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5th Floor, Sunteck Centre, 37-40, Subhash Road, Vile Parle East, Mumbai 400057, MH

Project By Sunteck Realty Limited, Mumbai

Under Construction
Goregaon West, Mumbai
Price On Request
2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Goregaon West, Mumbai
₹1.8 Cr - ₹2.79 Cr
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Kandivali East, Mumbai
₹3.83 Cr - ₹4.3 Cr
3,4 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Bandra, Mumbai
₹22.89 Cr - ₹25.85 Cr
4,5 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Bandra, Mumbai
Price On Request
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Reviews on Sunteck Realty Limited, Mumbai

Jul 11, 2022 09:44 PM Read

They will send you a demand letter once project is completed and ask you to pay within 15 days. For a loan disbursement you will require NOC which they will try to delay as long as possible so that they can charge interest daily. Just for 5 days delay which was from their end to give me the NOC, I paid 12K as penalty. I would suggest everyone to stay away from this project.
Jun 15, 2022 10:16 PM Read (via Mobile)

I wish there was 0 rating option to rate!

They are fraud and scam by making money via interest for their loopholes!

Their work and flat is good.

Charged interest for their loopholes.

Big name with no shame for their Inhuman and pathetic CRM service.

Beware of this before investing!
Nov 25, 2021 11:01 AM Read

Very bad experience with the worst CRM TEAM feels like they are there do cheat every one they don't replay and then they the interest is charged they don't give documents for the banks to be procced on time


Sunteck Signia High - Kandivali East - Mumbai
Nov 05, 2021 05:02 PM Read (via Android App)

The project is heavily delayed while the Customer team is not bothered to help us out they are instead piling intrests for no reason. Sunteck is a fraud and a cheat builder who has taken our money since 2014. We are going to take Rera option atlease it will protect our interest as a consumer against cheaters like sunteck.
Nov 05, 2021 07:41 AM Read (via Mobile)

Booked in 2014, not received possession till today even after making full payments as per agreements signed and on time! It’s a nightmare! I personally feel I am spammed and robbed! I advise not to buy any property from Sunteck builder!
Nov 01, 2021 04:56 PM Read (via Mobile)

It is really a nice place for interior but not for food i didn't liked the food personally...and from my point of view it is quite expensive too for middle class people but the staff there was really good
Oct 30, 2021 12:07 PM Read

Don't fall for anything even in your wildest thought for SUNTECK. You are not buying your dream home but paying for stress and sleepless night & price for dealing with dead people.

Anyone took possession for Sunteck Avenue 2 Tower A?

Is the project really ready & anyone able to contact anyone at Sunteck?

The only thing company does is raise demand and then no one listens. In the last 7 years, 10 RMs were changed but no one ever bothered to resolve any matter or respond.

In August I received formal communication after 7 years of booking a flat in Sunteck Avenue 2 for possession and pay immediately the final 10% amount and deposit etc which were charged higher than contracted amount. The most weird thing I have ever come across that we cant visit and see the flat. 1st we need to make 100% amount as per their demand & no question asked whatever the amount as well as untenable interest charges etc despite paying upto 90% of the project value 3 years ago and still waiting to get possession of our flat.

We received an email for the process stating once the 100% payment as per their demand is done then they shall contact for completing the paper formalities in their office where we need to sign all the documents and declare or sign whatever paper they ask. Post that only we'll be allowed to visit the site and see our flat.

How the hell on earth this process works? After horrible experience of dealing with them for last 7 years since we paid 1st 15% amount & in next 4 years another 75% as per their demand from time to time, I am not even sure whether project is ready or what quality as in mid they removed L&T and appointed some local construction company for project. I live outside India and because of COVID etc requested them that I'll come for possession in Dec and once inspect the flat will make balance legitimate dues and not obnoxious charges or levies arbitrarily put by them.

No surprise as in last 7 years no response so far, phone goes unanswered, mobile switch off, landline says all CRMs are busy will receive call back which never comes. Possession coordinator isn't reachable, phones switched off hence not contactable.

