds were made hassle free and fast by Mr. Prasanth and Mr. Sandeep himself.

I am moving in a day or two as it is ready to occupy. The quality of construction seems to be very good compared to many flats I have seen in Bangalore. I feel the buy is a good one and value for money. Good people to deal with, my first experience.
Sep 05, 2015 07:54 PM Read


I'm one of the proud flat owner of a 3BHK flat in "TG AABHUSHAN" at Begur Rd Bangalore.

Owning a house is big deal but not imposible but getting good builder in current environment is really a kind of impossible.

To be honest T.G developers is not the best but I personally rate them as One Among the Best.

I am really satisfied with the way they construct the flats- Very good ventilation in all the rooms.

I saw their other project like "Aabharan" too, they always take care of proper ventilation which is not there in most of the big builder I must say.

I really wanted to give special thanks to Mr. Vinay and Mr. Sandeep whom I luckly met when I was in search of good home.

Actually to these guys I will call them as very good friend than a builder. Meet one time to them and talk to them then believe on my wrintings.

Every promise I see infromt of my eyes now with Quality. I agree there was some hiccups but all promises they have fullfilled.

So overall I am owning a good apartment, worth and value for money. I would recomend T.G developer to others and wish then all the best.

One more thing I would like to add, they are very helpfull not like other builder(catch if you can:)


Sep 01, 2015 08:49 PM Read

I'm one of the flat owners of a 2BHK. Good things with TG guys are of positive approach towards project completion to make your planning to occupy on schedule.

Would like to recommend TG developers to those who and all are looking for their dream house in B'lore. Feeling high level comfortable buying house from TG as no surprise before and after occupancy. However there are few pending things which TG has promised to finish and would be surly be done as per the promise.

So Please feel comfortable to select and  buy flat from TG.

We just need to maintain a healthy relationship with the builder and keep him updated on the things we want to see our house. however TG is very open for the

I wish TG developers Best of luck.
Aug 31, 2015 05:41 PM Read

Hi, I'm one of the proud flat owner of a 2BHK flat in "TG AABHUSHAN" at Begur Rd Bangalore.

Proper response, politeness, positive attitude and supportive behaviour  to customer made me to select TG developers on spot in own counselling and found what exactly I was looking for my dream house in B'lore.

Good things with TG guys are of positive approach towards project completion to make your planning to occupy on schedule.

Would like to recommend TG developers to those who and all are looking for their dream house in B'lore as We are aware many and more people are doing parade at freedom park, court lobby and lawyer office for occupation after investing huge amount on property.

Feeling high level comfortable buying house from TG as no surprise before and after occupancy. For the legal documentation and all, TG is in the line with society and still on with their commitment.

So Please feel comfortable to select and  buy flat from TG without any doubt and hesitation.I wish TG developers for the best home makers in B'lore. Best of luck and keep it up!
Mar 01, 2015 08:51 PM Read

It is said "Blood is thicker than water".  Only relatives / employees are posting the positive reviews or builder himself is writing positive reviews to boast about himself in the name of his relatives or employees / ex-employees.

With regard to the amenities, we residents never had hangover of dreaming the facilities of high end projects. The issue is with regard to providing the facilities which was promised to us like automatic lift(we are provided with the manual lift) for the price quoted to us. The price quoted was very much in sync with the prevailing rates then offered by other builders for much superior quality of finishing and amenities.

We only pity for the supporter's poor knowledge that all most all the flats of builder's share were booked before breaking the ground. At that time we had no opportunity to verify the credentials of the builder as this was his first project. All were carried away by the nice words of Mr. Sandeep who has a golden tongue to mesmerize and to make others believe. In fact, being the first project, the builder should have paid more attention to the quality of construction to leverage for the future projects to his benefit.

Ms. Priyanka has conveniently evaded to mention the mis-deeds of the builder of removing the solar panels and not handing over the original documents and occupancy certificate.

Yes, there has been delay in raising the issues because the builder has been making false promises all these days of rectifying the deficiencies. All owners were waiting patiently to give peace a chance.

We once again invite all those who want to verify themselves the facts and not to get carried away by the  claims made by the kith and kin of Mr. Sandeep.
Feb 25, 2015 03:02 PM Read

I own a 3BHK at Solitaire. Absolute Value for Money. Either you choose to stay in the flat or rent it out, hands down its a good Investment. The staff at TG Developers are extremely accessible and friendly. I wanted few changes to be done in the flat as per vaastu and scientific reasons, they were readily accepted and incorporated with no overhead cost.

The most important aspect I like about them is the finishing and the personal attention. Its sad to see negative reviews about the builder. I am assuming most of them come from people who have had no experience with the other or big builders, where you pay in Crs and have no visibility of your flat until the very end and no Customer Service. A Very Close friend bought a flat with a premium builder at Kanakapura Road, near AOL.

I was quite disappointed with the service & finishing, on second thoughts was glad I own a flat with T G Developers. Thank you T G Developers team! Keep up the good work.
Feb 23, 2015 10:06 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am a first time customer for T.G.Developers and own a flat at aabhushan.I was referred to T.G by  another flatowner of T.G.Developers.Though there has been a delay & issues in the delivery of my flat, I have regularly been posted as to the developments& progress at the site.

Must say they have a dedicated team& are much better than the big corporate builders as I have first hand experience of both& when it comes to the pricing they are highly competitive & true value for ur momey

And also not to forget a special thanks to Mr. Sandeep for being extremely patient& courteous with regards to my payment.
Feb 23, 2015 01:21 PM Read

Good Investment with great price!

Being the occupant of TG Aabharan, I totally disagree to comments others have raised it .

Bad Entrance, Security constructed security cabin, Poor quality flooring, No proper exit, automated lift, Stair case risk prone….etc weren’t these above visible before buying the apartment probably the buyers were all immature and were ready to buy an apartment without any knowledge.

Why are these not seen before finalizing the apartment…people have spent from their pocket, very true…they should have raised these issues prior .

With the Kind of rate Mr. Sandeep has sold this property to the occupant of TG Aaabharan is difficult to get in the current market.

Me being the occupant of TG Aabharan is Fully satisfied with the amount I have purchased the apartment. I have invested time, money and have received as per my expectations .

I have no complains.

Issue is quiet simple .some people want the luxury of Hiranandanis without spending any money.

Dude check the prices around you .you might be to able better understand.


Occupant of TG Aabharan
Sep 12, 2014 12:51 PM Read

Made a big mistake by investing in the property by T G developers, Bangalore

At first everything looks good but currently seeing Construction issues.

Electric work in common area pending .

Very bad Support, once the complete Money is paid the builder do not care about the issue we came across.

Very poor support team, they lie to most of time if you have a doubt or question or blame it on others.

One more issue I see is the Master Planned shared with us is not always the correct or the one passed by the authority.

The xerox version may not be correct one . In other projects like T G Vajra I see the same issue.

Don't know how they are getting Loan clearance from Banks like SBI . Big Nexus .

don't just go with the plan considering they are getting loan from Bank like SBI .

In all please avoid the builder or you feel very bad later [My personal experience] .

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