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Reviews on Indian Real Estate, Bangalore

Nov 12, 2015 09:25 AM Read

I reside at Artha Reviera for nearly 6 months now . Overall, I am extremely disappointed with my investment here Several issues with the project and response from Artha is pathetic. More reviews from genuine residents can be found at

Will definitely not recommend Artha Reviera or any other Artha property project.
Sep 07, 2015 05:32 PM Read

The handover has been delayed by 10 months now. Customer service, operations team and others are not in-sync.

Each of them gives different response, the ground reality is  very different. There are a whole lot of legal issues in the property which are not dealt by Artha. They are very good at deflecting the questions raised and turn the issue around to the buyer.

The quality of the building, roads and other infrastructure is questionable. If you would like to check, please visit any of the completed/ partially-completed properties and talk to the residents/ association.

The projects along with team looks fancy only on paper.
Feb 19, 2015 11:48 PM Read

Any reviews on Artha NEO aspire in hoskote? I have heard this is villa plots.They are not selling flats.

So I am thinking over it.if anybody have booked, please give me some feedback. Also how is customer service, what are payments criteria, legal formalities, any loans available. How is the location and nearby areas?

Thanks in advance.


Indian Real Estate - Bangalore
Feb 17, 2015 02:59 AM Read

I have booked a villa in Artha zen.It is an awesome project by Artha group.It is dream come true.i wanted to own a villa in bangalore and I heard about zen.It is situated in bannerghatta road.their is separate garden and swimming pool which is breathtaking.

I liked the spiritual environment .Artha zen also comes with modern security technology so the safety standard is very high . they have provided digital screen and sensor doors which is very secure. I liked the interior layouts of the rooms, halls, kitchen, they are I am delighted to own this villa.
Feb 12, 2015 11:47 PM Read

I want to share some reviews about Artha Ruby in gempark.Artha Ruby is a 3BHK villa with 1930 sqft of builtup area and 1453 sqft land area.The price was very attractive, so quickly booked the villa.Now I think all the villas are sold out.T

here is a enough space for parking and I liked the rooms, kitchen, hall etc., All of them is designed very elegantly with good amount of space.The lush green area keeps the environment healthy and fresh and the customer service was good enough, they have coordinated very effectively with me and were responsive to me.I dont see any flaws in this project.If somebody want to purchase in Artha gempark, they can go ahead but Ruby I think its not available.never mind there are other option too in gempark.Its a good deal!
Feb 03, 2015 10:58 PM Read

Anyone who have booked Artha Zen in bannerghatta road. I wan to buy this villa but before going to make such a big decision I want some reviews or suggestions.The price is approx 1.25 cr.Actually I liked the project because of its serene environment and my office is also closer to it.

So if anybody have to say something, it would appreciated.
Jan 24, 2015 01:27 AM Read

@raj..Artha Zen is a luxury villa which is very unique. The loving feature that i liked is it is made from Spiritual concept.Located in very peaceful enviTestingronyent, away from city's hustle-bustle.There are private garden and fully digital security.

The neighbourmorpheushumanod would also be good because its an luxury villa and lots of attractive amenmajeechaes are provided like private swimming pool, water activmajeechaes, sports and a healthy enviTestingronyent.the location have lush green area full of trees.So its a very good option.
Jan 19, 2015 09:06 PM Read

I visited Artha gempark aquamarine with my sister.It is located in sarjapura.I came to know about this project through my sister.I noted some of the following good things about it.

(1)  It is affordable.The price of 2BHK Villa is Rs 50 lac approx.It is a better option as compared to flats in those area because a 2BHK flat will also cost around 50 lacs or may be more.

(2) I found location quite good because the area is already turning to a IT hub with lots of companies coming up.Good road connectivity to malls, Tech parks, Other residential apartments, amusement parks, hospitals, schools, multiplexes, restaurants etc.

(3) I found some of the specifications very of those is underground wiring and cabling.So it wont look like a  web of wires scattered around the campus.

(4) Greenery and open space area is an added advantage.

(5) Use of green energy(solar panels) for water heating

(6) The villa structure and design is itself unique from others.

