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Reviews on Saakshi Constructions, Pune

Aug 08, 2022 11:06 PM Read

Very Bad Experience. The Builder at Saakshi construction only gives false commitment.

They lied about the Covered Parking and we had to take Open Parking, and later the same covered Parkings are being sold off to New customers.

I have purchased a 1BHK Flat in Saakshi construction "Parvatara Society"

The Tiles in my Flat were uneven from the time I purchased the flat, but it's been more than 7-8 months that I am given a run around between the builder and their Employees.

None of them is genuinely trying to resolve the issue. They keep on lying to you,

It's purely a Family business, and there is no set Rules or set Policy with Saakshi Construction. So their commitment and policy keep changing as per their mood, due to which we feel helpless after buying the flat as there is no where to escalate the issue.

If you complain about feeling cheated, the builder would ask you to handover the flat back to him.

Pros & Cons

Cons:-(Within the first year of its construction)

1) Low Standard Lift used, which is most of the time either under maintenance or not working.

2) Seepage issue just within its first year where the water is leaking right through the wall during rain.

3) Drainage Issue, when it rains a lot of water pops out of the gutter.

4) Security issue. There are security guards but of no use, any one can get into the society, when you raise the Issue, the builder starts taking the Guard's side.

5) The people at Saakshi Constructions are good only till they receive their Payment after which, they won't bother entertaining you.

6) The Tiles in the flats, are uneven, and few of them are not grounded properly making hollow sound.

7) The Doors in the flats are all Bent. When asked the builder to replace, they replied to stick a double-sided tape in the corner to compensate the bend.

8) None of the Fire Extinguishers works, as all of them are empty. (I think they were trying to decorate the floor with them)

9) Non-responsive staffs supported by the builder who doesn't bother to attend your Issue, they are just bothered to sell off their flats and Earn out of us.


1) Location of the Building is Good, because of which builder stands a chance.

I have multiple flats with different builders, such as "Kolte Patil" etc. but I never had a complaint about anything to them. I have realized that if the builder is realy good and very famous and well establish they would be grounded and will be very polite and addressable. Where as newbeez and new Developers are very arrogant and are reluctant to their own choices.

We invest our hard earned money on something we dream for, but please think twice before investing your hard earned money on something which shall make you feel regret.

Saakshi Construction will just give you false promises and nothing else.

I bought a Flat from "Saakshi Construction"- "Parvatara" at Kiwale. I planned to buy the flat in full cash. There was a difference of just 1 week from our first discussion to the time of Flat registration.

First They told us that there is ample of covered Parking, but at the time of registration. they lied that there is no Covered Parking available, and we need to select open Perking which they will assign to us for Car Park. Now I have stayed at least more than a year in the society, and still they have free Covered Parking left which the Builder has kept for the Tower "A" which is still under construction.

They would ask you to sign an Agreement while possession where it would be mentioned that you will not file any legal suit against the builders.

The staffs are so arrogant and unresponsive that you would feel awkward while speaking to them about the issues or complaints as they would make fun of these issues among them and non of them would be actioned on and when we ask them to get these fixed, the builder replies, "Sir, apne kya flat dekh ke nahi liya tha kya". You will feel like you have bought some Chinese Box where the shopkeeper knows he is selling those faulty pieces, but wants you to check before buying so he could not be blamed of any future circumstances.

You continuously call the Maintenance Staffs but it depends on them weather they want to speak to you or not.

Overall as a customer, you will find yourself helpless, once you buy a property from Saakshi Construction.

Even if you try to speak to the builders they will ask you to return the flat at same rate, no matter how much have you later invested in the flat.

I am writing this review as I have waited days and months for my solution, but now I am left with no other choice but to write the truth, I know this would depreciate the value of my Flat as well. but I want new buyer to at least think 1000 times before buying properties.
Mar 25, 2022 02:48 PM Read

Purchased a flat in their project Parvatara.

First of all its expensive. but not worth the price considering overall experience.

I purchased flat and took possession in February 22.

I gave them booking amount and their true colors were seen.

Service is really poor, you can literally get feeling of Government office. For every single issue I had to do multiple follow ups.

Simple electrical issue, I had to wait 20 days to be attended by someone.

To my surprise, bathroom slope is incorrect and water logging happens. Waiting it to be fixed since a month. and even after multiple follow ups no result yet.

There are personnels: Mr. Kalunkhe who will answer the phone whenever he feels like. There wont be any callbacks. I had to call atleast 5 times a day.

Another Person Indrajeet, who vanished immediately after I took possession of flat. all commitments he had done are also vanished along with him. Never answers / reverts back calls.

I believe good location is the only reason these flats are being sold and I dont see any contribution from Builder. Only BADI BBADI BATE.

Overall dissatisfied with this builder and would never recommend to anyone.

I would rather recommend Kiran Creators.
Feb 01, 2020 04:53 PM Read

My cousin has booked 2BHK flat in Parvartara of Saakshi Construction. There is huge gap between commitments and fulfillment of commitments by builder.

Builder is continuously escalating possession dates from September 2019 then builder has given date December 2019 then March 2020.

We paid 84% of total amount at the time booking, again builder ask for Demand Letter for the payment with Architect Certificate W.I.P Work 94% Completed mentioned in that letter on September 2019, same amount we have paid also.

From September 2019 to February 2020, rest 6% work has not been completed. Still lots of amenities works pending but as per their demand letter we have paid 94% amount on September 2019.

They painted entire 2BHK building 1 and ½ year ago but still not in position to give possession to 2BHK. Now we are in trouble.

They are just smartly CHEATING to all 2BHK flat owners.

This situation is also financially hampering as we have to bare loss of rent and if they will fail to give possession in March 2020, then we may loss tax benefit(on home loan).



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Saakshi Constructions - Pune

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