Surprise surprise, what keep coming is email of demand letter reminder with Interest, penalties and keep increasing the amount payable. When you write for discussion and scheduling for possession, only tickets get raised but no communication.

We are completely lost and have never ever experienced something like this. We want to save as many as possible for persuading and pleading for not to buy ever from Sunteck if you want your peace of mind & don't want to turn your dream home into haunted experience.

Please do let us know if anyone has taken possession and to whom we can reach out and if the product is really ready for possession?


I CAN SEE SOON obituary written for this company.
Jun 23, 2021 03:04 PM Read

I regret doing business with Sunteck. I feel sorry for my clients who have booked in Sunteck Naigaon project. I request all home seekers to please stay away from this builder. Highly insensitive staff with no work ethic & zero professionalism. Pathetic customer service. A home buyer's problems & concerns are almost always.' disregarded' but never'addressed'. Talking to their CRM team is equivalent to banging your head against the wall.

5 of my client has booked last year July 2020 with an assurance of possession within 6 months time line but Sunteck has delayed the possession with reasoning of Covid-19 and my clients are yet to recieve the possession. It's been over an year neither they release the brokerage amount nor the given the possession.

There is no regulation or assistance available to control this builder mafia and hapless retail customers and channel partner like us are at their mercy. If you love your money, DO NOT go to this builder. This is not a SPAM.

They call this a luxury and affordable residence, but they have delayed the project possession for over an year now, compact rooms, limited space. This is Sunteck in Naigaon east mumbai.

Please avoid all Sunteck Realty projects and look out for other reputed builders like Hiranandani, L&T, Wadhwa, DSS.
Jun 23, 2021 12:13 PM Read (via Mobile)

Quarries Below :


2.BMC Water Supply

3.Safety Door

4.AC Compressor Unit Issue

5.Construction Quality

6.Leakage at Dry Balcony


We had these issues, of course we had to struggle for it but it got resolved... Thank You Team Sunteck and Kamalji ??????????????
Feb 23, 2021 06:24 PM Read (via Mobile)

Please stay away from this builder. Pathetic customer service. In the past 12 months they have changed 3 CRMs and the ladies dont care to reply to your mails or phone calls. Builder has charged me 18% GST while the market rate is 5%. There is no regulation or assistance available to control this builder mafia and hapless retail customers like us are at their mercy. If you love your money, DO NOT go to this builder. This is not a SPAM.

They call this a super luxury residence, but they have a open red color water pipe running in the main hall!! While luxury builder will have a unconcealed water pipe glaring at you in the hall? Go see the building yourself if you want to confirm yourself. This is Sunteck city avenue 1 in goregaon west mumbai.

If they care so much about the brand, why is no one from Sunteck is replying to these reviews?
Feb 13, 2021 03:12 PM Read

My dream of buying a home has turned into an exasperating experience with Avenue 1 - Sunteck Realty. My sincere word of caution to every home buyer out there is if you don't want sleepless nights after parting with your money to Sunteck.then please stay 10 miles away from this project.

Highly insensitive staff with no work ethic & zero professionalism. A home buyer's problems & concerns are almost always.' disregarded' but never'addressed' . Talking to their CRM team is equivalent to banging your head against the wall.

Please learn from other people's mistakes.
Jan 24, 2021 04:37 PM Read (via Mobile)

I had visited Sunteck Avenue last year to purchase a flat. Intially the sales agent showed the project details and it was very good. So I agreed to purchase a flat and gave the initial token amount and booked the flat. During my booking I said that my family also wants to visit the flat because they weren't available at that time due to some issues, so I confirmed them twice that if my family is unhappy, is the token amount is refundable. So they eagerly confirmed the same and said that they will refund immediately. After some days, me and wife visited the same but my wife was unhappy due to locatily issues and some other, so we said we don't want to go ahead and we would like to cancel the booking. So they agreed and said they will return the token amount. It has more than one year still I have not received my token amount. Sent multiple mails , also visited the office no help. Also spoke to agent they said we won't help you.Really pathetic service
Jan 20, 2021 09:03 PM Read (via Mobile)

