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No.5, 5th Floor, Onyx Centre, Museum Road, Bangalore 560025, KA

Reviews on Patel Realty, Bangalore

Aug 15, 2019 03:45 PM Read

Beware of some flat owners while renting house.(Flat No. S4-303 Owner name Pawan Kumar) If you want to save your hard earned money.

I am posting my experience I have given advance money for flat S4-303

Owner Name is Pawan Kumar, this guy told terms and condition that he will cut only one month rent for cleaning and painting but once I have given advance 1 month rent he told if you leave house before 11 month he will deduct 2 month rent, after this I told I am not interested because this terms and condition was not told before. I asked money return but this guy told I'll not return money. He got another tennant and his flat is not empty still not returning Money.

I got to know that this guy do not return advance money easily and cut arbitarily once you vacate the house like if you are vacating on mid of month he deduct whole month rent extra apart from advance 2 month rent.
Nov 19, 2017 03:39 PM Read


Have anyone invested in Patel smondo, Gachibowli. I booked a flat in Dec 2013. They then promised the delivery by Dec 2015. And today they are still constructing it, and they say, they would give it by 2019. They are a big cheat and I just want to know if we have a group of ppl, so they we could send a legal notice to Gachibowli, hyd smondo.

Each time we send a mail, they have some excuse and they never respond to anyof the mails properly.
Feb 09, 2017 12:42 PM Read

I have checked with the GM infinite Elegance team, they have informed that GM infinite has taken over the project and also they have shown the list of all 300 customers who have booked in Smodo 4.0. GM team is following them up and it seems like 100 of them have booked flats within the GM infinite Elegance tower / other construction GM infinite Global Techies Town. Please check with them once to get your money back or book a new flat with GM infinite.


Patel Realty - Bangalore
Dec 27, 2016 05:53 PM Read (via Mobile)

Hello friends we already know that Patel is name of quality and honesty

And friends I am also good customer

And I satisfy from this company for all matters like quality of good construction

Best planning of architecture best structure dising for all so I suggest you that you must visit of Patel reality
Sep 09, 2016 06:21 PM Read

Hi All,

Patel Reality has entered into JDA with GM infinite to construct a project with name Elegance Tower which Patel Reality has been advertising as SMONDO4 for more that 3 years now. more than 200 customers have already booked with Patel for this Project more than 3 years back.

Patel who is incapable of proceeding with this Project have entered JDA with GM Infinite to construct. There is already a case going on for this project so requesting all the customers not to go with this property as you will loose your hard earned money.
Oct 08, 2015 09:28 PM Read

Bad roads in neotown,  extremely high maintenance,  bad construction, leaking windows and in my toilets,  there was no hot water connection piping provided though they promised it for the wash basin as well.

They took money for E-Khata and OC nearly a year back and till now they have not provided. Giving posession without OC and E-Khata is illegal,  and without OC and EKhatha you cannot sell the property also and you are stuck with it.

Surely I would say this project is 20%good 80%bad. I heard they stopped constructing smondo 4,  the mall,  and no occupancy in tech park.

I own a 3BHK in neotown.

Jun 23, 2015 01:24 PM Read

I booked a flat in Smondo 4 eighteen months back and so far no approval with them.

They are unprofessional unethical people cheating everyone. I have cancelled my flat and still waiting for my refund.

I am following since December for refund and there is no answer. The director of Patel reality Neel Patel is also a big lier. So go ahead and file complained in court.

I would encourage people to spread the message and avoid getting cheated.I repeat “DO NOT DEAL WITH PATEL REALITY” they are cheater and unprofessional people. I will be going to court if they dont refund the money soon.


May 20, 2015 12:39 PM Read

I have booked smondo4 in 2013 sept . Till date no call or mail from customer support. When you call, they will not attend your call. I have cancelled the flat in dec 2014 but still not got the refund. They dont have a single penny for refund . If new owner pay money then only they can refund.

So you can think, what is the status of Realty conglomerate. They can anytime say that we cant build the home as agreed and can delay for years. DONT book any flat in SMONDO or PATEL REALTY. They are fraud/bankrupt people.
Mar 03, 2015 01:12 PM Read

I have visited my flat for the first time after booking and the project is already in shambles with the roads in morpheushumanrrible state, the smorpheushumanpping mall work stalled, the project delayed beyond limits and on top of that the customer service representatives not replying to mails.

Is there a way we can all file a case against the builder.
Jan 12, 2015 05:55 PM Read

These are the words you can use for Patel Realty. Please do not trust this builder. They are cheats and very unprofessional. Once you buy the apartment they will not at all respond to your queries. They are very slow and the quality is very bad. I would suggest people to check any other builder.

