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410, 3rd Floor, Beside Ramagondanahalli Bus Stop, Whitefield Road, Bangalore 560066, KA

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Varthur, Bangalore
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Reviews on Sekhar Developers, Bangalore

Feb 19, 2018 03:17 PM Read

No one from Sekhar Developers Management can keep up their promises, made to their customer.

Promised amenities in sales deed, like Jogging Track, Elders garden+ Additional Green Area are missing.

No idea if Rain Water harvesting really exists here.

Kids park built over/adjacent to STP with water stinking and is prone to health issues.

Plumbing and Drainage is one of the most pathetic showcase of using cheap labour.

Inadequate/Comfortable parking space(missing 30+ out of 100) is of a very huge concern.

Project completion/handover is a BIG?

I am losing my hard earned money every month as EMI in Sekhar Hyde Park along with other owners.

Hope this post makes new prospects vigilant prior to any investment.

Anthony - C G007
Feb 19, 2018 03:14 PM Read (via Mobile)

We made a biggest mistake in our life by booking flat in Sekhar Hyde Park, Whitefield, Bangalore.

My wife is the legal owner of A block, G-01 flat in Sekhar Hyde Park. We booked it way back in mid 2014 when just foundation was going on(till date buider not yet completed his work). We choosed this project based on document presented, brochure provided and video walkthrough presented to us thinking that it has lot of opens space like elders garden, joggers track, open gadren area so that my elders parents will be comfortable at their retirement life with fresh environment. Now the reality is totally different, there is hardly any open space left even for kids to play, just forget about garden area.

Here are some more to add,

  • Pathetic tile work and plumbing work.

-Low quality bathroom accessories.

  • Low quality wood work.

  • Quality of construction never inspected.

  • Pathetic STP, flush water stinks so much that few of us felt sick because of bad smell. My friends and relatives whoever visits our flat told that flush stinks to much, so much of embarrassment.

-Low quality sliding doors for balcony, even we can open these sliding doors easily from outside, builder people did similar exercise in 2 or 3 instances when someone struck in balcony when by mistakely sliding door locked from inside. Biggest "SECURITY RISK" if you won't go for personal grilling for entire balcony.

Some more about g8 "SEKHAR DEVELOPERS"


  • CEO of the developer so arrogant, inmature, abuses its own customer who invested their hard earned money with UN PARLIAMENTARY words.

  • His goon staff always threat us stating they will show their money and muscle power.


  • G8 CRM team, they don't know what CRM stands for. Always non responsive, never listens to customers. This department is there to JUST convey their BOSS messages to customers.

Last but not least:

I personally won't recommend any of the projects of "SEKHAR DEVELOPERS", not at all in Sekhar Hyde Park.

Buider is not worthy to give even a SINGLE STAR.



A, G-01, Sekhar Hyde Park.
Feb 19, 2018 11:59 AM Read

I am owner of a flat in Sekhar Hydepark(SHP), Immadihalli and staying there since Aug 2017.

The way we are treated for any of our queries w.r.t pending work in flat or car parking / amenities, there is no responsible answer from the Builder or their management. Worst phase of Builder-Customer relation started when they are forcefully trying to allot parking slots to the owners. He never treats us as his CUSTOMERS.

I am really fed-up as a owner of a flat in SHP  and being a customer to  Sekhar Developers.

Customer service was good until we pay. after that it is a PAIN.

Though we paid all the amenities cost, Most of the Amenities promised to us are still pending to be completed and there is no responsible reply for the same

Most arrogant. No value for Customers.

Future customers, please check with the owners staying there before taking a decision to own a flat in Sekhar Hydepak, Immadihalli or with this Builder


Sekhar Developers - Bangalore
Feb 19, 2018 10:26 AM Read

It was not a pleasant journey at all.

-> They delayed the project(Sekhar Hyde Park) by 3 years(still ongoing)

-> After paying full amount, we've to follow up with them for every pending work, for which they take their sweet time to complete(as if they are doing some favour!)

-> Most of the things are still not complete, after repetitive follow-up, I gave up to attain peace in my life.

-> Plumbing is not proper, we face issues daily regarding the same.

-> Parking is an issue here. Only 98(out of 130 flats) are allowed as per the plan and they are selling remaining flats with covered parking with illogical parking slots.(New buyers, please beware!)

Customer service:

They don't offer service to you at all. They are reckless and very ignorant.

Staff courtesy:


About builder:

Very arrogant, abusive, unethical, truly un-professional and threatens his customers to life if we ask for what is promised(which in great extent he has not done)!

Conclusion: I made a grave mistake buying a property here. Guys, please don't fall into this trap.

If you are unsure about the review, please come down to the property and enquire with any owner you see at your sight, they would give you more insight.
Feb 19, 2018 09:24 AM Read

I'm resident of sekhar hyd park apartment an unsatisfied customer, the most un professional builder.i have came across . no value for money, false promises on amenities & car parking spaces. I am very much disappointed with builder . they will compare with prestige and sobha . but in the end what you will really get the nice green brochures, promises and lot of unwanted tension

My kind advise for new customer if look any property with this builder pls reach out to existing customer in sekhar hyd park !
Feb 19, 2018 08:26 AM Read

How can a builder sign the registration document to give every resident a parking slot and can't have the space for that. Sekhar developers have done the same which many has been doing, fraud.

