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Reviews on Sobha Dream Acres, Bangalore

24 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Apartments are built like cake pieces...stuffed everywhere.. drainage flows within the premises..foul smell at nights.. area surrounded by liquor shops... most of them are in live in relationships... or they rent for high value and have all sorts of ppl.. no one is bothered abt who stays.. just looks for rent... not worth 25k..but bachelors and some indecent ppl are paying more and renting.. not a good location .
Sep 02, 2022 12:50 PM Read

Locality is not good. there is high extension line close to the project. there is also a grave yard close to the project.
Dec 22, 2021 06:00 PM Read (via Mobile)

It's avg project and very high price quoted. They will promise you lot of thing but nothing is actually exists. Be careful and review everything before proceeding. They don't refund any money so super carefull if you are going to cancel it.

They are money minded and selling false promises.


Sobha Dream Acres - Bangalore
Aug 03, 2021 06:58 PM Read (via Mobile)

These people are fraud. Mr Devender is such a fraud. They showed us a corner unit and lured us to pay 1 lakh amount to hold the unit and told us that we can cancel it with 20 percent deduction . When we cancelled within 4 days , he is telling us he has moved to Gujarat. Now they are saying it will take 8 months to refund.I have all the emails and I am going to send a legal notice for doing such fraud.
Jul 31, 2021 11:12 PM Read (via Mobile)

This is the wrist project don't buy they are cheaters I paid 3.5 lakhs but they didn't refunded it even after cancellation now it's almost 2 years they are cheaters of all time and it's hostel don't trust them
Feb 04, 2021 03:13 PM Read

Worst customer service+ Worst sales team if you give your phone number to this guys they will spread to multiple channel partners, even though if you don't want the property this guys will keep calling daily which is such a torture to us. I am going through the torture day in and day out with this sales guys from Shobha. Even after telling multiple times we are not interested in the property they still continue calling, I had no other way to bring this problem to Shobha Dream Achers management, some one please help in resolving this problem, loosing trust now
Jan 29, 2021 07:50 PM Read

Connectivity to ORR is worst, you will not feel now, but once office starts and in rainy season you can't pass from there.(Just stop at underpass and observe for 5 mins)

they will say road will widen and new road construction is happening, but they are saying the same thing since more than 5 years and still is in construction mode.

They will play with your emotions and take the booking amount, after that they wont reply properly.
Jan 21, 2021 01:54 PM Read

I purchase home in sobha dream acre wind 28 in Aug 2020 and they made promise to deliver before March 2021 and took 95% amount of money. But reality is that there is no sign of delivery and if you call staff they rarely pick up the call and gave vague answersw.
Nov 26, 2020 08:48 PM Read

Precast is new technology . But sobha does not have expertise to use it properly . Thre have been several incidenses in sda phase 1 which prove the bad quality of this project and leakage is a major issue in all the apartments. Sobha customer cell gives good response that they will fix it but it will never be fixed. It keeps reoccuring even after fix is done. Totally unsetisfied with my purchase. This brand value has proved to be a nightmare to me.
Nov 16, 2020 03:20 PM Read

A good society by one of the top builders. There is good scope of appreciation when the real estate market starts booming again. Only current challenge is the roads around which eventually would be developed. 80% Open Area, greenery around with all modern amenities, Top builder, and the location is decent with good connectivity to IT companies around. What else do we need?!
Sep 28, 2020 07:52 PM Read

Good construction, 80% open space-time delivery, Near to major IT parks Green environment gooooooooood.
Jul 13, 2020 12:51 PM Read (via Mobile)

I had booked a unit 19062 WING 3 under sobha dream acres Panathur Roadon 3 rd september 2019 and had paid token advance of Rs 1 Lakh

The CRM (Mr Devendra)convinced me that i can pay booking fee and in case i change my mind, it would be fully refundable. They initially insisted i pay the full booking amount which was 4 lakhs. I refused this because i was not sure if i will be able to get bank loan and meanwhile I had many financial issues for such high amount and make the necessary financial areangemts. The flat cost was approx. 68 laks.