Very very bad service for Avenue 4.I invested in it and having a rollercoaster ride. Once you do registration they don’t listen to you they just do what they like and put unnecessary interest on the amt very bad about their commitments.specially the sales team .They don’t have enough staff and they are taking booking and once booking is done they don’t pick your calls .
Jan 19, 2021 11:07 PM Read (via Mobile)

Don’t go with sunteck’s any projects. Their CRM team is worst. They don’t pickup ur phone nor answer ur mail. You get only their mail for taking money. No proper accountancy... very very worstest experience.they don’t deserve for one star also.
Nov 18, 2020 09:12 PM Read (via Mobile)

Uncouth, arrogant and illiterate CRM team....pathetic sales and after-sales service...guys- donot- i repeat- donot go for any buy with this developer...their staff doesnot have any ettiquetes to converse with clients who hv bought properties worth 2.5 crores.....

Third grade and cheap tone their CRM used with us when she spome to me today...i am hiring a lawyer's services now...i am making sure i go into public domain with my experience....everyone shud know about their attitude and ppl should avoid making a buy with them.....
Nov 11, 2020 08:30 PM Read


I assume their product must be good. It is my very first experience buying property at Sunteck. So I cannot comment on the final product Till date I have not got to have the flat inspection, which has been delayed, due to covid so its understood.

But my experience with their CRM Team has been very painful and atrocious . Their team is highly unprofessional and so rude, that you would just regret buying this property. I had booked my property in Jan 2020. I made all my payments before given timeline. Even during covid period in may, I made all payments that were due, as per the given schedule( which was provided me on a plain paper by their sales manger). Post booking, I was expecting to receive communications fromtheir CRM teamon payment schedule and everything else, but they never me sent any communications on the payments until I chased them till May, by that time most of my payments were done. I never waited for any reminders orcommunication from their side, but can you believe I wasstill charged an interest outstanding fee of 2.5 lacs against late payment fee. now my question to them was"on what basis or grounds this interest amount has been charged when all the payments had been made before time". To which they have no answer or query. It has been more than 7 months that I have been asking them for these charges but they still haven't got back. I visited their office in June and checked, still they said, they will look into this and get back.

Since Jan, they have changed 6-7 relationship managers who were assigned to me but all had been useless and morons as they never communicate, nor share any updates, or anything untill you chase them 100 times.You literally have to chase them like one Dog but still your queries wont be answered or resolved. I would never recommend to go for Sunteck Project as they SUCK SUCK SUCK IN EVERY WAY. Its been my WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! People who have good time and money to put in drain, only those people can go for this project.I truly REGRET BIG TIME.
Oct 16, 2020 04:56 PM Read (via Mobile)

I booked a flat in Avenue 2 I'm August after a month of negotiation and paid 5 lakh that they stopped picking my calls . No reply on emails.there is jo ither contact other than the sales person.grevience number and email are bogus.this week the sales person picked up my call and demanded additional amount to go ahead with registration . I am engaging a lawer and would take legal action for fraud and harassment.
Jun 27, 2020 02:50 PM Read (via Android App)

In this lock down every people wants to go back their home, but in this situation would not help the builder to sell their products. And here Indian economy is getting low and in this situation this project cost is totally so high.
Jun 25, 2020 10:11 AM Read (via Android App)

Project is expensive and is not

beneficial for investors and its better

to invest in Thane Location where you would get effective returns from developers like Hiranandani and The ICON project which is developed by international developer. I would suggest

best place to invest during lockdown is

the Thane market.
May 15, 2020 09:30 PM Read (via Mobile)

I had booked in August 2013. Sales team had said delivery would by December 2016 and project included amenities like Disney based theme park. These amenities are no longer there and we have still not got delivery. Delay of over 5 years. Even on 15 March 2020, they were promising delivery by 31 March 2020. Lock down was announced on 23rd March. Now they are sighting COVID and delaying it further.

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Sunteck Realty Limited - Mumbai

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