After looking and comparing all the alternatives me and my sister booked 2 villas.And I am quite satisfied with construction work and customer service.
Dec 19, 2014 10:58 AM Read

I had visit to Artha Grihasta and I found the model villa too be pretty good. I am interested in buying a B type villa. The price that they have quoted is approximately 38 lakhs (31+ additional 7 which would include miscellaneous formalities).

Since some of you own a villa at Artha Grihasta, I wanted your advice on a few aspects which will help me decide whether I make an investment in the project or not.

  1. Is there any negotiation of prices with Artha properties people and how much can I expect a discount in terms of prices (I understand that prices have gone very high for the same villas when compared 1 year ago.

  2. Can anyone let me know the approx. time it would take of travel to (a) Electronic City (Wipro), and(b) Silk board.

  3. Apart from travelling by our own vehicle, Is there any BMTC connectivity in the coming 2 years (i.e. anyone has an idea about the development which we can expect in the coming years.

  4. Have heard that it would generally take 18 months for construction. So can we expect that they will stick to the timelines.

  5. During construction, can we suggest any alteration(s) (such as construing shelves in each room etc.If we require.

Is Artha open to such suggestions. Please let me know your thoughts on the above and any other aspect which I need to know before I book a villa here.

Your thoughts and suggestions will be very helpful because I don't have much idea about real estate. Looking forward to your Advice at the earliest.

Thanks a lot in advance. :-)
Oct 27, 2014 09:43 AM Read

I have booked a plot in Artha and my experience with them is really good and is upto my expectations. Since the time I have booked the plot/ Villa they do give you an update till the project comes to an end specially when it comes to the approval status, the plan of the project and completion.

With the amenities and other projects being provided I would not hesitate to recommend this properties to others. Had booked a villa by just having a brand image of artha property on the very first visit thinking everything is going fine since it is promoted by the times group. And I am happy that my decision was not wrong.
Nov 01, 2013 10:25 AM Read

My self is Jeevan I working in TCS, last week I visited GRC Brundavan in Mysore Road, I was very much impressed by their work, designs, its very good project in Mysore Road, I suggest who all looking home in Mysore road they can visit once. My contact no is 8722373045, if have any thing to say please reply me at, or call me 8722373045.
Oct 28, 2013 10:47 AM Read

I recently booked a three Bed room flat in this project. The project is in pre-launch phase and I got a good deal in terms of price. If you look closely at the specification & location of the project, you will realize that it is indeed a property with a lot of inherent value.

The location is in center of EPIP, just opposite to Sathya Sai Hospital. With the upcoming metro connectivity in Whitefield, and a possibility of a metro station just opposite to the property, makes it very attractive. The builder is new in Bangalore but if you interact with them, you see the difference.

They are a very professional lot. For people who look at value aspect in a property , this is one property worth considering. This is a blog from a satisfied customer and I can be reached on for any queries.
Aug 14, 2013 12:25 PM Read

I had booked a villa in Artha Grihastha 2 years ago. My villa has been constructed upto outer plastering level and no work has been done for the last one year, despite numerous follow-up.

This developer throws out promises left and right and does nothing to meet them, other than throw out even more promises.

Buyers beware. This is a crooked organization.
May 26, 2013 08:59 AM Read

I am interested to buy a plot in Artha Neo project mainly because its close location to ITPL and Whitefield. But not getting should I go for it or not as when I called the Artha customer care no. 080-46000000, they told that they can not disclose the Neo site location and Layout plan as management told them not to do so, which is very strange how anyone can buy property without knowing the location details and layout plan.

As I am looking for an East facing plot, =not sure how they are going to do allotment also=. nothing is CLEAR.

Anyone Booked any site or Villa in "Neo" project please share your feedback.
Mar 13, 2013 11:37 AM Read

I bought individual home from local builders who buy plot, construct and sell, while buying it looks awesome and brand new, after 3 months everything is down.

  1. Wood work is pathetic, doors bedding is coming out.

  2. cracks everywhere – Rooms, living room, kitchen – cement work is bad.