Even a local builder will deliver with a better quality. If there was a rating of negative then Patel Realty will get a negative  star rating.

Please check with the residents who are already staying there.
Dec 18, 2014 08:25 AM Read

Please please do not make the mistake of buying or renting here. The Home Owner's Association has monopoly. Home owners have to pay membership fee, to be a part of the association.

Owning a home here is not enough. They have done away with the maintenance company, and now have increased the maintenance, without reason.

They are planning to increase the cost of back-up generators, in spite of the owners paying maintenance.

The generators weren't chargeable before. There is NIL maintenance done, anyway. Beehives aplenty. The plumbing will give you terrible problems and the fixtures and construction is dangerous.

And when you try to speak with them they say, please speak in Kannada! where is Karnataka? India. What is India's official language?

Hindi. How does the language matter anyway. AS long as the communication is clear? And now they have introduced new costs.

Anyone moving in and out of Smondoville, will have to pay for moving in and out. Otherwise they will hold your truck hostage. This in spite of the maintenance.

The maintenance is supposedly used for common areas. So, if your your fusebox in the electricity room(which is common) gets spoilt because of dampness in the room etc, you have to pay for it.

The walls have started cracking after 2 years of construction. No one to take ownership. There is no water inlet for your water filtration system. If you need one, you have to pay them, again.

This is now a common feature in all projects to have a water inlet for filtration system.

Also, their plan is very crappy. The washing machine area is out in the open near the sitting room, and that is the only faucet to which you can attach the water pipe of the machine.

No other place is suitable. There are plumbing problems almost everyday. The recycled water they use for the toilet, leaves black streaks in the commode. and the toilet and other plumbing equipment is of very low quality.

The shower/ tap handle will come off in your hand. Now up to you to decide.

Just know this, the association has a strong hold, so if you ever have any issues, you will have to pay through your nose.
Jul 01, 2014 12:03 AM Read

I cannot write a long review but I am rating them from 1-10 . 1 being very bad and 10 being excellent:

Common Roads - 1

Drinking water - 1

Sewage - 1

Lifts - 1

Security - 1

Management - 1

Customer service -(-1)

Timely possession - 1

Legal clearance - 1

Electricity - 1

Construction quality - 1

Construction planning - 1

There is nothing good about this project. I want to hear back from people what they think.Hope others around the country read this blog and think several times before purchasing from this builder.
Sep 30, 2013 03:59 PM Read

Patel Realty is constructing my home at a very responsible attitude and making good effort to make not only me, but all customers feel satisfied by all means. It’s been a great experience and pleasure to deal a 2 BHK flat with them. I paid deposit with another builder before coming here, but due to so many issues with them I cancelled our booking from their project.

Now I am so lucky I found Patel Realty. Otherwise, I am sure I couldn’t have bought my flat anymore, because the other builder almost killed me on the cost price. They had helped me out significantly on removing all those extra costs which the other builders are taking unnecessary from the customers. My family is happy with these deals from this builder.

I can say confidently Patel Realty is the one of the best builders in Bangalore.
Feb 23, 2013 05:53 PM Read

I  Recently bought a studio and  1 bhk Sales  Staff was  excellent dealt with me very patiently. I asked them queries nearly for 4 hrs. The person there, answered patiently their after sales service till registration and handover was very professional.

I am sure my investment will go long way eagerly waiting for their next launch.

Sridhar R
Jan 09, 2013 05:10 PM Read

Patel Realty has poor staff in place and I experienced it first hand when I approached them for a flat in Smondo 3. One of their sales agents briefed us about the flat and sent us a cost sheet. We finalised the purchase and approached a bank for the loan.

When the bank received the cost sheet, the parking charges were Rs. 25, 000 more. We were surprised since the original cost sheet stated it to be Rs. 1, 40, 000 and the cost sheet with the bank mentioned it as Rs. 1, 65, 000.

We approached almost everybody in the sales team and higher ups but that came to no use since they all dismissed it as a “clerical” error.

All their customer reps don’t understand Hindi or English and most of them have no sense of talking to their customers. Their answers range from “it happens”, “just a human error” to “you must have also made a mistake some time.” It is surprising that in today’s developed real estate market, we have a company like Patel Realty, who pays little regard to customers’ issues. Later, their sales agent admitted his mistake but nobody in the company took the responsibility of the error.

I asked them to bear the cost of their own error since my purchasing decision was based on the original coast sheet and not the modified one. Even after meeting a senior person from their management we could not get them to revert to the original cost sheet. Now, I have been forced to pay for a fault that isn’t mine.

