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21/19, Craig Park Layout, MG Road, Bengaluru 560001, KA

Project By G Corp Group, Bangalore

Under Construction
Koramangala, Bangalore
₹1.6 Cr - ₹3.3 Cr
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Thanisandra, Bangalore
₹1.35 Cr - ₹1.42 Cr
3,4 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on G Corp Group, Bangalore

Feb 13, 2022 11:12 PM Read

A little background-lived on rent there for 2 years after buying the same property as builder promised to deliver soon.

TO be fair, lets begin with the pros the location is good, floor plan is good with 10 feet ceiling height, good amount of open space .


open naala with stink

just outside gate sewer and nala muck is dumped by BBMP which stays for weeks and months and no one clears it

building material not premium

too many plumbing issues

very stinky flush waterwhose stink filling the whole house very often

subpar cheap wooden vinyl

cheap vitrified tiling

cheap aluminium frame ceiling in bathroom.

too high maintainence charges.

Now lets discuss about builder

no surprises here - the usual sly slippery lying conniving kind

false promises

rude and highly uncooperative after payments are made.

They are a rare breed even for the builder category .

among a lot of my legitimate demands they even are not ready to give autucad layout of the flat for which 95% paid .just imagine how uncooperative .

also they plan to make many more additional towers in clusters and will remain in the premises for the next 7-10 years I assure you and you will be living in a construction site with extreme noise ans air pollution as they donot follow government timing rules of 10 to 6 silence not to mention constant traffic of non police verified outside workers vendors etc

also they are in charge of property maintainence and charge what they wish and never forthright with where money goes and they will remain so for at least 10 years until resident association forms.

my suggestion - think and research before you buy.

very high price for substandard homes and uncooperative builder.

if you still like property please buy from previous owner and worst case even from builder buy only OC received property .

read the builder contract very carefully, donot sign any supplemental agreements which they will force you to sign later when unable to deliver .

look forillegal clauses included in contract. donot sign before consulting lawyer.
Nov 20, 2019 09:39 AM Read

Having lived in the place for exactly a year I strongly suggest people avoid this property. There are more details below. All of the points below are from my experience and my discussions with residents who are in the committee


Excellent floor plans

Good open space

Proximity to upcoming metro station(when it comes)



  1. We are charged Rs. 4.65/sq ft. This does not include corpus or club house.

  2. For the amount we pay we cannot get a plumber or electrician to our apartment. For that we have to rely on urban clap. Senior citizens are helpless

  3. Tenants leave after a year. They do not want to pay such high maintenance and continue to have basic problems


  1. The borewells are dry. But corporation supplies the water. But unfortunaltey because of the design of internal pipes this water cannot be used. So tanker water is needed. Let me not comment on the quality of tanker water.

  2. There are serious plumbing issues. Water is pumped from the basement storage tanks and not from over head tanks. This has caused frequent pipe bursts. On an average we have water shutdown once a week. Some of these shutdowns are > 8 hours during the day.

  3. STP water is supplied for flushing stinks. This issue is faced by many apartment complexes in Bangalore. But I do not think they spend lakhs for this and continue to have the issue. The amount spent on STP plant is more than what is needed to get tanker water!

  4. The water pressure is so high in some apartments that faucets/geysers/water purifiers/washing machines get damaged.


  1. Frequent power outages. Though the property management(PM) blames this on BESCOM, I do not think so. The power fluctuates so frequently that appliances conk.

  2. Generators are supposed to kick in within 30 seconds but it takes 10-15 minutes sometimes. Imagine stuck in the lift or when you wait for the lift.


  1. Builder has tied up with airwire. There are issues with both airwire and the infrastructure provided. The are frequent packet drops and disconnections. When there is a power outage the servers have to reboot. So you lose internet. You cannot work from home. online TV is ruled out.


  1. There are 2 lifts for 28 floors(basement1, 2, 26 floors). This falls short massively. For garbage collection one lift is used and it takes~3 hours. There are frequent lift breakdowns and regular maintenance that happen for 8 hours. So in summary we have only 1 lift 50% of the time which is massive shortfall. Using the stairs is common during school time. Kids are suffering

  2. For power saving last week they decided to turn off one lift.

(The lift issue is something that I should have paid attention. I cannot blame the builder now)


Do not get fooled by their claim to be a IGBC gold compliant.