Due to financial constraint within 20 days we confirmed to the crm (Mr Devendra ) that we were not able to go for the property and we needed the refund. From then until now it's been more than 9 months (275 days) he has been avoiding my calls or not responsive and rude speech.

After looking at the prices and checking my financial statsus, i confirmed to her again that it’s not possible and outside my budget. The (Sobha dream acres) is now not refunding the money. They are not even picking my calls properly...I contacted the admin team, I contacted the accounts team they are saying they will refund on this date but it's been 270 days no refund yet.

They were just killing our time by giving silly excuses. First they said, i should have come back within 90 days. After i replied that i requested cancellation within 3 weeks, they said they are processing the refund. After that, no updates. They did not answer calls. Now they are making excuses that they will refund but not refunding

It’s very disappointing that such a reputed builder like shoba is begun cheating customers as well. At the time of first time visit, they convinced me to buy this apartment and pay the booking fee and said, “in case i change my mind, they will refund”. Never should one believe builders. Request assistance on this please.


Please suggest me if you have any solutions
Jun 21, 2020 07:13 PM Read

Lot of seepageissues & no actions are taken.

Impolite rude staff who do not cooperate. Once you submit the first Booking amount they will not let you see the house until you pay full amount. There are cracks happening in the house. Paint quality is bad. No maintenance support and for everything you have to drop a mail for which they take weeks to reply to.

After spending close to 1 cr for a 2BHK this is not acceptable.
Jun 19, 2020 01:17 PM Read

Given that there are so many bad reviews, which are mostly related to cancellation and not really related to the actual property, I'll put in a good one about my experience.

I visited the site thrice before I even put in any token money. Do your research before you book so that you don't end up cancelling.

The sales team was supportive, had an answer to every question I asked, provided me with documents when needed, visited my office to handover the copies of agreements to get my signatures. Once everything was completed sent me a soft copy of the agreement as well. Site visits were smooth as well. Including the ones where needed interior measurements.

Coming to the actual property. Yes, the corridors do not have enough space. The carpet area for 1200 SQFT is around 800 SQFT which is on par with other builders.

The landscaping, maintenance is up to the mark. Your evening or morning walks would be rather peaceful.

The handover for my apartment was before the estimated date and the customer cell handled the handover smoothly.

Regarding the connectivity to the property, Croma road is generally the preferred connectivity option from the outer ring road, one has to generally pass under the railway bridge which can sustain only one car at a time. Connectivity to Panathur is mired with the same issue with another railway underpass which becomes horrible during the rainy season and can allow only one car to pass at a time. On the positive side, the road(Balagere Road) has been built again and so far is pretty smooth. You don't see much traffic on Balagere Road as the bottlenecks are the railway underpasses.

Connectivity to varthur road is okay with manageable quality of the road.

There is a new road coming up(under construction from quite some time)which will directly connect you to Kundanhalli gate.

All in all total 4 roads with "OK" quality. If the railway underpasses can be expanded and the road to kundanhalli is built completely, you're looking at the property which connects you to Kundanhalli gate(nice wide road), Varthur, Outer ring road, outer ring road via Panathur Bridge.

Other issues. - Only one ISP in the area which is Zednet(aka Metronet). Needless to say, the stability of their connection is questionable. ACT, Airtel and other major ISP players do not yet have broadband connections here.

Based on which tower you stay at, you may need to step out to your balcony for normal voice calls.

Since I don't have much idea about the construction quality, I'd reserve my comments. Reviews on Wall strength/quality from people experienced in Drilling and stuff were positive.
May 19, 2020 11:14 PM Read (via Mobile)

.From July 2019 till now trying to get refund fromsobha, but no response and keep on delaying and multiple levels handoffprocess.From Jan 2020 onwards Mr. Plaban dealing my process, he saying "your amount will get, but not sure when it will refund"

I don't know what to do, patiently waiting for my booking amount.Please suggest how to deal with this.
Feb 28, 2020 09:37 PM Read

We visited the Sobha Dream Acres project, Panathur Bangalore and blocked a unit 4022 by paying Rs 1, 00, 000.The first sales executive told us that if we want to opt out it is going to be a very easy process and merely 5K deduction will be done .He also said that he would try to waive even this amount as there was no paper work done towards any booking. After, hearing such a commitment from him we went ahead and blocked it.

