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Project By Godrej Properties, Gurgaon

Under Construction
Sector 106, Gurgaon
Price On Request
Under Construction
Sector 79, Gurgaon
Price On Request
2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Sector 79, Gurgaon
Price On Request
1,2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Sector 88A, Gurgaon
Price On Request
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Sector 88A, Gurgaon
Price On Request
2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Sector 104, Gurgaon
Price On Request
3,4 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Sector 104, Gurgaon
Price On Request
3,4 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Sector 104, Gurgaon
₹65.99 L - ₹1.54 Cr
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Godrej Properties, Gurgaon

May 05, 2022 06:50 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am a regular real estate investor and hence have thoroughly researched many properties on the DEX before investing.

I have made multiple visits to Godrej Meridien ( directly) and met Mr Amit Sejwal ( very rude , high headed and corrupt salesman ) .

Everytime after my visit I got a call from a different channel partner to buy Sobha.

Anyways , coming to the pros and cons of the project -

Pros - Decent room sizes with wardrobe space, spacious balconies.

Swimming pool length , two lawn tennis courts.

Cons -

  1. High loading factor ( one of the highest on DEX ).

  2. Lobby experience isnt anywhere close to luxury.

  3. Biggest drawback is the plot -

a. Irregular plot which is surrounded by a pond on the 75 MTR road (fisheries activity still active on the pond ) , Stp on the other side , drain on the 60 MTR road which stinks too much, 1.5 acres vacant plot between the project and the 60 MTR road is owned by villager and in future would house shanties and irregular shops such as garages , wine shops etc. .650 sqyd plot inside the project is owned by villager and would have the same fate as the plot on the 60 MTR road leading to law and order situation.

b. Big revenue road running throughout the project which Godrej claims isn't operational is completely active and would pose security issues inthe future , just imagine your kids have to cross the revenue road to go to the clubhouse. This revenue road is a public road and would lead to nuisance in the future and developer can't control its access.

Traffic movement loop of the project is also through the revenue road.

c. Project Entry -

The developer claims to have three entries -

  1. From 24 MTR road -( Main entry of the project )

The 24 MTR road entry would never come up in atleast a decade because the 24 MTR road land hasn't even been acquired by the government the land is owned by villagers.

  1. From 60 MTR road -

Single carriageway entry been made on a culvert covering the drain. As per plans on the rera website it's a temporary access and was earlier 18mtr wide however now due to land issues it's only 12 MTR wide ( so much for grand entry experience of the so called luxury development).

  1. Entry from 75 MTR road to the club house - This entry is under dispute from the affordable developer mrg who has bought the land. Parking mess is well known around affordable group housings.

The project will suffer the same fate as Godrej Summit which has absolutely no clear access even after 4 years of handing over possession.

d. The 66000 sqft club house includes the area of all the sports amenities such as lawn tennis courts skating rink etc and party lawn . So not really 66000 sqft per se.

e. Expensive Brand tie ups in the club would lead to seperate monthly club usage charges of around 5 to 8k per month.

f.Miven construction is only done in 2 towers rest all is brick Ash conventional construction.

g. Construction and finish quality of Godrej is a big question mark which is evident from the delivered projects such as summit, frontier oasis and aria.

h. Godrej tend to drop prices of the property at the time of possession by around 40 percent. Due to this reason investors stay away from them.

i.Customer care has a big scope of improvement. Highly unprofessional and non responsive telling from first hand experience of owning a property in Summit.

Conclusion - Don't get trapped in 5his property because neither the end user not the investor will reap any benefit from this investment.

Many other developers in the vicinity have better projects and far superior construction quality.
Jan 30, 2022 04:49 PM Read

Super luxury product in best price. room sizes are really spacious and club house is huge 66000 sqft. connectivity is superb and very low density project with around 51 flat / acre. they are making this project with aluminium form work, whivh is one of the advanced construction technology these days.
Nov 13, 2021 01:35 AM Read (via Mobile)

There is a continuous outage of electricity for last 3 months. Electric meters are running due to generator supply and costing sky high. People living here are mute spectators and spineless who don't even want to complain or raise voice. Roads are like village with construction work always going on. Cbre staff is ultra rude incompetent. Living here is a nightmare itself. Not recommended at all.


