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Reviews on Renaissance Holdings, Bangalore

Aug 09, 2017 12:55 PM Read

I am already a resident of renaissance exotica and I requested the facility to do something about the uneven flooring in my apartments kitchen. I called them again next day because no one contacted me after the first call. Third day some people came to my apartment to check what was really the issue. Within one week the floor was made even. I was really happy about the response. I would rate them 4.5/5 overall.
Jun 06, 2015 04:06 PM Read

My villa @ Renaissance Nature Walk is getting ready for hand over. The Constructionguru30 is very good and Renaissance were willing to accommodate my minor alterations. I am happy with the quality of work and pace of work.

Anyone looking for buying a villa/ row house in Bangalore should check out this one. The place is very closer to IT hubs and far enough from maddening traffic(so ideal place) and within city limits, approach roads are good.
Mar 02, 2014 08:06 PM Read

I have booked a premium villa at Renaissance Nature Walk (No.19). So far my experience with the Renaissance Folks has been very good.

Construction of my villa is now going @ a decent pace. The 2nd floor roof is in progress.

There are not complaints so far. Today I went to SBI for home loan and they said the project is pre-approved.


Renaissance Holdings - Bangalore
Jan 18, 2012 06:28 PM Read

I have seen many bad reviews about major builders in Mouthshut and this is not different from them. It is accepted that most of the builders do not adhere to time schedule due to various reasons and it is not acceptable at all. But this is there with all of them. Moreover, I have seen much bigger builders failing in their commitments, may it be quality or timely completion.

As far as time schedule is concerned I do agree that Renaissance has to improve a lot. But keeping that apart Renaissance has done very good projects and as far as quality, price and customer service is concerned they are reasonably good. They are very much reliable. I have heard that they have repeated customers. This can not happen if the builder is not reliable. But nevertheless they should concentrate on time schedule.
Dec 31, 2011 01:29 AM Read

I had the worst experience having bought an apartment from a criminal, shameless, deceiving builder and a group headed by coward chairman who has no face and wish to be in hiding.

My chores started since I bought an apartment (penthouse) having paid hefty amount. All the walls had seepage and it's been close to 9 months since I've bought, and no efforts has been made from the builder to fix the seepage. The worst thing is they do not receive any phone calls made after you've bought an apartment which is reflective of the poor values and morales these guys embrace and believe in. The workforce is pathetic, appaling and rude with their own vendetta whilst dealing with a customer. Guys, believe me, my honest request to any of you reading this is not to make a mistake of lifetime in buying anything from such an organisation headed by spineless, faceless and a coward guy who I guess has lacklustre attitude and cares a crap about its customers after the apartment is bought.

The works engineer Manjunath who works for the group is shameless to the core, rude to the hilt, breaches all boundaries of any sanctity human mankind believes in and has only lies to utter when he opens his crap mouth. This guy I believe has no place in a cultured society, who I guess gains enormous pleasure in troubling the customers with lies and false assurances.
May 26, 2010 11:15 PM Read

Mouthshut is known for rumors & grapevines.

While it is true, it never actually came close to giving products their true value. Most did try to give an accurate description of the product be it a shaving blade to a car, though the description always remained incomplete. Besides you also had a few artificially pegging their products as the builder community/marketing teams did here. The star rating has always been totally inaccurate in the case of the builder community. With the addition of copycat features - both twitter like  youtube like, what exactly does the idiot managing the site think he is doing? He needs to decide if he wants to be a youtube, a twitter or just a review site. No, the joker neither has the resources nor is he innovative enough to add a farmville to keep member's interest. The site is cluttered worse than a garbage bin. Looking at the reviews for the past week, I hardly see anyone actually read the reviews. Why am I even wasting my time at this site?

Anyways, ample time can make any dunderhead a genius. So while I review this purchase of mine, I doubt it would be read. I am referring to my flat purchase at Renaissance Exotica. It is a joint venture between Landholders – Ranka Developers & Builders – Renaissance Holdings. I came to know about it after a 3 year hunt & when I did purchase it, the project was already delayed by 2 years. Though guesstimating the final status, I expect it to be handed over for interior by 15th of June. While delays are the most common irritants to us consumers, since we need to maneuver our EMIs, the builder community is not exactly a stickler for rules. Besides people purchasing their first homes also need to pay rent on current residences. What we would appreciate any builder is to give an accurate timeline for completion of the project, pending which immediate intimation on the delays in the project would be critical to avoid dissatisfaction. This would definitely help reschedule our payments and other timelines in our miniscule lives. Not just Renaissance, others too lack in this department, the worst being Shobha and Puravankara.  Delays are of course expected & normal in any building project, but without accurate info, it can get frustrating to cope with the rescheduling. Besides if the delay exceeds 2 years, it does throw a spanner in our planning. 3% of your life has been thrown out of gear, due to someone not setting your expectations right. Almost all the projects I have visited have been delayed due to the recession by more than an year firstly due to the high cost of material at the time and suddenly the lack of any demand for housing thereafter. Even if the builders offered to take care of one emi for every year’s delay, it would make a difference to our salaried lives.

