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Reviews on Halal Housing, Bangalore

Mar 18, 2022 09:24 PM Read

I was ready to invest in this builder but after further enquiry found out that these guys as money eating sharks no different from hundreds of cheaters out there. I further researched into their credentials and found out that their projects are not approved by authorities, quality is poor and no post sales support. I am staying away from fellows.
Dec 13, 2021 04:41 PM Read

Was very excited the moment I came to know that such an Halal option is available in Bangalore. without 2nd thoughts finalized the property they showed me. After I gave close to 10 Lacs, they later tell me that the flat is still under final surrender discussion with previous owner. Isnt this daylight cheating and lying to your Customers who trusted you. The poor reviews here are absolutely correct. Legal action wont affect them much I guess thats why they continue to find new customers to cheat.please dont fall trap to them., Be cautious, they are like crocodiles eyeing for your money but always talk in a soft and well mannered behaviour. When you start asking for your money that is when the tone and behaviour changes as if it is their baap ka paisa. Sincere request do not fall into their trap.
Nov 27, 2021 12:07 PM Read

Dear Friends, Do not fall into their trap, here is how these fellows operate.

1) First They show you a huge flat that is about to be finished claiming it is already returned by previous owner and there are no obligations

2) Collect the advance money of 5 Lakhs to 10 lakhs

3) Later tell you that the previous buyer has not "fully" returned the flat and is now not responding. They give all lame excuses once they have taken your money

4) they make you wait for 1 - 2 months that the previous owner is not responding

5) then they show you some other under construction building and try to convince you to buy a flat there

6) By now you know their gam, If you disagree, then they will put you on a waiting game to return you own money!.

If you still are not convinced by what I have mentioned, choice is yours. Give them the money and get trapped or safe guard your money and invest in a genuine builder


Halal Housing - Bangalore
Nov 27, 2021 11:44 AM Read

This company is fraud and so are their projects. Requesting buyers to first see their existing projects and talk to residents before you invest your hard earned money. Once you do that you surely change your mind!.
Nov 10, 2021 11:42 PM Read

Long kurta and beard and a nice smile - Typical of fraudsters or ponzi schemers of Bangalore. Beware bangaloreans,

This is another bubble about to burst very soon. Illegal projects, cheapest quality constructions, no maintenance, risk to life and limb. This is what is on offer if you want to buy a house from them. Wooing you in the name of religion and halal means of building a house is nothing but false promises which will NOT be kept. Simply ask for an approved govt plan of their houses and they will not have any. The positive reviewers on this platform are either themselves or their cronies. There is nothing halal about it if you intentionally hide facts, lie to your customers even though on the outset your payment scheme may seem halal. I only wish more of their existing customers wake up before new customers fall prey to them

From a retired Senior Citizen who was cheated and lied to by Ahmed H and his Cronies.

May your company collapse because of my curse .May you be rendered helpless just the way you lied to me and people like me - Aameen
May 16, 2021 10:57 AM Read

Halal Housing must be a subject for a case study on how to fool and loot muslims on the name of islam. It is a shame that our own people destroying muslims financially by selling them illegal buildings which has either no approvals from authorities or not constructed as per approved plan. The projects are also not registered with RERA so you can not take any legal action against the builder. People should ask builder to provide all necessary approval documentsand RERA registration numberbefore buying the flats other wise you will not get good resale value for your flats and risk of loosing your flats if authorities take any action against the illegal contractions. Better get a good lawyer to scrutinize the documents first.
Sep 13, 2020 12:12 AM Read (via Mobile)

Halal housing follow Islamic guidelines and are genuinely affordable. They are doing great work for the truly believers. They work transparently. Share updates on time. They are responsive for queries. Had positive experience with them. Their genuine affordable prices are great competition to the current market rates which have hidden charges of middle men and advertising. Which are skipped in halal housing. I am happy and grateful for having dealt with them. May Allah give them great success and protect them from the competitors who sell the same deal with additional charges.
Aug 10, 2020 10:41 PM Read

Axxxxx Hxxxx sb, when I met him first I felt like God has sent the angle to earth in his body.Slowly as time passed I learned about this gentleman.

He uses the name of Allah, religion for trapping the people.

He is no different than scammer IMA and one day he will also be absconding.

Ethically unless you are not the legal owner of something you can't really sell that but that's not the case with this Iblis. Even if one of his friends is holding just a sale agreement, this man creates a beautiful floor plan and starts selling the flat and starts taking the booking amount.

If you fall into his trap and make some booking and slowly if you get to know about his reality on legal grounds and if you want to withdraw, he will say I can return your money only after I find some replacement. That takes 1-2 years also some time.Your investment with him is like your hand in the crocodile's mouth. For us, it took more than a year and it cames in small-2 pieces, in a way that we could not utilize it for any other investment purpose.

He has no integrity, all his beard, topi, kurta, and pajama is to fool people. Axxxxx sb. Looting so many people, Scamming so many people, you will definitely go to hail. You have our curse and we are sure you have the curse of hundreds of other innocent families like us.

We dreamt of owning a house without interest and you showed us the dream but you never told us legal reality, since we had no experience we also did not know about these aspects. Later you tell us it's our fault that we did not ask you about these legal aspects and that legal aspect.Axxxxx sb when we buy some product from a showroom we expect that it's not faulty.You tell us it was our fault that why did we not dig deeper into details why something that cost 6000 is available for 2800.

Today you have tens of thousands of people as your followers on the day of judgment also you will have tens of thousands of people who will be happy when almighty will put you in hellfire.

Also, the day will soon come when all your victims will unite among themselves and you will have no place remaining on earth to hide.

You will get your rewards in both worlds inshallah.
Jul 17, 2020 07:58 PM Read

How Bangalore Muslims fell prey to ‘high’ returns in the name of Islam by Halal Ventures

Duping in the name of Halal investments is an issue that has left thousands of Indian Muslims confused, scared and angry. Muslims in two cities -Hyderabad and Bangalore are especially at the receiving end, yet there is every chance that unless you are from that region and following local media, you may have no clue that thousands of Muslims have been duped over just the past year in the name of “Halal” investments.

Ahmed Hasan is fraud and he cheat people with nice Islamic speech and attire.

He attract the people with his writing and speaking skills. unfortunatelymany NRI are victim of his money minded evilness.

He has DNA for cheating only only in Real Estate but also in IT.As director of mPower he had dumped own employees taking away their hard earn salary, PF, TDS amount. He was also cheated many vendor and government .

All his project has litigation in land which he will hide from all the investors and buyers .All his project has 200% deviation and you will never get BBMP approval

Gottigere, Anjanapura, Hosur and Jigni are excellent case study of his evilness.

Please don't fall prey to his money minded tricks.

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