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Electornic City, Bangalore 560100, KA

Reviews on Madhavaram Constructions, Bangalore

Sep 12, 2020 11:08 PM Read (via Mobile)

Cheep quality builders No one is educated in this team .without site engineers they will build with family members who are not Graduate n Worst architectures. They won’t deliver on time. This people will not respect Custmr.
Apr 18, 2016 11:33 PM Read (via Mobile)

In any case, during the time I moved in I have all short of helpful issue including Blood weight on account of the maker. As an issue of first significance after not long after in the wake of moving( without proper document from the BBMP) I expected to look for after the designer for all short of issue which I thought would be customary in any new building, yet even after 1 yr my issues had not been resolved.I got my wood work hurt as a result of water spillage and still my issue is not resolved.There are different little issue which are not regardless not decided .

There is no proper sewage relationship with the building and accordingly enormous cost is created in hurling the channel water out.The inhabitance confirmation for the building had not yet been gotten and the designer had been expressing over last 7/8 month that it will be gotten however starting late Association people had been expressing that they came to now that maker had yet associated for the inhabitance revelation as the breathing space from various BBMP office like sewer/tainting fire had not been gotten. This make my most observably terrible fear come to
Sep 01, 2015 12:47 AM Read

This is a fact now that Bangalore has become the IT hub of India. Most of the major IT companies are here in Bangalore. So due to the ample of career opportunities, I came to

Bangalore last year and since then I have been living in a 2 BHK flat that I have taken on lease provided by Madhavaram Constructions. I must say that they are one of the best builders in Bangalore and they have used such a good quality material in the entire flat that I am fully satisfied with this flat.


Madhavaram Constructions - Bangalore
Aug 08, 2015 06:26 PM Read

Bangalore is the IT hub of India. All the major IT companies have been set-up here. So when I was about to get transferred to Bangalore, I first thought of looking for a place to reside with my family members.

On, getting to know about Madhavaram Constructions I went there to enquire about the availability of a 2 BHk flat.

I was thrilled with the superior materials used for the construction of these flats. I recommend Madhavaram Flats to my new collogue who want to set here at Bangalore bcz here a Good thing is that all thing which a normal family want like Near hospital, School for children, Transport Facility, all are available in milestone distance.
Jul 05, 2014 09:09 AM Read

We have 6 lifts in 2 blocks. None of the lifts worked continuously for 24 hours in the last 1 year. Its horrible and  residents get stuck for hours on everyday basis. Builder does not know how to rescue in case of lift stuck and every time they try to break open like hard labor.

It's horrible and builder does not even understand that algorithm of  lifts are not correct, there is no duplex card as all lifts run separately without any logical connection, door sensor does not work (you will lose your life's effort to explain these to builder as they don't understand plain English or technical stuff). Its more than a year and every time we protest, builder says we will resolve in 24 hours(sometime those useless fellow tell us "we will fix in 5 minutes"). All lifts are down more than 50% times in a month and we are forced to use the staircase. These lifts are life threatening and many women, children stuck for hours without any attention and few people fainted as well inside lift due to claustrophobia . Builder is un- professional to the core and never give attention to residents issues/problems.

Moreover, the building does not have OC and Builder is not serious enough to get OC. If you are a potential buyer in Brindavan Palms, Builder will say "we will get OC in 10 days". I am listening to this non -sense for last 1 year but thuth is "THEY ARE YET TO APPLY FOR OC". The builder management do not meet residents to avoid hard questions like OC and send some useless/hopeless fellows at site to carry out so called remaining sales.

There is no end to misery in Brindavan Palms, I am stuck as I have lost my life's saving and urge you to not buy/invest and repent for life. Thx.
Jun 22, 2014 01:15 AM Read

I have spent my life time saving in this project and now feel cheated; I am gathering few people( Assocation people seems to be useless and they fear the builder a lot)

1.Construction quality and finishing very poor.

2.Water leaking from all sided during rain .( you cannot do any carpentry work as all will be destroyed)

3.Lifts are never working properly.

4.There are lot of issue with parking and people are fighting amongst themselves.

5.Non of the facility are working properly.( Gym / Billiards / games are for show only).

6.The building does not have drain connected to Government drain as they have not deposited money for the same.

7.Heard that final certificate had not come this will make the house not non sale-able as banks will not give loan during resale.
Jun 21, 2014 10:51 PM Read

I had purchased the flat from this builder ignoring all review comments and based on my own document verification. But over the year I moved in  I have got all short of medical issue including Blood pressure due to the builder. First of all after just after moving( without proper document from the BBMP) I had to pursue the builder for all short of issue which I thought would be normal in any new building, but even after 1 yr my issues had not been resolved.I got my wood work damage due to water seepage and still my issue is not resolved.There are numerous small small issue which are not still not resolved . There is no proper sewage connection with the building and as a result huge cost is incurred in throwing the drain water out.The occupancy certificate for the building had not yet been received and the builder had been saying over last 7/8 month that it will be received but recently Association people had been saying that they came to now that builder had yet applied for the occupancy certificate as the clearance from various BBMP department like sewer/pollution fire had not been received. This make my worst fear come to. I have checked with few people and they say you cannot sell your flat without OC. So in short if you  want to loose all your money and get medical problems for free, please go ahead and bye this flat.
Dec 12, 2012 05:10 PM Read

Heard there is a legal suite OS 8068 on this land owner? Is this true? Or is this sorted out?