However, the delays by ALL the builders has mostly been due to the recessionary effect and the subsequent tightening of credit. This is understandable, but these guys need to understand that the consumer too is affected.

Having said that, my hunt for an ideal home didn’t sound ideal because it is an apartment flat. And I have this recurring nightmare after watching Bollywood movies - what if the building fell down? I am no longer left with a home, but a tiny patch of land. Nothing like an independent home to call your own!

Renaissance Exotica is located on Airport road, half a km from the road split between Yelahanka road & airport road, (the signal right after Jakkur airfield), you enter the service road to the right for half a km & take a right. Another half a km away inside is the project. Reaching the airport is a breeze from this location. Would take you 10 mins to reach Mekhri circle with 8.6 kms on the ring road with three signals in between. Increasing pressure from the existing owners, they are in a hurry to handover flats by end of this month. Looking at its timelines and completion stage, I would give it a  month for flats to be handed over to owners, while it would still take around an year for the amenities, roads and other inclusions made by the builder. Mind you, the builder has already crimped on costs. We were initially shown a very large swimming pool and all we get now is around 2500 sq ft of pool area for an apartment consisting of around 250 flats.

3BHK consist of a minimum of 1719 sqft(upto 1730 sqft) with a gracious view of the Jakkur airfield on one side and row villas located on the other side. Priced around 60 lakhs, I expect you to visit the site & form your own opinion. These apartments are lowrise due to their proximity to the airfield. The apartment consists of all things provided – clubhouse, pool, amphitheater just to name a few. With around 240+ flats, the maintenance cost is expected to average around 2 rupees/ sq foot in a few years time. The only standout feature is the atria parks.

Bad points - The architect has not focused on Vaastu. These days, it is heartening to note that even the Muslim community adheres to Indian Vaastu concepts such as adequate lighting and air. And while that is excellent in the flats, there are fewer flats with North or East entrances. Most flats have West & South entrances. Bad on construction with the walls being extremely flimsy. The swimming pool, the clubhouse & others which were promised were reduced in size to less than half of what was shown in the original plan.

The plans are the worst. The architects RSP architects have done it again with their box copy of flats by changing sides of each flat. All the projects of RSP are the worst designed, unsustainable models. Execution of any project requires a good design, meaning you require a very good architect in the planning stage. Without them, the building project is bound to suck bad.! Period.

If you have a leakage, no fear, it will leak to the bathroom of the flat in the floor below you. Any changes, only need to be made to the piping after the flat owner below you complains of it.(You will not even hear of the leaks) Thus, your problem appears transferred to the flatowner below you! On the plus side, this method does not involve breaking of the floor and thus would avoid recurring leaks, a common problem in apartments.  The flat owner beneath you would have a false ceiling around 3 feet which would hide the piping from above along with the water heaters for your ba
Nov 15, 2009 05:16 PM Read

I bought a plot in the Renaissance HVV Valley, the formation and everything is fine, but the maintenance and service has been very poor and continues to deteriorate day by day. They refuse to participate in the association’s discussions and are not taking care of things that they are supposed to for e.g. poor quality of roads, water pipes, compound wall etc.,

There is no clear information whether it is a gated community or not and they don’t share information about why they have collected high service fee of Rs. 5/- per square feet. Be extremely careful when you purchase plot or flat from Renaissance, get all the required information before finalizing the deal.

Oct 28, 2009 10:14 PM Read

Never buy a property at a Renaissance Project. Do not trust what some too positive posts say about them. Any person with little brain can understand that such posts are from their own employees.

Have bought a flat in their Rainbow apartment and feel have done the biggest mistake of life. These people are cheaters to the core, their marketing people will make lot of promises at the time of selling but later on they show their real color.

The construction quality is poor, nobody to address the issues.

The pool, club house, lifts, kids play area which was promised as part of premium apartment is no where to be seen and these cheaters are not giving ambiguous statements about the same. People are forced to live in a very basic kind of apartment after having paid premium rates.

