Best developer ever. - highly recommended! :)

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Best developer ever. - highly recommended! :)
Nov 07, 2016 12:01 AM 13985 views

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Why I think Sobha developers are the best: A good professional will need to complement descriptive and prescriptive

knowledge of what happens – what should be done and how – with

analytical understanding of the process of innovation. Consider again the

example of systems development by following the life cycle model. If a

project manager notices that their standard methods for capturing the

specifications of a new system are not effective, and they get contradictory

and incomplete requirements from the business unit that the system is

intended to support, they will need to consider what the nature of the

problem is. It might be that this business unit has not planned properly

what new processes they wish to implement and have not provided

the systems developers with a clear business model according to which

information processing specifications can be drawn. If this is the case, the

IS project manager may refer the problem to the business planners and

expect them to provide better business models. Or they may decide that

clear and unambiguous planning for new processes that rely on new ICT

is impossible, in which case they will have to proceed knowing that the

specifications are incomplete and problematic. In this case a more dynamic

and flexible course of action may be called for. They may decide to modify

the project so that software and data management tools can be developed,

which can be easily adapted and co-evolve with the way business

processes will take shape. It may be that our hypothetical project manager

realises that the root of the problem is that the employees of the business

unit are uncooperative, suspicious of the business process redesign and

the technologies that will support them, and that they are hiding, or

misrepresenting, important aspects of how business can be effectively

conducted. If this is the case, they will need to consider whether to

proceed with the project and how this ‘user resistance’ may be addressed.

To help you develop the capacity for such vital analytical thinking, I have

included alternative theoretical perspectives on information systems


I should stress that the more nuanced analyses in the critical reflection

sections are not intended to show that the main body of knowledge on the

topic that is under discussion is false and to reveal the view that is correct.

The most important achievement you should aim at with your reading for

each chapter, is to understand a range of relevant issues and practices in

an area of professional activity. The final chapter has more guidance on

that, through literature that is analytical and theoretical. This guide and

the suggested readings are intended to develop your capacity to think for

yourself about what are the appropriate things to do, not to tell you what

to do and how.

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