The incident has shaken my faith in Patel Realty and I hope their treat their customers in a better way and take responsibility for their own errors.
Nov 24, 2012 04:54 PM Read

I could also have preferred collecting rewards from PRIL at least in this way (by writing sweet msg about Neotown). But I preferred not to go for that easy money like Pate Realty is making by looting we customers. Because they are not giving us even half of the value of our money paid for the flat (what we paid even 2-3 years back). Such a damn sit quality of delivery they did.... SHAME to PATEL REALTY for NEOTOWN.

I am feeling guilty now, by being in their initial sales/marketing traps... and what not they did to sale their flats. And it was not like they charged less initially while they launched, they were changing almost same rate 2-3 years back as other good builders of Bangalore were changing....that amount was a high price for that period in that locality. But they were claiming, their project is going to be far far better than any other builders in the city.... What I found is that, they are Mumbai builders, and almost all mumbai builders are habitual building Mumbai Chals (poor's selters)... even if they might not have any project in mumbai, they are certainly influenced by mumbai style chal design and they are calling it smart condos (smondo).

As mumbai realty market is saturated, almost all mumbai builders build chals like PRIL did in Bangalore and try to same every single rupee and multiply their profit in damn cheap way. As it is in there gene, they can't correct it. they will ultimately build a chal only. whether it is in 1 acre or in 250 acre (neotown). Patel Realty, remember one thing, if you do such poor quality work and try to past CHALS saying it is condos to your valued customers, you can't do it in Bangalore. Every bangalore customers go by your online feedback before buying flats, and they are aware customers. Gone are the days. They have hundreds of other options in Bangalore with a better price than yours where they at least can get a fine quality deliverable.

I don't know how Patel Realty dared to deliver such a cheap quality delivery as Smondoes in Neotown, however it was their FLAGSHIP project. I have only one question, if your flagship project is of such a poor quality, then any one can imaging your next project's delivery quality.... all the best and best of luck Patel Realty.
Nov 03, 2012 12:25 PM Read

It's a company who believes in I am the boss and I will do whatever I want. Totally corrupt and my unit was totally given / handover without any promised specifications. Till full construction they earned money with interest but themselves not giving interest now. Soon, they going to receive notice from not just me but from competent authority as well as I have filed this complain to CCI to Labour Laws to Credai to Government. I had a doubt how KIADB approved when they cant.

They will show some documents which is in itself wrong. Then some of the employee talks so rudely..I am hurt by their approach of talking with customers...wish you all the best.I will sale my unit to someone else but cant stay as they haven't given proper water, electricity, internet, security and kitchen is worst what a shame...I will request other people, think over it before booking and then decide. They have so many issues internally which affects customer unit...each month from crm to sales to legal to management employee changes.

They cant keep their own people, what they will give to others...and if I am wrong, can patel realty tell why they not giving interest? why no specifications as promised? why no manners of talk with customers?

all the bestmnothing against but what I have said is truth...
Mar 15, 2012 04:05 PM Read

This builder launched a very good project and people booked their flats looking at the size and facillity in the project.

Now the project is near to handover. First time any builder has not allowed to inspect the flat while construction is going on.

When final product is taking shape and buyers are called for inspection these are some of the shocks they got.

Height of floor to ceiling is less.

No service lift.

AC points are missing.

Geyser points are missing in the bathroom.

Backup is less.

Water point for Water filter is missing.

No exhaust point in Kitchen.

No electric meter after flat registration also.

NO OC yet.

Unbranded products used in bathroom.

2 times legal fees.

Many more to come when other blocks are open for inspection.
Jan 03, 2012 01:53 AM Read

On construction front it was good for some 550 flats. But it was bad for other 550 flats. Actual date of delivery was Feb 2012 with grace period of 6 months which means by Aug 2012 all should have got the flats.

I got flat in December end 2012.

But as per agreement Builder gave penalty for 4 months approx 57 K. This was good from them and they kept the promise.

Since construction of house is major product which has gone well I will say its 80 percent good and 20 percent bad. There terms and conditions is better than other builders and give proper dates on agreement and good penalty by builders if project is not completed in time.
May 25, 2011 05:20 PM Read

I guess you need to talk to the bank and not the developer if the bank has delayed the payment. if you found other charges high then why did you book an apartment. People like you are nuisance to the society.

By the way do you stay in a rented house. its better you go the bank and sort out the issue with bank rather than cribbing about the development. You sound like a cry baby.

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Patel Realty - Bangalore

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