Godrej Summit - Sector 104 - Gurgaon
Oct 20, 2021 12:04 AM Read

Godrej has cheated us. Being a brand we brought our first home, but as soon as we moved in, we realized the quality of construction is very poor. The service is also average, poor maintainance and limted services. We were promised for 101 amenities, which are still not ready. The parking is still not ready, no safety measurements on the roads like reflectiors/speed breakers specially when the kids are playing in the society. Wooden flooring is of poor quality, they have puffed up within a month since we moved in. electrical fitting/door locks and fittings are of poor quality. We have got them repaired 3-4 times within months.Their maintance team is very unresponsive and we have to fight for everything. There's very dirty water in the toilet flushes. Unkempt parks with tall grasses. Once there was snake spotted in the main park also there are too many mosquitos. Godrej team is not at all keen to resolve the issues of the residents. Their senior team members are not even replying to our mails. Not at all expected from a brand like Godrej!
Jun 16, 2021 09:00 AM Read

As an owner, I am impressed with timely delivery of project. I chose Godrej as I knew they will keep their commitment and will serve the clients well.

I visited to the site and found that they have done everything which they committed. I liked the site and happy with my decision.

Godrej is better than any other NCR developers.
Jun 15, 2021 10:24 AM Read (via Mobile)

I am a real estate analyst in a big MNC, I thought it's my responsibility to give my facts and my opinion. Please read then decide.

  • FYI MIVEN construction or total RCC construction is very good and used all over the world , it increases the life of the whole building, also choose full RCC construction not inside Ash bricks. That is useless.

Second FYI - Dwaraka expressway is still not good for investment for next 8-10 years. Yes govt is making the best road and it will connect directly to Delhi . But market usually work on demand and supply . extension road and SPR will be still good for investment for next 10 years. Because there is no land and demand is high because of offices and all activities are happening there. If you think the whole ecosystem will come to Dwarka expressway in 10 years then you can live that dream. The actual price of Dwaraka expressway in 2021 is 5500 per sqft. If you are buying anything above this that is loss, put money in FD that will give you more money. But if you have time frame more than 10 years then you can think .

Now I tell you what are the cons of Godrej meridian which in future will reduce its price by 30-40% , same happened with godrej summit people bought it at 7500 now they are selling at 4000 per Sqft .

1.) The plot patch is uneven not a square or rectangular

2.) Builder will hide with you the fact that it's main entry is from 24 meter road , rest is all temporary . Please check on RERA website I have added in the attachment the approved.

3.) There is a big Revenue Raasta of 17 feet in front of clubhouse which comes in between the project and any outsider can come inside this road it's a govt road and they cannot change it.

4.) There is a 650sq yard / Gaj others land in the centre of the project which is disputed land and anyone will claim it can construct anything on it , no-one can stop.

5.) The 24 meter road divide the project on the right end , shops and school is shifted on the other end of that road.

6.) Maintainace charges are going to be very high which they are no disclosing now , it will be equal to the rent of 2bhk builder floor.

7.) 106 sector is not a clean sector it , when you come from Dwaraka expressway you will find the village through which you will pass. So in future outside security will be some issue.

8.) Price is 9000per sqft in 2021 with all the specification in all rooms they quote you 9500 but if you are a good negotiater then you will get 9000 per sft . Which is very high price if you take the location in consideration . After the construction will be done and people can see what they are selling they prices will surely drop.

9.) Behind affordable flats are coming which will be facing towards Meridian .

10.) There is a 1.5 acre of private land in fron of project through which godrej temporary 18 meter entrance is there . In future we don't know what will open on that land.

11.) On EWS entry also there is patch of private land

12.) Godrej is showing 1 EWS and 3 godrej entry , I haven't seen 4 entry in 14 acre land .

13.) If you check Google there is a drain also which Godrej have covered .

My research and recommendations says if you want to buy this property better wait till possession and see the full structure and then decide , it's a very risky project at a very high price , don't go only on name you have godrej summit example and person who wants to sell he will always try to convince you without facts
Apr 14, 2021 10:51 PM Read (via Mobile)

As an owner, i am happy with the quality of the product i have got. When most builders have faulted, godrej has delivered. Kudos
Mar 18, 2021 11:48 AM Read (via Mobile)

We have made the biggest mistake by buying a property in Godrej meridian. Their sales team behaviour has changed a lot now. Property is over priced. They have no fixed price of the property. You keep bargaining. It's better to go through channel partner and buy a property.
Mar 05, 2021 01:33 PM Read (via Mobile)

Don't buy, totally uncooperative staff , once payment done they dont respond mail or pick calls.

hard earned money .Please don't take chances your money can be invested on better projects.
Feb 26, 2021 01:50 PM Read (via Mobile)

Bought an apt in gurgaon.

