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410, 3rd Floor, Beside Ramagondanahalli Bus Stop, Whitefield Road, Bangalore 560066, KA

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Varthur, Bangalore
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Reviews on Sekhar Developers, Bangalore

Feb 08, 2018 03:41 PM Read (via Mobile)

Sekhar Hyde park flat was sold to me by saying it's prestigious project by the devoloper. Unfortunately project quality is pathetic in almost all areas(plumbing, tiles, electric, amenities, boudary walls etc.)They even collect late payment interest from me for delaying payment by two months during registration. However even after two years of registration still project is unfinished. Management was very rude with customers as though they are only doing it as charity for customers. I don't recommend this builder to my friends.
Feb 08, 2018 12:30 PM Read (via iOS App)

The most unprofessional and arrogant builder in town, they don't care about customers. I have a flat ( A210) in Sekhar Hydepark in whitefield, the quality of plumbing is utter non sense, STP is stinking, Parking is for micro cars. And on the promised amenities almost everything is missing no jogging track, no rain water harvesting. Recently they have even changed the brochure where greenery was mentioned to open car parking.

They have CRM who has never visited the site, good at only sending emails for maintenance collection. For collecting maintenance they will fall on your feet. WORST BUILDER I have ever came across, with no work ethics at all.

Think twice, talk to owners before investing in any property of sekhar developer, sales people will cheat you for sure. They have only intention to sell their property. So please .


Check with flat owners before you fall in sales team trap.

we have issues with car parking sekhar hydepark, though we have 130 apartments there is only 98 possible car parking slots and the same has been shown to CFO ( Mr Mani) . Builder’s contractor Mr Praneeth, who calls himself as CEO wants to sell flats with covered car parking, which is currently practically impossible. So as I said, please be very cautious while dealing with sekhar developers.
Feb 08, 2018 12:07 PM Read (via Mobile)

I'm resident of sekhar Hyde park apartments flat C 104 an unsatisfied customer

I'm very much disappointed with builder not providing promised ammonites unfinished pending work

Builder cheated with insufficient car parking and Allotment

I rate this builder below 1 star

Not recommend to go for Flat purchase


C 104


Sekhar Developers - Bangalore
Feb 08, 2018 09:23 AM Read (via Mobile)

One of the most unprofessional builder, I have came across. No value for money, false promises on amenities, car parking spaces. Don't come into the trap by this builder. Progress towards completion of the project is also very soon even after cutting down to basic amenities.
Feb 06, 2018 05:19 PM Read

I regret to have spent my hard earned money in purchasing a flat from sekhar developers.

Every day there is some or the other issue created by the builder. The residents are fed up. We have tried all possible amicable means to make the builder understand and realise  our concerns raised due to unprofessional behaviour of the builder but they dont seem to even bother.

The biggest concern now is the parking allotment. They have allocated 138 parkings where as, as per bbmp only 98  parking spaces are allowed. On top of that even though we have raised this concern with builder, they dont seem to even care about this and are selling rest of the unsold flats with car parking.

I have come to this forum to let all those people who are planning to buy a flat from sekhar developers know that please dont get into a trap and please dont even think of doing this. You are fortunate enough to have such reviews handy for your help and I wish we knew this before we booked one.
Feb 05, 2018 11:22 PM Read (via Mobile)

My Home, the biggest dream of life came true but the happiness not lasted for more than a month. It's been almost an year we occupied money been looted for aminites/facilities as maintainance but not provided.Parking at shp is big qouestion at present and in future
Feb 05, 2018 09:56 PM Read (via Mobile)

It's been a worst Experience after buying a flat in Sekhar Hydepark. You will be promised with 5 weeks of flat handover but it will take ages to get it done. Physically you need be there all days or else even a inch of work will not take place.

The nightmare continues even after moving in with no amenities in place. Builder selling remaining flats with car parking but actually there is a huge chaos for already sold flats. Management is the worst you can ever experience. Talk to the actual owners residing then only you will get to know the real picture.
Feb 05, 2018 03:58 PM Read

  1. Poor customer service after the flat is sold

  2. Amenities are not provided as per the brochure which is a clear case of breach of trust

  3. Basic facilities, such as, STP and parking space are not taken care of the builder. STP doesn't function properly and the builder is least bothered about the issue. Builder is trying to create additional parking spaces than what can be accommodated in the given area

  4. Beware of the fake reviews posted by the builder in google reviews

Feb 05, 2018 02:37 PM Read

It was biggest mistake of my life I have bought flat here while buying flat he told about a lot of thing but while executing all are gone.

  1. He provided Children Play Area Above STP Tanks.

  2. He is Continuously Dumping STP water besides the back side wall in big POT created big STP Lake.

  3. only 98 Car parking Possible but he is selling all 130 flats with car parking and providing car parking for NANO and EON type Car and Also he is proving Car Parking on Run Way it self you can imagine how will be the things

  4. Quality of the work is very Bad Specially Pluming and Tiles work he is re doing the tiles work for outer walls of building and he is not ready to re do for flats tiles works.