The apartment doesn’t have a boundary wall of its own, the builder felt lucky to find boundary walls on two sides(belonging to other properties).

Burn your money but never buy an apartment from Renaissance.
Oct 10, 2009 01:58 PM Read

I bought a flat in Renaissance Exotica, Bangalore in 2005 and was promised a handover in 18 months. As of today the project is just 70% complete. 'Renaissance Holdings and Developers' is a cheater company and their chairman Ramnaj is the biggest fraudster since Charles Shobraj.

They only hold other peoples money but develop nothing. Think 10 times before buying another Renaissance property anywhere in India or suffer as hundreds are already suffering. Remember there are a lot of buiders by the name of Renaissance but this one is particularly called 'Renaissance Holdings and Developers' and their office is in Malleswaram, Bangalore.

I bought a flat in Renaissance Exotica, Bangalore in 2005 and was promised a handover in 18 months. As of today the project is just 70% complete. 'Renaissance Holdings and Developers' is a cheater company and their chairman Ramnaj is the biggest fraudster since Charles Shobraj.

They only hold other peoples money but develop nothing. Think 10 times before buying another Renaissance property anywhere in India or suffer as hundreds are already suffering. Remember there are a lot of buiders by the name of Renaissance but this one is particularly called 'Renaissance Holdings and Developers' and their office is in Malleswaram, Bangalore
Oct 02, 2009 11:44 PM Read

IT IS APPALING that people who don’t even have the guts to disclose their proper names give bad feedback about reputed companies and a website like yours further publishes the same. I totally disagree with many almost anonymous reviews that have deliberately thrown much. It is known that most people do not pen things down when they appreciate something but they are faster on the draw to recount a grievance. Hence the anomaly here. My personal experience with Renaissance Holdings follows…

MANY are the horror stories known to me of relatives and friends who tried to buy property and ended up getting a raw deal. I realized that they all had gone about it the clever way(of seeking references, getting legal opinions and documental verifications) but still ended up with a bad bargain.

So when my wife & I could afford to think of buying property, we went to Renaissance Holdings, who have been recommended by a few trustworthy friends since many years and we decided to trust them with our hard earned money, knowing that this was a decision I will not live to regret… BUT what surprised me was that this turned out to be the one of the best decision that I have ever made in life!

IT is very difficult to please friends who contribute to your business; I know this as a businessman as all my friends have higher expectations from me than my usual clients. Having transacted with Renaissance Holdings twice over(a site in H V V Valley and a flat in Aero) I would gladly recommend Renaissance to anyone and I have been doing so.

Though I am wary about giving testimonials to more than a few people in this world, I would highly recommend Renaissance Holdings with no hesitation.

All at Renaissance Holdings are innately courteous, pleasant and work towards the clients best interests, thus making the whole experience enjoyable and stress-free.

The most comforting factor is the authenticity regarding the entire legal documentation, the history of the land dealings, the transparency of the transactional details, the allied Corporation, BDA, Registrar authentications and the surefire assurance that all contingencies have been handled well in advance to ensure that no surprises are sprung at the last minute.

At Renaissance the advantages, according to me, are:

Purchasing property has been much easier than we'd thought. All at RH are delightful people, really friendly and helpful, quite a difference from the pushy sales people. They want their clients to get what they are looking for, or give a better option, always. The crystal clarify of each transaction was heartening to note.

The only down side to the purchase is we have to leave it and come home!

True to its name, Renaissance has aided us by reviving our economic holdings and has exceeded our expectations.

Prakruthi N. Banwasi
Oct 01, 2009 07:55 PM Read

I thought that I also need to share my experience with you all. I stay in one of renaissance property. Its almost two and half years that I have completed staying here and I must say that the experience has been very nice even though I had to bear the one year delay in the project.

The rooms are spacious and most of the intricate details had been though of except for the landscaping which requires improvement. There could have been more landscape lights outside, in the landscape area. I had not had any major complaints till date and same is the case with my neighbours.

We are all very happy with the way this building has been standing for the last five years and require low maintenance cost. The minor complaints were registered with customer care cell and were promptly carried out by the maintenance team. I would definitely recommend renaissance to my friends since I am satisfied with my living at my apartment in renaissance. Iam happy that one of my relatives has invested in another renaissance property.
Sep 29, 2009 11:24 AM Read

I have purchased apartement at Renaissance Exotica and I must say the experience with them had been awful.