After one week we came to know that the project had lot problems and we thought we would opt out.We told them on 13th Dec, 2019 itself that we are opting out. Sales executive had also told us that if we inform him within one week he would try to get the refund done in 45 days itself.

The refund process was then handled to another sales executive .She was supposed to start the process the very next day but she did not.Also, she was very unprofessional she went on the vacation without informing us before 25th Dec only.Since, we were continuously following up we came to know about this and tried to expedite the process.Finally, after much followup, 3rd sales executive raised the refund process for us around Dec 27th.

After, 20-25 days when we again started following up with 2nd sales executive to know the status she was again unresponsive, disconnecting calls.After much follow ups with first executive, she finally confirmed that refund is initiated.

We have been asking her about how many days the refund would take but she never answered.

One week before she called us and asked that she is not able to download the cheque. We were in complete shock how can somebody be so irresponsible.

The first sales executive got transferred to another project and another executive who was incharge completely ignorant about what is the status and telling us that since you have booked until the unit gets sold we will not get our refund.Now all these people are not aligned and talking non sense. I have already waited for over 60 days and cannot wait further. Now they say the refund process would be done in July 2020.

We have gone through mental harassment because of such excuses from sales executives and its us who have to continuously follow up for our money.Finance team is also not responding to the emails.

One executive asks to contact another executive and "passing the buck" game continues. No one has enough integrity to take the responsibility to speed up the refund process.

We are in the mid of all this chaos, feeling helpless.We never expected such a response from Sobha.
Jan 28, 2020 10:33 AM Read (via Mobile)

They will tell registration will happen in 3 months after positioning by marketing people please don’t believe ask for mail communication from them.. Because once you get position you need to do lots for follow ups but still you will not get registration slot and they will tell lots of story... Above all to get position you need to pay the complete amount of the apartment but without registration the bank won’t provide you the last remaining 10% amount of the loan value.
Jan 26, 2020 01:27 PM Read

Living inside is very nice and peaceful 80% open space in 81 acres of land. few areas will develop over a period of time, this project is of that type, though initially we won't see it very attractive. Compared to earlier days now the approach road condition is getting improved. Recently opened new CROMA road helped us otherwise it was nightmare earlier. Still, lot more work has to happen in making the road better. Sobha residents along with other Balagere Citizens are already lobbying for better infrastructure for this location. Recently BMTC Bus service has been launched( Goes round trip from Gunjur, Carmelaram, Kadubeeshanahalli, Panathur, Balagere, Varthur and Gunjur) Cauvery Pipeline in progress and underground Drainage is also in progress( UGD). MLA and local corporator promised that soon we will get Road from Kundanahalli to Balagere( 100 Feet) which will connect to reach in 2 km which will help to connect with Metro Station and reach Whitefield. Also widening of Balagere Panathur road to 60 Feet, 100 feet road from New Horizon college to Gunjur. Still, a lot more work to be completed including proper street lights in this stretch, Good Road and speed breakers etc.

The area has good groundwater source, the scope for fast development, proximity to major IT hubs. Recently central minister has promised for Suburban train. If that materialises this property is 1.5 Km from nearest Station(Belandur Road Railway Station). I totally agree the current situation is not so impressive but we need to work together for making this locality the best place and sure within 3-4 years all will happen.
Jan 03, 2020 12:53 PM Read

The process followed is similar to a govt. office. Please check all the documents are available before making the initial payment.

Updated the review because my issue was finally sorted out by the Relationship manager.
Dec 21, 2019 10:18 PM Read

Sobha is doing fraud with customer. I have booked my first home in sobha dream acre in wing 18, after seeing the demo flat. When I went to see my flat, I was really taken aback. They have kept all cheap tiles in my flat(There was nothing like demo flat) and when I asked them when you did it then they are saying that it is written in aggrement.

Its very difficult to find the people who have booked flat in wing 18 of sobha dream acre. Guys plesae reach me at I am planning to go for legal action against them.

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Sobha Dream Acres - Bangalore

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