You dont have to be inteligent to become

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You dont have to be inteligent to become
Nov 22, 2012 05:43 PM 12950 views
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Yes of all the places so far I have come across, knowledge is not at all usefull but common sense is the foundation stone for one to become gainer in real estate as far as Bangalore is concerned. YOU WEATHER FAST IN BANGALORE.

yes time moves so fast in Bangalore, what you wanted to buy goes up and what you intend to sell also goes up or goes down too.If you have no time to wait, DISCOUNT SALE is the real money spinner for which the gain is fast cash you get. INDIAN REAL ESTATE NOW COMING TO BANGALORE.

Entire south indians are after to touch real estate and they buy a piece of land outskirts of Bangalore and thanks to coming ring roads the speed of the growth of your investment will be much higher than those who invested in the center points of Bangalore. HOW YOU MAY ASK.

To make our investment grow, never compare those who are living in Bangalore for decades, the reason is their house will be worth in crores, if they have a site at jayanagar area it will be about 15000 rs to 25000 rs per square feet, which amounts for a site size of 30 by 40 it will cost 3 crores to seven crores.

It is better not to know or hear about such sky high rates.My main idea of writing this review is for those who are rich from a small town or small city or even if they are from Bangalore, the small investment they make will grow hundreds of times by rotating buy and sell basis. Mass migration makes buyers.

INFLUX from all the states only towards Bangalore will be there for years to come. DIRECTIONS.

Take jayanagar point from there go south at least ten km or more as long as you are near to any ring road, and from \the ring road even if it is one KM development takes place so fast. undeveloped is the best.

You get bigger sized layout and if the size of the sites are 40 by 60 r 60 by 80 future you can sell it into two sites thus by selling one site you get one free. Fast development

Bangalore is going to be fastest growing city in the world I bet. WHY FASTEST GROWING CITY.

Here  culture is south Indian but tolerant to north Indian to eastern to western culture and IF YOU KNW ENGLISH .All you need to knw is English, even if you dont knw English, just being in Bangalore you will become expert in speaking English, this Delhi cant even Mumbai wont teach you english nor calcutta, no city


Yes day by day , yu learn so fast to make place of Bangalore, you will never feel fear of the money invested because along with this you can start a small business too. ANY BUSINESS ALSO.

Just watch how the marwaris make money at any place in Bangalore, but Marwaris dont enter in the field of real estate but my advice is also do small business of buying and selling along with joining with getting rental to lease of houses or rooms and along with become an owner of small plot any where near to the borders of ring roads only. RING ROADS FOR ANOTHER FEW YEARS

Yes it is ring roads connections and the bus services and also METRO WILL ADD FOR YOUR INVESTMENT SAFE.

before entering just roam all around Bangalore outskirts and you will belive me for certain.

more taza news will be in here because this is a gold mine review for those who are interested. Money spinner.

This city was never like this as I can remember, now it is growing like a giant who has woken up from his deep sleep, suddenly all round growth is taking place, the day you visit first any site, it will not impress you, you feel so boring and sleepy too. Boring and sleepy too.

Before you want to buy give at least five to six visit time, to become familar to the place.First time it is so difficult to remember the place, location and even land marks are so absent, you feel so blank too. Blank is the foundation for interest to invest.

when we feel bored to death and sleepy also for real estate, question comes who will buy from me. ANSWER.

If after four visits , you are impressed to really buy and register in your name means, before you are going to register there will be another buyer from you and he may offer 50 percent more than you have paid means is it not worth the try to put and gain and again invest at another point in BANGALORE.


uptodating on hourly basis, i am so sure this review will become guidelines for those who are strangers for Bangalore. Very ordinary people into mega rich

I am really astonished to find the level of inteligence need not be exposed or tried to be found out, the subject is possible growth of your capital that is you, the little capital money you can bring from your own family and able to get enough funds from your friends and aquaintance all make a lot of source for one who just entered and able to inch by inch encroach in the field of real estate. AGRICULTURE FIELD TO REAL ESTATE.

South of Bangalore towards kanakapura is quite rich source of water and in future days to come those who are capable to invest in green house, nurseries and other biotech related with agriculture can place their idea of investment towards kanakapura area but even this agriculture area is also attracting dwellings. THE GAIN IN KANAKAPURA AREA.

Future ring roads, railway line extension, metro service to Bangalore city bus service and again enough auto facility also wide roads, ring roads again and automobiles to speed to reach destination all will constitute even south of Bangalore also a good lottery place for real estate. REAL ESTATE MAKES ONE PROSPEROUS.

Gone are those days when investment in real estate took three decades to grow, now it is in terms of weeks or months, that means one can rotate his funds , good will and agreement that before expire able to have next transaction and again another transaction because of making from 20 percent to 40 percent profit is this not a greater feel for those who want to make lot of money. compare real estate in Bangalore with working in an industry.

if one can earn say from thirty thousand to fifty thousand in business places as staff, here you are the boss, the feel of boss and owning time leisurely is too prosperous. GOLD MINE REALLY REAL ESTATE BUSINESS IN BANGALORE NOW.

Rush rush just like gold diggers from England towards south africa and other places in USA for gold , same way the call or news hot news is real estate entry in Bangalore. ONCE AGAIN THE TIPS ARE.

Take lot of time, visit, revist the site you want to buy.  Tell your relatives, friends and others from your place on the details of growth in Bangalore. Tamilnadu, Andhra, kerala and other north indian people.

Entire Andhra people are after investment in Bangalore, they buy hundreds of acres of land, say for fifty lakhs and you can get site for say from 500 to 1200 the first year, and in two years this same will fetch you more than three times. EVERYONE FROM TAMILNADU.

Do you each person from tamilnadu want own a flat in Bangalore, their sons work in Bangalore, they marry a girl from karnataka.

Marrying a girl from karnataka be he is from Andhra or Tamilnadu except keralite who marry their own place girls, the effect will be the boys from Andhra and Tamilnadu are BECOMING BANGALOREANS. what is this to do.

One become so fast native of Bangalore, n the same way I am guiding you just enter Bangalore as a curiosity and become and return as a rich person for life.

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