Entered into agreement in Jan 2006 project was supposed to be ready by Dec 2007, Now its close to Jan 2010 and only about 70% complete and there are no clues of completing it in next 6 months. The delay of 100% on promised schedule.

There is delay by every project of their be it Park, Brindavan or Rainbow. We formed a group to take up the case with Renaissance.

The delay is acceptable if they are prudent about the delay. They didn’t even call us to tell about the delay. Their marketing offices don’t receive calls knowing they haven’t kept up promises.

There has to be a acceptable behavior on their side to show that they are affected by anything(probably recession - but their MD is always on foreign tours) and they are doing whatever they can to complete the project on time. When we went to meeting with them their officers even shouted at owners who asked hard questions. This is their behavior once they get people sign on completely on sided agreement.

WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, seems to be their mantra after getting into agreement. The agreement is structured such that there is no mention of compensation.

Over and above this, their MD an elusive man who can’t be reached by anybody noteven with people who worked with them. People pursed for over six months to meet him in vain. Every time he will be travelling.

BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE AS THEY WILL BE GOOD TO YOU AS LONG AS YOU SIGN AGREEMENT. Paying more than 30 Lakhs and waiting for over 4 years to see the project the completion is not worth the money.

Their Marketing Officer Roopa is good to you when you have to make payments to Renaissance. But when you have questions about the execution she is not the right person. She will say her MD will decide. But their MD will never meet or talk to you. You can not have trust in their commitment as they have made more than 4 commitments every six months after the delay and not kept up even a sigle of them. They are not at all transparent organisation. If you will be trusting them it will be at your **OWN RISK

Sep 28, 2009 12:32 PM Read

I bought a 2BHK flat at renaissance exotica, jakkur, blr last year. This was supposed to be ready more than a year back but still its just 70% done. Worst part is that no body from the builders side is ready to say anything about the date of completion.

We have tried everything possible, been to their office, tried talking to MD, But of no use. My suggestion to all you guys : Thinks twice before buying a renaissance property, specially the once which are under construction. Just to tell you guys, No bank was eady to give me loan for this property when I was buying it. I tried everywhere.

From a nationalized bank to a private bank but of no use. Finally I had take the loan from IDBI at a higher interest rate. All you friends who are looking out for a property, plz plz plz plz plz plz be extracareful while buying a property here, suggest also talk to banks before you commit anything at renaissance.
Jul 23, 2009 03:01 AM Read

This builder was considered very reputable and reliable in bangalore and came well recommended but currently has probably too many projects going on at the same time!

Neither the builder nor his staff are contactable once you have signed on with a project. He may deliver the flat eventually, but in the meantime you will be subjected to a lot of frustration, lack of transparency and inability to contact him or his staff. Also there is a high turnover of people in his office and mostly very inefficient.

Quite early in the project he ensures that you are locked in without much recourse other than legal. He is very pleasant, smooth and promising when you meet him but all promises of keeping you updated, returning your calls etc are all never kept up. Although his building locations and quality superficially seem OK, the overall experience is very bad.

Last but not the least, he is pricey!
Feb 05, 2009 07:30 AM Read

I had booked a flat in Renaissance Rainbow, about a year back with a promise that I will get in three months time. Going by the various accreditions the company had and also being in the industry for about 16 years, I thought it made sense to go with them.

I regret now, for the worst decision that I had made till now in my life. No promises kept in any of their commitments. The notable features of their modus operandi

1) Before booking the flat you are a king, all your queries etc. will be 'clarified' immediately. After booking, thats the death knell for you!!

2) They do not go by the plan they have given when at the time of booking.

3) Project invariably gets delayed, no one knows when it can get completed and they themselves compare with the topmost builders like Shoba, Mantri, Purva etc.

4) Low quality staff and unskilled labour at the workplace.

5) No proper or responsible person in the site or in the office. If you try calling them, no one damn cares about you.

6) They will loot the entire money from you in the first instance itself and you then have no power (leave alone the bargaining power) and at the mercy of these ..............

7) The basic amenities will be held till eternity, so that no one can even force enter the premises.

8) These guys do not know the meaning of commitment, ethics, morals, values etc..

9) Get the money in one project and then siphon of the funds to other areas.

The above are only some examples and do not cover their entire actions. I would not even recommend the project to my worst enemies even. The law of the land should be strict enough to take care of such tribe..
Dec 23, 2008 11:46 AM Read

I and many others have booked flats at "Renaissance Prospero" at Hebbal way back in 2005. Its almost 2009 and they are yet to start the foundation of the building. No one even responds to emails/phone calls. Never ever deal with Renaissance. They are big cheats, liars and upon all very unprofessional. Many of us have also approached the consumer forum for help and these people dont even honour the court rulings. I have never seen such an unprofessional organization in Bangalore...