  3. Paint is coming out.

  4. Maingate is rusted..

I reqest please dont buy from local builders, preferably not these guys (srinivasulu – 994560, Babu 984513), please dont buy from them.
Feb 27, 2013 04:01 PM Read

I own a villa and I have been monitoring the construction for the last few months. I am very happy with the progress and in general how they have approached the whole development.  They seem to be committed to the work promised and although there were some hiccups along the way in terms of timelines, as a mature customer I understand in any real estate business this is inevitable. But now I am mighty impressed with their speed and with no compromise on quality. I hope the readers here understand that there will always be happy and "not so happy" customers in any business and it is only wise to visit the actual site and talk to actual owners and then evaluate if it fits their needs.

I do not regret my decision and on the contrary happy with this entire process and here I am signing off as a happy customer.
Nov 22, 2012 05:43 PM Read

Yes of all the places so far I have come across, knowledge is not at all usefull but common sense is the foundation stone for one to become gainer in real estate as far as Bangalore is concerned. YOU WEATHER FAST IN BANGALORE.

yes time moves so fast in Bangalore, what you wanted to buy goes up and what you intend to sell also goes up or goes down too.If you have no time to wait, DISCOUNT SALE is the real money spinner for which the gain is fast cash you get. INDIAN REAL ESTATE NOW COMING TO BANGALORE.

Entire south indians are after to touch real estate and they buy a piece of land outskirts of Bangalore and thanks to coming ring roads the speed of the growth of your investment will be much higher than those who invested in the center points of Bangalore. HOW YOU MAY ASK.

To make our investment grow, never compare those who are living in Bangalore for decades, the reason is their house will be worth in crores, if they have a site at jayanagar area it will be about 15000 rs to 25000 rs per square feet, which amounts for a site size of 30 by 40 it will cost 3 crores to seven crores.

It is better not to know or hear about such sky high rates.My main idea of writing this review is for those who are rich from a small town or small city or even if they are from Bangalore, the small investment they make will grow hundreds of times by rotating buy and sell basis. Mass migration makes buyers.

INFLUX from all the states only towards Bangalore will be there for years to come. DIRECTIONS.

Take jayanagar point from there go south at least ten km or more as long as you are near to any ring road, and from \the ring road even if it is one KM development takes place so fast. undeveloped is the best.

You get bigger sized layout and if the size of the sites are 40 by 60 r 60 by 80 future you can sell it into two sites thus by selling one site you get one free. Fast development

Bangalore is going to be fastest growing city in the world I bet. WHY FASTEST GROWING CITY.

Here  culture is south Indian but tolerant to north Indian to eastern to western culture and IF YOU KNW ENGLISH .All you need to knw is English, even if you dont knw English, just being in Bangalore you will become expert in speaking English, this Delhi cant even Mumbai wont teach you english nor calcutta, no city


Yes day by day , yu learn so fast to make place of Bangalore, you will never feel fear of the money invested because along with this you can start a small business too. ANY BUSINESS ALSO.

Just watch how the marwaris make money at any place in Bangalore, but Marwaris dont enter in the field of real estate but my advice is also do small business of buying and selling along with joining with getting rental to lease of houses or rooms and along with become an owner of small plot any where near to the borders of ring roads only. RING ROADS FOR ANOTHER FEW YEARS

Yes it is ring roads connections and the bus services and also METRO WILL ADD FOR YOUR INVESTMENT SAFE.

before entering just roam all around Bangalore outskirts and you will belive me for certain.

more taza news will be in here because this is a gold mine review for those who are interested. Money spinner.

This city was never like this as I can remember, now it is growing like a giant who has woken up from his deep sleep, suddenly all round growth is taking place, the day you visit first any site, it will not impress you, you feel so boring and sleepy too. Boring and sleepy too.

Before you want to buy give at least five to six visit time, to become familar to the place.First time it is so difficult to remember the place, location and even land marks are so absent, you feel so blank too. Blank is the foundation for interest to invest.

when we feel bored to death and sleepy also for real estate, question comes who will buy from me. ANSWER.

