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Reviews on Mangalam Group, Bangalore

Nov 02, 2021 02:12 PM Read

Very Good Property - OC & CC Received Property, RERA Approved & A-Katha, has options of 2, 2.5 & 3BHK with good open Space which perfectly apt for Childern and Elderly Parents, Recently Club house is also Opened with all amenities.
Nov 02, 2021 01:39 PM Read

One of the best clubhouse I have seen with an infinity pool. Earlier I was doubtful if they would complete it but im extremely happy with what im seeing, everything is very well maintained. im very happy living here now . Also very happy with the sales representative who took me through the entire project
Jun 20, 2021 12:38 AM Read (via Mobile)

Happy to stay here. Full of oxygen and good ventilation.

Finally oc received and happy to see that


Mangalam Ecstasy - KR Puram - Bangalore
Apr 20, 2021 12:12 PM Read (via Mobile)

Worst builder, third grade people. NO OC, no club house, no outdoor amenities, RERA expired and still under construction. Worst maintenance.
Apr 08, 2021 12:56 PM Read

As a investor I have wasted my time and money on investing in this project they started this project in 2013/14 from then they were telling that project will get completed in a year or two but, still this project is not completed, people fed up of builders false promises and started living here without any amenities after paying 1year maintenance upfront. and big concern is still they have not got oc when ever we ask the builder will come up with new stories. if you find any positive review anywhere on social media they all are given by sales team
Mar 30, 2021 12:49 PM Read

Poor quality issues and fake assurances by the builder.

Fake Assurances:

1) water softener: this is not working and the water hardness is too bad that people are purchasing water softener equipment for individual taps. So this is another fake assurance from the sales team while explaining.

2) Break the wall and make the wall: they say that they can break and change the walls wherever we need it. but they won't tell you that they will charge you extra for it. after the agreement, you will come to know.

3) all electrical switches are of a lifetime warranty, but that is not true. they show some fake letter of warranty, but will not share it with customers

4) Clubhouse with amenities, but it will take another 1-2 yrs to complete. They keep on doing the construction of the clubhouse for the last 1-2 years, but still, it is in the same state.

5) OC is in progress, but till now no OC is received.

If people are planning to buy here, you are happy to go ahead, but try to get clarity on the below:

1) If you are planning to take the flat above the 6th floor, will they allow you to use the service lift when you start your interior work?

2) Will they allow you to talk to at least 5 existing customers to understand the quality and how happy they are with purchasing the flat here? They will for sure begin to panic

3) What kind of doors they are fixing for the flat? if they say it's imported European or Teak wood, then it's something left to you to know how teak wood looks like.

4) Ask them to show the painted wall to any existing customers to see how it looks to understand the quality. The demo flat would definitely have a better finish, hope you would understand why

5) Ask them to show the quality of the bathroom fittings of the existing customers to check the state of the fittings after 4-6 months. Or you can check the fittings and state of them in the demo flat.

6) Ask them to include in the agreement about the complete fittings with brand names that you get for your flat.

7) All electrical works should be done by the builder, for which they will charge a huge amount for each electrical point with GST. So ask before your agreement, if this work can be done with a standard cost.

8) They will also charge you for the electrical lights and fan fixing.

if you deny it, you will be threatened that if any electrical issues in the future you are supposed to pay min of 2000-3000 per visit. Also, they make you sign that if any other flats are affected with the electrical issues because of your flat, then you shud be responsible for it along with bearing the charges

9) Check the floor tile's quality and discuss this to understand more about the quality. If you move things on the floor, the marks are going to be permanent. Even the bathroom tiles are of utmost cheap, poor quality, and are completely slippery tiles.

10) Observe the reviews in Google, almost all the+ve reviews are filled in by the Sales team. Whatever reviews and photos they put are only the outside ones, There are no+ve reviews or pics of inside the flat. So ask the sales team to show the flat of people who are already staying. Check the mesh door quality, Main door, window alignments, and then take a call.

11) suddenly Builder is trying to add+ve reviews to make sure, people overlook the -ve reviews updated recently.

Finally, this is left to the person who is planning to take the flat, this review is not to discourage the buyer, but this is actually the reality going inside. Once you book your flat, you will be treated like dogs, your every request will cost you some amount+ GST.
Mar 26, 2021 02:35 PM Read

Looks of the outside project would definitely make you fall for this .

But if you are someone who are ready to throw money, then yes you would be very happy with this project.

But if you want to see the worth of spending your money in this, you would be highly upset with quality of the product delivered to you. Right from the plumbing fittings, sink, comode, tiles, windows, painting etc.The worst of the worst will be provided. The comode gets dirty with the marks of the STP water flow and even after cleaning, you may not be able to clear the water marks.

If you are someone who wants to spend more of your time sitting at the temple and at the open space, then this is your place.

But if you are looking for a sweet home kind of place, this is not the one.

OC is yet to be received from 2020, but still not yet received.

Water hardness. No clubhouse or amenities ready yet. The clubhouse is still in construction phase. No childrens play area yet. What ever they put on the advertisment board is not yet available in the site. By the time the Clubhouse and ameneties get ready, your 1-2 years of maintenance with GST will be loss
Mar 25, 2021 07:25 PM Read

Beware of this project.


open area




Poor construction quality of walls inside the flat

Poor plumbing lines

Poor quality tiles

Poor quality of doors that they provide

First of all the Sales team are a big frauds, who tell you all kind of stories. But nothing is true. They tell you that they have water softner which is not true. They have the absolute hard water, which can spoil your skin and hair.

They tell that they bring the doors, trees and wood material from abroad, Which is a hell of joke.

They will not allow any electrical work from outside and they charge a high price with GST. They have all plans to suck the money from their pockets once you book your flat. Until you book your flat, they act as if they have a whole concern for you. Once you book your flat, you are done. You need to pass through a lot of hurdles to get your posession. They dont have an OC, but still they are allowing people to take the posession with registration.

If you are from abroad and have enough money to invest in this property at a less price, then fine. But incase if you want to stay here, then within one year, you need to keep investing for repair works.

The maintenance is another source of income for them, yet there is no clubhouse and childrens area, they are saying that they are charging for the greenery, temple and maid service. So the clubhouse is never going to get ready by 2022, but they give fake deadlines to complete the work.

Because of the nearby sewage canal, there are frequent issues of rats and mosquitoes.

This review is to only help the people who have their hard earned money saved. This is purely not for the NRI's as they should be definitely happy to the see the property from far. So they should be good to have their investments in this property
Dec 12, 2020 10:47 PM Read (via Mobile)

Beautiful it's a good project..the sales team is very helpful..pls's very goo with lot of open spaces
Nov 09, 2019 08:04 AM Read

Have visited the project and liked it. lot of open space and well lite. All apartment are corner and project is near completion.
Oct 11, 2019 09:24 PM Read

Nice project to live. They have done the project very well. I am really impressed by their Water Conservation management. They say they are not going to buy water in the project. Hope so that they are able to crack it. But really very hard working people and they have utilized the area very nicely. Quality is also good.

I recommend it, at least have a visit to the site.
Oct 11, 2019 12:53 PM Read

I have visited the site recently and I liked the project as this project has more than 80% open space and construction quality is quite good.

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