I am planning to buy a flat in this apartment, totally confused whether to go ahead or to wait for this legal issue to be closed?
Dec 04, 2012 04:35 AM Read

Very Bad Quality construction and materials used.Please dont purchase any in Brindavan Palms bcos it is the same team , same architect and same materials apart from some other amenities like swimming pool etc.
Dec 10, 2011 12:13 PM Read

Today I realized that I have probably lost my entire life's savings and I am sure I am going to have some sleepless nights. Normally I do not waste my time to write reviews. But in this case, I am writing to save others as I feel it is my moral responsibility to do so. Building quality is hopeless as many have mentioned and I do not have a second opinion on that and I am not writing this review just to add the same thing.

These guys are a bunch of cheaters who publish brochures showcasing some great stuffs. But they do not have approval for BBMP for all these. In one line, their construction is completely different from the sanction plan that they get. Normally the sanction plan is in meters and also when they give a copy of that it is almost invisible. So people rely on the brochure. But then when time comes for you to sell, you will realize that you cannot resell the property even in worst of the times as the house would be completely different from the plan and at that point, the buyer will not go by brochure. Furthermore, bankers also will not be approving loan as deviation is too much. While as per the sanction plan, a particular room may be 10ft X 12ft, in the brochure it will be shown as 12ft X 16ft. Needless to mention, when you resell the property or approach govt. authorities for anything, this will come out and you will not be able get your work done.

The hard point is you will never be able to sell the property and you will not be knowing what to do, as the govt. will not cooperate with you for lack of adherence to the plan.

Please stay away from any of the projects done by this builder. In case you really want to go for this, please check the sanction plan and the plan that is shown in the brochure. Compare that yourself without relying on others.

I request all the owners of this appartment to post their views and save others as a moral responsibility.  All the owners should act and save other fellow human beings from this torturous builder.
Nov 02, 2011 12:19 AM Read

After reading other reviews I felt like I need to tell my story too. It looks like only people who have some issues with the builder started writing reviews, so I decided to step up.

My experience with the builder and their construction was excellent. The paper work was a breeze and the falt was handed over on time. I had few changes to be done before the flat was done and the builder was totally supportive. I could directly talk to the builder and he was warm in receiving clients. I had few issues with the workers but I got them resolved talking to the management.

The bulder himself stays in the project he built, what more can I say.

They need to work on their finishing touches. I did inform them about it and they took care most of the stuff.

After looking at so many constructions and having an experience buying one before I bought one with Madhavaram Constructions, I totally recommend them.

If given an option to redo my purchase I would buy the same flat with same builder.
Oct 27, 2011 05:50 PM Read

I had come across this project few days back when I was searching for a flat to buy. I spoke to the salesperson of this project. One could very easily make out that they are fake. This guy doesn't know anything about the quality and about different brands. He just nods his head whatever you asks as if he just wants your money.

Actual builder is never seen in this site. I tried visiting couple of times so that I can speak to actual builder but he is nowhere in the scene. No professionalism, no confidence the way they promise. They are planning to bring 10 floors and they don't have approval for more than 4-5 floors, that means by 2012 they will build just few floors and hand over the flats and then they'll continue with their construction of rest of the floors. So if u are in the first few buyers then your life will be hell because this apartment will never be finished completely. Also luckily I searched Madhavaram Construction in google for review and got the same kind of reviews from their other projects also. In this site they have just built-up one model flat with the hope that we are fool and we'll be trapped just by looking at their model flat. Everyone knows that seller always shows his best apple while selling. I have been to one of their other apartments also and believe me my eyes got opened immediately I decided to stay away from this builder. They have cheap quality material all over. So guys please share your experience also about different such fake builders so that we can invest/protect our money in better way.

Have a happy home.
Aug 29, 2011 03:02 PM Read

Hi all, whoever is planning to invest in real state in Bangalore, do read this review about one of the fake builders in Bangalore.