  5. Attitude of the Builder and Management is Very Rude while dealing with customers.

  6. We Tried to give Google review he deleted all Our reviews and given his own fake review for each bad review he is giving four 5 star review and he raised he rating in google review I felt Google Review is Bad in this term.

  7. DO NOT BUY FLAT Here if you are Planing .

  8. Project is more than 70% Deviated but while Booking he told 20% Deviation.


My Flat no. is A-308, SHP.

-JItendra Shrivastava
Feb 05, 2018 10:06 AM Read


Beware of this builder. Dont go with their google review. They have an review team and all the reviews are fake. We have given our review in google but it was deleted by builder.

Just check the image for the proof. They have hired one person for google review.

We have given our honest reviews on google but this guy has removed all the reviews and posted his fake positive reviews.

Even there are not enough parking spaces. Builder has forcefully allotted the parkings here without informing the customers.

Before even thinking to buy flat with this builder please visit sekhar hyde park and talk to any one of the residents.
Feb 05, 2018 08:53 AM Read (via Mobile)

I initially was fan of this contractor( its not apt to use the word "builder" for this company) because of sales brochure and walkthrough video they shown in 2014 when I enquired for Sekhar Hyde park, Whitefield.

Unfortunately I booked flat in Sekhar Hyde park, B407. The promise to complete construction of my flat and common amenities was Oct 2016. Now we are in February 2018 and I see amenities in shabby condition.

While delays in construction are, to some extent understood, the worst thing is builder is headstrong and does not respond or respect customers and even scolded us in a common meeting as if he is giving flats at free of cost.

Recently we noticed that recently, even is also not allowing owners to post genuine reviews.

We all owners stick on to our professionalism and have given several chances to builder to finish his works and leave the property to us.but unfortunately till date lot of amenities works are pending, some of individual flat issues are not done and height of all is allotment of car parking for 129 cars while practically it is possible to use only 98 car parking slots. We have shown and proven the same to CFO, Mani Shankar D of Sekhar Developers, but he has not at all reasonable and is trying to force us to agree with him to accept micro space for car parking.

And amenities like STP& Water softeners are of non-standard ones.

CRMs keep changing and Sales guys keep selling as per brochure while reality is known only when owners of flats who live there shares it.

On 18th February 2018, Praneet(CEO), Mani Shankar(CFO) along with some goons came to appartment(Sekhar Hyde Park) and threatened me along with some owners like street Rowdies.and even tried ramming their SUV over us when we told them to use exit gate than using entry gate to exit.this experience is so horrible to our families and I am hereby declaring that Sekhar Developers management and staff are responsible for anything happens to any of the residents of Sekhar Hyde Park, Whitefield Bangalore.
Feb 04, 2018 11:00 PM Read (via Android App)

I made the biggest mistake of my life by buying in Sekhar developers which I completely regret now. Its CEO and entire management cheat everyone royally, very arrogant and very unprofessional. They treat their customers just like a piece of sh#t once you sign the agreement. They try to cheat you in every way possible and exhibit goondaism if you revolt against them. The CEO threatens you by saying he has 200 crores worth of revenue and 500 crores worth of assets and so can go to any extent if you speak against him.He has delayed the project by more than two years and the owners who have paid 100% amount more than a year back are yet to get hold of the amenities like Swimming Pool, Club House, and Gym. Few promised amenities such as elders garden and joggers track promised to his customers are completely missing from the project

1) He has deviated about 70% in Sekhar Hydepark project and marked for 130 parking out of possible 98 parkings with the space available including markings done on driveways.

2) He loots his buyers in the name of maintenance and carries on all his construction activities only with his customer's maintenance money.

3) He does illegal things such as throwing STP water out to the adjacent land/sites due to which he faced ire of the neighbouring land owners.

4) He tried to sell off area above STP tanks as open car parking

5) Has employed few people to write fake 5-star reviews on google, mouthshut, facebook and elsewhere

6) Has written fake testimonials in the name of few owners and posted them on his website without their permission

7) He has used low-quality products such as tiles/doors/CB fittings/paints etc.

8) His workmanship especially his carpenters and plumbers are totally incompetent and pathetic with their work due to which almost all the owners suffered badly

9) He gave fake offers like Thailand trip on booking, free false ceiling for top floor flat buyers and also free interiors worth 4Lakh etc but cheated on the same once the customer books a flat.

10) He has filed Fake FIRs on a lot of surrounding villagers and also on many Sekhar Hyde Park Owners including me for questioning him on illogical parking markings and allotment.

11) The entire management including the CEO are arrogant. They treat their customers like their slaves and even threaten the owners verbally and even through emails when you ask to get your work done. CRMs cannot listen to and address issues of the customers and they are just puppets in builder's hands.