They said they have parking for 130 flats and have space only for 98. What will the remaining residents do?
Feb 18, 2018 11:28 PM Read (via Mobile)

Sekhar developers are the worst builders people can ever come across. They will promise so many things but at the end will cheat of everything possible. Please be very careful if you are even thinking to buy project from this horrible builder. I have bought a flat in hydepark 1.5 yes ago and now I am regretting.

  1. RO water purifier which he promised to give is missing.

  2. Elder’s park also promised but not given.

  3. Jogging track promised but missing

  4. No open space at all like promised in the brochure

  5. Lot of very small sized car parkings where you can keep may be only nano or eon. For example we got a car parking which is only 6ft wide.

  6. Worst plumbing work.

  7. DG keeps on fluctuating because of sub par capacity and appliances getting damaged.

  8. Water leakage in walls damaging interiors.

  9. Very bad stinking STP water causing health hazzards. We have caught the builder guys emptying stp water within the projects premises itself. No common sense.

  10. Delay in project completion. This is a trifle matter compared to other points.

I own a flat in ‘Sekhar Hyde Park’ which is full of so many problems. These builder is born cheaters who will always have some or other baseless and inlogical answers to your problems. They will never take any of your problems seriously and will always arrogantly argue with you and abusing you.

Guys please stay away from this builder. Or you will end up regretting and losing your money. Don’t waste your money on this builder. They don’t have any etiquette, no sense of customer service who are always out their to cheat people.

These builder is so mean that they are hiring their own people to give themselves a good rating and write good review about themselves to stay in the market. So guys don’t be carried away by the good reviews because they are all given from the builder’s side and not from genuine people.

They are cheaters, fraudsters and even in humans because they don’t even think twice before cheating people.
Feb 18, 2018 10:36 PM Read (via Mobile)

Never invest your hard earned money with this cheap and arrogant builder. Initially they promise everything.But later you realize their false promises.Even their staff also have Arrogance attitude. They Treating their customers like DOG. Please don't think of investing with these Sekhars' any of projects.beware of cheaters.if you have any doubt's on this, before investing check with Sekhars' Hyde park frustrated residents
Feb 18, 2018 09:19 PM Read (via Android App)

Multiple issues with parking, Maintanence and security concerns. My suggestion is dont be a sufferor. No promised parking, elders garden, children play area, only one security guard, Many issues in individual flats, very arrogant behaviour from builder. Zero percent customer good will.
Feb 18, 2018 01:49 PM Read (via Mobile)

Wrong promisses:-

  • Elder garden not provided as per broucher

  • use and throw STP peovided it is just water softner and we all getting health issue

  • during flat booking it is being told 25% deviation but now we came to know more than 75% deviation

  • illegally project is being getting funded by banks initially like SBI but now HDFC and SBI both not funding due to heavy deviation

  • we are very insecure here as our Builder person stolen CCTV DVR. Not enough security here also and we are facing hell lot of issue here

Feb 18, 2018 01:07 PM Read (via Mobile)

I had done the biggest mistake in my life to purchase the flat in this apartment.

That was the worst experience with the management and builder.

The quality of work and deliver the things on time you never get.

Pathetic plumbing work. the quality of finishing the work is worst.

This is a humble request to new buyer don't invest your money here.
Feb 16, 2018 11:06 PM Read

Before think to buy flat with this Builder. Read my Review completely here.

I have bought flat(A-211) here while buying flat he told about a lot of things but while executing all are gone.

It's more disappointment for me since I move in at the Sekhar Hyde Park apartment Whitefield on Feb 2016. The builder has promised me Multiple amenities.M any of them (such as the elder park, garden, jogger’s tracks& many more.) not delivered. When asked with same to the builder. the builder says No space to provide the same. you show me the space I will provide these amenities. You can see a lot of deviations in this project. He provided Children Play Area Above STP Tanks. He is Continuously Dumping STP water beside the back side wall. He provided 130 car parking instead of approved 98 car parking [approved by BBMP]. You won't get proper parking area.

He allocating only [8x15] even less than the area for few people. You even can't park "Sedan& "SUV's" in your parking slot. Even he made drive area as car parking. No space to park your Bikes. We don't know where to park our bikes.

It was the biggest mistake of my life buying Flat here by seeing sales brochure and walkthrough video they showed in 2015 when I enquired for Sekhar Hyde Park, Whitefield.

Note: Beware of this builder. Don't go with their google review. They have a special review team and all the reviews are fake. We have given our review in google but it was deleted by the builder.

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Above all connected companies

I reviewed Sekhar Developers,
Feb 15, 2018 02:54 AM Read

Though nobody writes negative review on the same project where one chooses to live, I decided to do the same, so that prospective customers are well aware of this builder before deciding to purchase a flat. Though I do not have any hopes that the builder will care for this kind of reviews to improve on it rather than looting money, said that this would help prospective customers to make a right choice before being trapped.