Builder's name: Madhavaram Constructions

Projects in Bangalore: Current runninng project Brindavan Palms(Off Sarjapur road)

If you are planning to buy a flat in any of this builder's projects, please think thousand times. He is just fake and big cheater. Very very bad quality material, very very cheap finishing and so much of hidden costs which you'll come to know after the payment of token money. This builder is fourth grade builder and have no planning and idea about construction. This company is just being run by idiots who don't know anything about construction. Me and two of my friends booked flats in one of their projects in Jan 2011. Believe me after the flat was finished it was in so pathetic condition so that we had to invest around an 2 lakhs to do one more round of finishing. Whenever we used to talk to their management they never used to respond properly and they kept us on hold by saying they'll do it . thry'll do it.After all the efforts we realized that we have invested our precious money and entire earning with a fake builder. We are still regretting. This builder is very clever. To attract the customers, he'll build a very beautiful, good quality model flat. Once the customer is trapped and he is under loan debt. they guys know that he can't run away. then they start showing their actual face and once you get into your house after the so called finishing you'll be shocked just by looking at the builder's work. When you cross question they say that in all the flats they have done like this and hence they'll do the same for your flat also. Until customer books the flat they'll say yes and assure the best quality but once the money is paid they'll forget customer. They don't have any planning and responsibility.

I booked flat with them because I was getting more built up area in the same cost as compare to other A grade builders. I got attracted by looking at more built up area. But now I realized why SJR, Salapria, Brigade, Mantri are A grade builders and Madhvaram Construction is fourth grade builder. I invested additonal 1.8 lakhs to make it well finshed which were very basic things. Now It is in very beautiful condition but the total cost has come as same as A grade builder quotes. I had to do full house finishing on my own cost and had to invest in paintings also to make this house beautiful.

Please please please. if you are reading this review, please forward this to your friends also because I know how precious is your money which you have earned with so much of hard work with the dream of a beautiful house.

If you have kept additional 2 lakhs for one more round of finishing then you can think of buying in his projects.
May 10, 2016 02:57 PM Read

We had a superb experience renting a flat from Madhavaram Constructions Builders. Nick and I needed to rent a flat in Bangalore for a happy stay. As he is from Arizona and I am from Mumbai but both of us love South India and its culture. So we decided our first trip should be to Bangalore. We can stay at a hotel too but as we want to feel the culture and wanted to mix in that culture so we decided to stay in a society and wanted to be part of that society and had wanted to "upgrade" to something nicer than just a budget compact sedan. I did the research, for apartments and after seeing their prices, we were absolutely amazed!

We just want to make this trip very much special for both of us. We planned everything in a proper manner. We searched the location of an apartment which was very well located all the amenities were nice. Centrally located society as all the visiting places were not so far. We stayed there for 2 months and those two months were the best months of my life. Moreover, the builder was very nice as other builders have 6 months agreement and we want flat for two months only. We told everything to the builder that we want flat for two months only and they were happy for us and firstly they congratulate us and then gave some discount too as our wedding gift. It was really nice. I want to show my gratitude towards the builder and thankful to them.
Mar 11, 2016 05:29 PM Read

Madhavaram Constructions is a very famous company in Bangalore. I got to know about this company soon after I came to Bangalore. I was searching for rented apartments but I couldn’t find anything that I like. Then one of my professors asked me to contact Madhavaram Constructions.

I want two room set at affordable prices which I got from Madhavaram Constructions. I am fully satisfied with my rented apartment that I got through Madhavaram Constructions.
Mar 03, 2016 05:57 PM Read

Madhavaram Constructions is a very trusted name in the field of real estate in Bangalore. I am really grateful to this company for giving me my dream home. This is the most genuine real estate company in Bangalore. I feel that these days the real estate companies have become big cheaters but I am glad that I came in contact with a trustable company like Madhavaram Constructions.

All documents and all other legal formalities are properly described and completely satisfied me and definitely you too also. If you want to purchase any apartment then must visit this builder once.
Mar 03, 2016 04:38 PM Read

In the growing sector of real estate, it has become very difficult to choose the right kind of property which proved beneficial for their future. My search for finding an appropriate house best in all aspects ends right here at madhavaram construction. One of my ralatives told me about them.

They put their best efforts in making our dream home. It is at prime location and has outstanding amenities. till now, I am fully satisfied with the facilities provided in our home.
Mar 01, 2016 05:21 PM Read

Bangalore is a great city but finding a suitable place to live here is a big task! I am glad that I went to Madhavaram Constructions and got a good 1BHK apartment. I have taken it on lease for two years and I am really happy with it. It is very spacious and the rent is also quite affordable!

Now I am planning to shift in a bigger apartment soon and for that too I would seek the help from Madhavaram Constructions!
Feb 25, 2016 11:01 AM Read

In today's era it's very difficult to choose a right property in this real estate world. I was searching the flat for me which should be complete from all aspects and has the clean and beautiful surroundings One of my relatives told me about the flats of madhavram constructions. So, I went to them and notice that they put their best efforts in making our dream home. The locality is so good and has outstanding amenities.
Feb 24, 2016 10:51 AM Read

Madhavram comes into my notice when I was searching the flats for me. I went to their site and asked about to clarify all my queries about their flats, I heard about them before from many sources that they provide very satisfied flats. Today I faced them and I come to know that they all were true. After that I did lot of investigation on their site I found them genuine and booked my selected flat with them. Finally want to say that its a perfect from all directions.

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Madhavaram Constructions - Bangalore

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