There were too many issues in buying process . Bills and construction statis were not communicated . Wrong bills processed. Even at time of handover process was a mess.

After renting out the apt , the quality of apt is not good. Seapages , cracks are there.

These are all sub standard quality offered undee premium apartment name. One gets cheated . The builders like Godrej are turning to be thied grade builder
Jan 05, 2021 02:20 PM Read (via Mobile)

If you are looking for a residential property. Never opt for Godrej. Its behavior is very good before you book a property there. It will syphon a major part of your money and then its behavior will change. They go on changing their phone numbers. You can't contact them. Your mail will not be entertained. They will not cooperate and answer your quarries. Its my personal experience.
Nov 10, 2020 11:04 AM Read

The sales team is full of crook who makes false promise in start. once you pay initial money, the complete behaviour changes. The CRM will harass you with interest in every day. They are not company with words and will lie at every stage.

The location is far from the city and surrounded by villages and affordable housing

Don't go with Godrej brand name. It is as like any other bogus builder of NCR. STAY AWAY AND SAFE YPUR MONEY
Apr 13, 2020 07:54 PM Read

Dear Buyer, I have been the victim of Godrej unethical practice where they do not honor their quote and ask for a different price. They are doing the same fraud across the NCR and you could not trust the Sales and management team of Godrej NCR

So salaried buyer STAY AWAY FROM GODREJ .

Try Searching "Godrej Fraud Noida"and you will find Navbharat times articles
Jan 03, 2020 01:31 AM Read

Godrej Oasis, a project Godrej Properties, sec 88A, Gurugram, Haryana

I have filed a legal case against Godrej Oasis in HRRERA Gurugram about their unlawful representation and delivery apart from that their customer service also unjust and don't respond to customer repeated emails for the refund of their amount after the cancellation of the unit.
Dec 03, 2019 03:14 PM Read


I invested in Godrej Propertiesin their Gurgaon Project and must say that was one of my worst decision to trust Godrej.

In past I have always dealt with good builders like Wadhwa, Mahendra & Mahendra etc and never faced the kind of challenges, I faced with GP. Some of the problems faced:

  1. I was among the initial investors but after 3 years they started selling the properties at much discounted prices causing a great loss to initial investors.

  2. Their book keeping is so horrible that they start charging you interest on delayed payment even if the delay is on their end.

  3. The communication that are sent are replied by computer without any personal touch and to the point replies.

  4. The property is still not being registered while they are handing over the flats. No clear answer as why property is not be registered.

  5. The customer care is very arrogant and one of the worst I have seen.

Overall a very bad experience and a loss making preposition. The construction quality is also average. They are not justifying the brand Godrej. Will strongly recommend not to invest with them and avoid suffering.

Hope it helps some!
Jun 22, 2019 01:01 AM Read

Some of the major reasons why the Real Estate is turning out to be a big hurdle in been able to reduce the price of the property is that there has been a combination of a lack of supply, regulatory hurdles that have come in the way of new launches.
Jun 13, 2019 09:11 PM Read

So as to reduce the time that goes behind the tediously infuriating process of purchasing the rental property, many local real estate agents who are paid by the developers. And in doing that the buyers can not only save time and cost but also contact proper people of contact who can get the work done.
Jun 04, 2019 09:06 PM Read

This has been a very big cause for many of the parking demand that is generated by a specific group of uses and it is seen that it is not being accommodated on the site of those specific locations or even within the adjacent on-street spaces.
Jun 04, 2019 01:21 PM Read

There have been several cases where the developers have charged extra fee from the buyer, details of which are not known and it is becoming difficult to certainly attribute the cost to any specific charges.
Jun 04, 2019 01:59 AM Read

Many of the currently living residential members have been cringing about the prices of the properties up surging with high prices since the past few years now. The salary cuts have further contributed to the slow down in the sales and the purchase rates of some of the most premium projects.

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