12) The attrition in his company is so steep due to the arrogance of the builder that you end up explaining your issues to a new person everytime. Finally no work will be done when you end up speaking to arrogant CEO/CFO who will threaten you and inturn file FIRs on you.

13) The so called CFO is an civil engineer by profession but have zero skills of resolving the issues. Wherever there are water getting stagnant, he will drill a hole to drain the water, be it in your bathroom or balcony.

Here are my personal experiences with Sekhar Developers.

I bought flat B-G02 in Aug 2014 and has lost my peace of mind since last two years. I got cheated with the Thailand trip offered by the builder during booking. Several times we had to face the arrogance of the builder and the owners were called as Basta#ds by him during a meeting with owners here on July 1st 2017. In my flat, plumbing issue caused a seepage in May 2017 and spoiled my 5 lakh worth interiors including wooden flooring, grouting, wall paints etc but still, the builder has not restored my flat condition till date. In many flats, bad plumbing and seepage caused the walls to be broken and issue fixed, where the owners lost their interiors. The finishing is very bad in Sekhar Hyde Park project. Please visit Sekhar Hyde Park and talk to the flat owners here before booking any flat.It's never recommended to invest your hard earned money in this project. Please beware folks!
Feb 04, 2018 10:36 PM Read

Unfortunately I m one of the flat owner

Builder cheated and gave all false promises while selling the flat.

There is huge mess due to more flats and less parking available

They are trying to allocate more parking then approved by bbmp as per initial approval

Elder garden is not there

Pocket garden was promised. I can't see that

Stp is having big issue.

Overall disappointed
Feb 04, 2018 10:21 PM Read (via Mobile)

Never seen a management so pathetic. I have been regretting buying in this project. Many issues such as insufficient car parkings, poor maintenance, STP waste being thrown outside the compound are plaguing the 90+ customers living here.On top of this after 4 yrs also the project is not complete.

Please talk to the owners living here before buying.
Aug 22, 2017 10:07 PM Read (via Android App)

'Sekhar Developers' one of the worst builder in Bangalore. I never seen this type of builder in industry.

First worst thing is builders behavior, before buying this company appartment think twice because they will not co-operate properly. Management is very arrogant.

Company employees are every week will get change. So no information will get regarding construction.

I will not recommend for this product. So don't buy.
Jul 01, 2017 11:21 PM Read

Guys please read this review carefully. The builder is really arrogant and a cheater. Sekhar developers is worse than Dreams Infra. They are looting people. Before investing in any of there projects I would suggest you to take reviews from the people who are already staying in Sekhar Hyde park. Meet them personally and get reviews before investing.

There first project itself is under litigation and is still not completed. Stay away from this builder even if you get the right price. Most of the employees here often leave the company in 2-3 months, so you will not have any clue about who told you what promises. It will be huge investment for many of us. So plan wisely and avoid them.
Mar 04, 2016 10:55 PM Read

Sekhar developers is good for constructing affordable residential apartments in Bangalore.Customer delight is their main mantra.

My experience with Sekahr Developers is quite satisfactory.

We recently booked one 2 BHK flat with SEKHAR DEVELOPERS.They were patient enough to respond to each of my queries; not just at the time of booking but even later, quite impressed with the overall experience.

I would like to recommend my other friends & patient reader too to have a flat with SEKHAR DEVELOPERS.
Mar 03, 2016 11:18 PM Read

I was planning to buy a house for a long time. I visited many properties but couldn't find a good home. and if I did the prices were too high. I wanted a home that was affordable & worth to invest.

I came across SEKHAR DEVELOPERS advertisement and visited the property . Sales team  were polite and co-operative. And the documentation too went so smooth. I didn't have to put much effort in all these things as they were so co-operative they have helped me a lot.

I would like to recommend my other friends too to have a flat with SEKHAR DEVELOPERS.
Sep 11, 2014 06:08 PM Read

I visited the first project of Sekhar developer .i.e at Bhoganahalli apartment called Sekhar Ridge, spoke to few flat owners of the same, the feedback is " quality of the construction is very bad, even i noticed lot of cracks on wall , which very unrealistic for a very new apartment, that's shows the build and construction quality which is claimed otherwise by builder.

Also after sale the builder simply forget of the warranty period, saw the terrace door yet to be complete also many places the paint and finishing is yet to be done though the flat is already ready for last six months, so if you are buying any apartment from sekhar developer, then first visit Sekhar ridge apartment at Bhoganahalli and take the feedback of the flat owners and verify your self the quality of construction, then buy.
Mar 14, 2019 04:46 PM Read

Sekhar olympus is one of the very best apartments I have ever seen.

they provide their apartments with very affordable price with great amenities also. if anyone want to buy a flat in sekhar olymus. I highly recommended them to buy that flat.i'm sure you too like those apartments.

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