  1. There are massive fresh water wastage, pipes leak in the basements, rain water is pumped out instead of recharging.

  2. The whole place is concrete. There is no scope to plant trees. Whatever little that is planted at the edges would cause structural damage

  3. No in house composting. The machine broke down within 6 months.

  4. LED lights over time have been replaced with CFL

  5. Street lights were on solar energy when we moved in. Now they are connected to BESCOM because there are issues


Clubhouse was supposed to be operational in Dec 2016. It is Nov 2019 and stucture is not complete. When the clubhouse comes it is open to outsiders. Please be aware of this(I did not know)

There is no party hall. Events are hosted in the basement

one tennis court has temporary nets.

volleyball court is on the edge of property that the ball goes out because the wall height is low.

An open piece of land is called a football field where the ground is uneven.


Few apartments do not get sun at all

Noise in the area is high. Its from religious places and also generators from neighborhood

If you like to pay 10, 000 per month and struggle for water, electricity, internet, ameneties, lift then this is the place to be.
Nov 12, 2019 11:34 PM Read

Summary of what is shared in https://commonfloor.com/forum/55044b5011af1-any-negatives-about-g-corp-icon-in-banngalore-


  1. Ceiling height is better

  2. Decent open space

  3. Good social life


  1. Summary - Things that come to mind while thinking of ICON and its developer(can prove w/ specifics too):

a. Poor quality of construction, expensive maintenance

b. Worst/hideous CRM team

c. Absolutely not trustworthy and not transparent, non-committal

d. Bully/harass customers

e. Inefficient, incompetent - Developer as well as their facilities management(FM) team that manages the property

f. Not value for money

g. Absolutely no relation w/ integrity(Developer boasts about it)

h. Blame customers for poor quality of product/services provided by developer/FM

  1. Specifics - Issues that were faced by residents in last few years:

A. Legal, registration

a. Area of land mentioned in sale agreement, deed of owners of different blocks is varying.

b. Few who bought from investors were bullied by having them pay extra amount whereas few got away

c. Very high cost of registration, khata transfer

d. Residents can't take over property maintenance by forming association. Developer has kept the right to maintain property through its own property management company

B. Security

a. Hired again an agency which was removed earlier when one of its guard found guilty of attempt of child molestation

b. Security head had so many issues - abusive language, misbehavior w/ lady guard. Unfortunately, he is still in ICON

C. STP, water

a. STP didn't work for long time. Filthy water was supplied

b. Swapped STP water to wash-basin - can u imagine putting such water in your mouth?

c. So many pipe bursts, outages

d. Poor design - BWSSB supplies thru 6" pipe but ICON has 4"/3" pipes. So even if there is enough water supply from BWSSB, ICON buys tanker water due to which maintenance cost has increased

D. Electrical

a. Poor quality of switches, make noise, had to change some of them in few months of usage. Switches had caught fire in one of the apartments

b. Exhaust fans caught fire

c. Recently there was fire incident in common area of one of the towers due to electrical short-circuit

d. Too much of power fluctuation damaging devices inside few houses

E. Internet

a. Developer didn’t allow vendors other that its choice to provide service

b. Frequent outages, drop in speed

F. Piped gas

a. LPG equivalent of a regular cylinder used to get over in just 15 days. Residents have to prove how it’s not equivalent and hence rationalize the cost

b. FM blames interior designer/residents for breaking gas pipeline though issue was w/ the pipeline installed originally

G. Facility management(FM)/maintenance

a. Very high maintenance rate – 4.75 psft as of now even w/o club-house and other amenities

b. Worst ever. Inefficient

c. PM(project manager) has no sense of basic finance, how to manage property. He agrees to the things during meetings w/ residents and later disagrees. This kind of attitude runs from the top. Residents have faced such issues w/ developer’s CEO too.

d. FM puts no effort to reduce the cost, increase efficiency. Increased maintenance rate from 3.54 to 4.75 i.e.~30% increase in a year

e. There are incidences when residents got few things done at a cost 10 times lesser that what FM proposed

G. Quality of fixtures/fittings, materials used inside house, common issues

a. Many replaced health faucets, door locks within few months of occupation

b. Incorrect slopes in balcony - damaged wooden flooring in bedroom due to water seepage

c. Walls are very weak

d. Menace of mosquitoes, snakes, monkeys. Foul smell of drainage at times

e. Basements collect lot of water when it rains. Lot of dust in them

f. Developer doesn’t allow external agency to inspect apartment before hand-over

g. Few faced issues of inadequate size of car parking lot

  1. Advice to new homebuyers:

A. Talk to the residents before investing hard-earned money

B. Home in ICON is appearing like a white elephant. Maintenance cost is drilling bigger n bigger hole every year passing by

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