All Site-engineers in SHP are unskillful, they do not know what they are supposed to do unless you hold their color, get the work done. However, you end up wasting 1-2 years of your life following up with each new site engineer(keep changing once in 2 months) to get your flat work done. And whoever is Customer centric, the builder wouldn’t keep him in the project for more than 2 months.

Workmanship at the project is tragic, is not executed by skilled labors, it’s a Trail-and-Error for everyone including the builder himself but, nobody were successful. Pitiful. The project brochure changes based on the space available to sell which was sold as amenities/open park for the legacy buyers. Specifically the car parking slots, per the BBMP approval, only 98 car parking slots were to be marked in the entire project but, builder has marked 129 car parking slots where most of the additional(above 98) parking slots are marked in the drive ways. Builder has sold it to the newest buyers as Open-car-Parking which he has made money from nowhere by trading out the drive ways. BEWARE, buying parking slots in driveways ends-up individual fight with other for lifespan. I challenge the prospective buyers, Visit any of the Completed project of this builder and listen to the flat owners / who live in the project, and then visit their sales team to yourself decide the genuinety of the builder.
Feb 14, 2018 08:52 AM Read

I own a flat in this worst project and can tell you from personal experience that this is my worst decision to buy a property here. Nothing is right here - builder has a horrible attitude and doesn't treat his customers even like humans. I have never seen builders abusing customers in front of women.

Engineering of the building is worst. One rain and lobbies start flooding. Plumbing is horrible to say the least.

Delays are unpardonable. Possession date promised was mid 2016. We are in Jan 2018 and we owners are still waiting for the amenities. Talking of amenities, half the promised amenities are missing. No joggers track, elders garden or any greenery available but are being promoted.

Worst of all builder is selling flats with car parkings which are not available. There are 98 parkings as per the approved layout and the builder team has marked 130 parkings in a way that cars can't get in or out. Parkings are marked in driveways which is completely unacceptable.

This is a team of dictators trying to thrust their decisions on customers. They delete genuine negative reviews posted by customers and post fake positive reviews. This is very evident with all the fake reviews having the same content praising the sales team.

If you really want to waste money and lose patience this property is where you would want to invest. Any sensible human being would want to avoid this project completely. It is better not to own a home rather than buying here. If someone would still want to consider buying here I would recommend to walk into the project and talk to real owners who would be more than happy to share all their troubles. I would go a step forward and recommend not to buy any project of Sekhar Developers at all. Their current projects in Bangalore are Sekhar Hyde Park, Sekhar Casabianca, Sekhar Ridge and Sekhar Olympus.
Feb 14, 2018 08:50 AM Read

I do not recommend to buy flat with Sekhar Developers at present situation. Please check with present flat owners before you take any decision. Do not go with 5 star ratings as I can see most of them are fake. At present, facing lot of issues with Builder.
Feb 14, 2018 12:31 AM Read (via iOS App)

We put our hard earned money hoping we were buying our dream home. However, this turned out to be a nightmare. Stinking STP water, the sewage being let out next to the conpound wall, unhygienic maintenance of apartment, no proper security ( dummy cctv cameras w/o footage being recorded ) are just a few issues we face daily at Sekhar Hyde Park. Completion of project & handover to residents after 4 yrs also is a distant dream. Never recommend the builder to anyone.
Feb 12, 2018 01:05 PM Read

My cobrother resides in Bangalore with his family since more than twenty years as his first post resulted in Bangalore.I was requested from his side to visit the place and enjoy for few days with him.On reaching there, during the first two days I was taken at few places in Bangalore from him and really enjoyed with my cobrother.He is residing in Sekhar Hyde Park and shared his bad experience about the builder.My cobrother is of the view that Sekhar Developers is looting people in Bangalore and is really arrogant and cheater.He told me that their first project in under court case and is still incomplete.My cobrother opined that he has planned to stay away from this builder despite getting the right price and will shift at somewhere else in Bangalore.
Feb 09, 2018 11:19 PM Read (via iOS App)

One of the most unprofessional builder who does nothing but talk! “Ethics” or “principle” are words never found in their dictionary. Arrogant and mean attitude of especially the CEO towards customers is reflected even in the way site engineers and sales people behave towards customers post registration! their success so far has been only due to bitching about customers to sell their flats to unsuspecting buyers.

google review by this builder is sham. I am personally told by their previous employees who were asked to give 5 star ratings. this is a vicious cycle to attract more unsuspecting customers. please exercise due caution before falling for their cheap and empty promises. speak to owners residing in the premises before investing in any of their projects!
Feb 08, 2018 10:54 PM Read

Sekhar Developers(Builder) doesn’t know how to interact with the customers they know only how to cheat customers.

Am very much disappointed with this builder!

Please check with existing flat owners about the present situation before investing.
Feb 08, 2018 03:59 PM Read

I bought a flat in one of their project, "Sekhar Hyde Park". They are the most unprofessional and arrogant builder I have came across. They are very polite to you before you book an flat, once it is booked / registered they wont care about you. Most of the reviews they tamper with even google review.

Our project was due to complete on Dec of 2016, still it is not. More on that the build quality is pathetic.

DO NOT BUY FLAT Here if you are Planing .

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