Even the so called small builders are much more professional than these people. They give big advertisements in newspapers, and radio and people fall prey to them thinking of them to be a professional organization. Even their executives are unprofessional. They only talk nicely and sweetly till you sign the papers and after that you are on your own...

I wish I had made some background checks and homework before I decided to invest in their property..
Apr 16, 2008 12:20 AM Read

I  was almost finalizing on an apartment from Renaissance Holdings in Renaissance Jagrithi. I came to know that the project had started 2 1/2 years back and still it is under construction. Thats very strange. On talking to one of the personnel there I came to know that work goes very slow and the delay in completion is due to the laid back attitude of ppl there.

Also I came to know that the quality of material used in Phase 2 is not that good when compared to the Phase 1 of the project which was completed in 2004. The location of the project is very good but God only knows when the project will complete. No wonder why some flats are still 'Available'... Anyone not in a hurry to move into the place can go for the ones that are left out.... :-)  Anyone planning to go for Renaissance Holdings, better talk to them and get the precise details of every aspect before deciding to go for it... I haven't seen any positive reviews so far... Hope someone who has had good experience with Renaissance throws some light on the same... ;-)
Mar 28, 2008 09:49 PM Read

I thought I was buying a decent flat “Renaissance Brindhavan" from a decent builder "Renaissance Holdings"  with certification from “ISO 9001”, “KOAPA” and “TUV”  but to my dismay it was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. The project is more than 2.5 years delayed and the builder is still not interested in completing it. The people working for this organization are as unprofessional as their GM. The house owners have written several letters, e-mails, registered posts addressing their concerns to the GM but he doesn’t even seem to make an effort to atleast reply or come around to take a stock of the situation. The quality of construction so far is pathetic, leakage everywhere, all kinds of break-fix patching work,  not at all professional and the car parks are so small that you have to struggle hard to fit in a Maruti 800.  Because of this experience I have totally lost my faith in institution like ISO, KOAPA and TUV they are all just selling like cheap peanuts.

I will request everyone to make sure before buying anything from any builder to do a complete research, get reference from different people who has bought flats before from the builder and not to rely on institution like   “ISO 9001”, “KOAPA” and “TUV”  to give a fair and balanced opinion about institution like “Renaissance”.

Or you will end up like us who bought flat from “Renaissance Holdings” struggling daily, praying, begging and requesting the builder to complete the project., fix leakages in our apartments, fix  flooding of our apartments on rainy days, flooding of car parks and so on endlessly.  Flat owners trying to organize meetings with builders and to assign roles/responsibility among themselves to follow up with the builder and so on, creating unnecessary tension.

This is the fact and I don't want anyone to get into this mess after paying thier hard earned money.
Feb 18, 2008 09:35 PM Read

*Bought a piece of land at Renaissance Ranch, got the agreement for X sqft, paid in full amount and when time came around for registration after 2yrs, I was told that my plot size has been reduced by X-1000 sqft. When I questioned about it. I was told TAKE IT or LEAVE IT. They can say that because land prices have doubled and they can very well make more money by selling the same piece of land for more to someone else.I am sure that wouldn't have been the case if there was a huge real estate bust.

You think that going with reputed builders would protect you from fraud.not true.Renaissance Holding has proved it .they will drop to any level to rip-off of general public.

I will highly recommend buyers to verify the dimensions specified on the agreement at the onset, so that you are not screwed by builders like Renaissance Holdings.

May 20, 2007 12:18 PM Read

We have bought an apartment in one of their projects, Renaissance Brindavan on Uttarahalli Road, Bangalore. The project has not been completed and the delay is already about 2 years ! We got delivery of our flat after a delay of 18 months ! The Builder has refused to compensate for the delay , despite a clause in the Agreement.

Both the Agreement and Sale deed put the customer at great risk on future disputes. Structural quality is good but quality of material used or finishing or both is bad. Flat owners are having to fight the Builder on every small thing. The MD of the company, N.S.Ramanj, is just not accessible to flat owners despite all the problems. Most of the staff (both project and marketing) is extremely corrupt and unethical. There appears to be no accountability. The only plus is the location. All in all, a very bad experience. Don't even touch this Builder and definitely do not recommend purchasing flats in their projects.

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