If after four visits , you are impressed to really buy and register in your name means, before you are going to register there will be another buyer from you and he may offer 50 percent more than you have paid means is it not worth the try to put and gain and again invest at another point in BANGALORE.


uptodating on hourly basis, i am so sure this review will become guidelines for those who are strangers for Bangalore. Very ordinary people into mega rich

I am really astonished to find the level of inteligence need not be exposed or tried to be found out, the subject is possible growth of your capital that is you, the little capital money you can bring from your own family and able to get enough funds from your friends and aquaintance all make a lot of source for one who just entered and able to inch by inch encroach in the field of real estate. AGRICULTURE FIELD TO REAL ESTATE.

South of Bangalore towards kanakapura is quite rich source of water and in future days to come those who are capable to invest in green house, nurseries and other biotech related with agriculture can place their idea of investment towards kanakapura area but even this agriculture area is also attracting dwellings. THE GAIN IN KANAKAPURA AREA.

Future ring roads, railway line extension, metro service to Bangalore city bus service and again enough auto facility also wide roads, ring roads again and automobiles to speed to reach destination all will constitute even south of Bangalore also a good lottery place for real estate. REAL ESTATE MAKES ONE PROSPEROUS.

Gone are those days when investment in real estate took three decades to grow, now it is in terms of weeks or months, that means one can rotate his funds , good will and agreement that before expire able to have next transaction and again another transaction because of making from 20 percent to 40 percent profit is this not a greater feel for those who want to make lot of money. compare real estate in Bangalore with working in an industry.

if one can earn say from thirty thousand to fifty thousand in business places as staff, here you are the boss, the feel of boss and owning time leisurely is too prosperous. GOLD MINE REALLY REAL ESTATE BUSINESS IN BANGALORE NOW.

Rush rush just like gold diggers from England towards south africa and other places in USA for gold , same way the call or news hot news is real estate entry in Bangalore. ONCE AGAIN THE TIPS ARE.

Take lot of time, visit, revist the site you want to buy.  Tell your relatives, friends and others from your place on the details of growth in Bangalore. Tamilnadu, Andhra, kerala and other north indian people.

Entire Andhra people are after investment in Bangalore, they buy hundreds of acres of land, say for fifty lakhs and you can get site for say from 500 to 1200 the first year, and in two years this same will fetch you more than three times. EVERYONE FROM TAMILNADU.

Do you each person from tamilnadu want own a flat in Bangalore, their sons work in Bangalore, they marry a girl from karnataka.

Marrying a girl from karnataka be he is from Andhra or Tamilnadu except keralite who marry their own place girls, the effect will be the boys from Andhra and Tamilnadu are BECOMING BANGALOREANS. what is this to do.

One become so fast native of Bangalore, n the same way I am guiding you just enter Bangalore as a curiosity and become and return as a rich person for life.
Nov 20, 2012 07:59 PM Read

Please beware of AMR and Artha combo frauds. They are very good at luring people to invest in their properties. After years of registration and paying the money construction does not start. Their response too s very bad. Even their general manager does not have any clue of status of house construction. I purchased a villa an year and half back and still do not know when it would be completed.

When I follow up, I just get rude response. I strongly recommend NOT to get fooled by their sales reps as they paint a beautiful picture before registration. Once you register and pay the money response completely dies. I purchased 3 houses till not and this is the worst builder I ever encountered. I know by submitting a negative review my property value comes down but was raged by the fraudulent company. Any one who care about your hard earned money and do not want to get into a year long frustration stay away from Artha and AMR
Jul 24, 2012 05:58 AM Read

Aryans India Calling Project

After waiting for more than 2 long years, the developers are unable to get the land registered in the names of the customers. The project is delayed and not much activity has been taken place. The developers are not in a position to refund the amount collected for India Calling project or able to get the plots registered to the customers.

The way the developers treat their customers is pathetic. The way they talk and behave is very immature and uncultured, doesn’t even know how to talk to their clients. They taking their customers for granted.

I am completely unimpressed with them. I have lost faith in the real estate agents now.

Be careful
Jan 22, 2012 09:09 PM Read

Please share your experience or any thing(good or bad) with SRI SAI RESIDENCY MARATHALLI (MAHAGHAR PROPERTIES PVT LTD).

Your information can save my hard-earned money. I have visited today at marathalli and I like the location and the area of the property. They have made many promises but dont know at what extent these are true.

I can be reached at

I am waiting for your responses specially form those who has already brought flat at sri sai residency marathalli.


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