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46-A, 3rd Phase, 1st Main Road, J P Nagar, Bangalore 560078, KA

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Avalahalli, Bangalore
₹56.14 L - ₹67.26 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Concorde Group, Bangalore

Aug 11, 2016 11:15 AM Read

Concorde Tech turf is built on little part of Grave yard, left out public grave(Active!) is just next to compound wall. And the property is located in the slum. Grave yard as roads on 2 sides and tech turf on one side and back side pvt property. 70% of available apartments from 2nd floor onwards have clear grave yard view.

Almost bought through sales person there(Manjunath, beware of him). Cheaters, years before they were selling  certain floor plan at  lesser SBA area(carpet area then was  approx 73%) and from an year the very same floor plan are sold at higher SBA(carpet area now for same plan 62%).

On thorough verification found that they have increased SBA by some 15-18%!. Compared old brochure(not so old, just 1 year back) and current offered brochure(its a booklet with floor plans) and found no change made to sizes of spaces inside the floor plan. except now they are giving a swimming pool for which work hasn't started yet!.

Even their cost sheet gives goosebumps, really odd looking one I say!. which clearly rises lot of concern. They divided basic cost into parts one part as land cost and other as construction like a villa. I saw a big wet patch on the walls next to steercase while visiting their marketing office which is an ready apartment. The lift they put is unheard brand risking residents life, some Heptez brand. Sales person took me to an ready apt just opp to marketing office(made a ready apt as their office) where the paint and putty literally chipping out just above the skirting. Darker toilets. Botched work over all with cracks. Water Tech fittings in toilet,  Chinese brand taps(hard water will destroy it in few years). Gimmicks of sales person there. They were selling at 3900 psft for more then an year but recently increased to 4100psft. Witnessed same day leaked pipeline in duct in A block,  water was literally pouring like falls. Happened to meet existing customer who  is selling his apartment for reasons.
Jun 02, 2016 04:16 PM Read

I think a lot of people are beginning to realise what a shitty job concorde group has done with their Concorde South Scape project!

The association is being eye washed by the builders with fake promises.

I find that my apartment leaks from the bathroom water of upstairs and I've had to spend 1 lac just repairing the water problems in the flat. BTW I know this sounds crazy, but none of the 1 lac was spent in my own bathroom, but in the bathroom of the person living upstairs! But hey it was worth because the water finally stopped seeping.

My repeated emails to MD and other management of Concorde bounced and most of my calls went unanswered. The calls that did go through were to mostly inform me that the management is on business trip in China or Dubai or some international hi-fi place, where they can spend our hard earned money. Now I want to keep this review non-personal, although it does make my blood boil thinking of how easily they could've fixed the issues at their end and at almost no cost in percentage wise to them.

When I read about the threats made to life to their own ex employees, customers, I am afraid of revealing my own real name.

Now after spending 45 lacs on 2 BHK and spending further 1 lac(and counting), I can tell you one thing, don't take whatever they say at face value, do your research before buying from Frauds like CONCORDE GROUP - "BANGALORES FINEST FRAUSTERS".

Also pre-launches are illegal now with the introduction of some new bill, but I see Concorde group shameless pre-launching new projects left-right and center. I am guessing they are paying heft bribes and doing some criminal activity to eye wash the public. This happens only in India! Acche Din will definitely not come with fraud people like concorde.

Apr 08, 2016 01:42 AM Read

I chose to book an apartment with Concorde because I liked features in one of their projects. I booked, signed agreement papers and I paid the booking amount plus full down payments from my pockets. I wish I had taken bad reviewed about Concorde Group more seriously.

After I got hooked to them and by the time bank(suggested by Concorde itself) verified property papers, Concorde said that the market price for the property has increased by about 5 lacs.

I did not agree to pay even a penny more that what is agreed in agreement papers. Cancelled, got my money back. I made some losses while getting the money back also - Concorde did not pay interest, lost about 50k money as loan was already approved and I had to pay pre-closure charges. There was so much of stress the, but I am a happy man as I now have apartment with one of the top builders in Bangalore(I did not take name as I do not want this review to be seen as marking message for some other builder).

Bottom line: Stay away from Concorde Group. Extend your budget a little and go for Tier-1 builders.


Concorde Group - Bangalore
Sep 28, 2015 12:13 PM Read

Planning to book a flat in concorde epBrianbalakumaranme.I felt there's a potential growth in that area.

currently they are quoting starting price as 44 lacs.

Please let me know if I can get something better in this budget in electronic city.

Also, will electronic city be a good option?

Has someone got the property verified?Are they providing OC/CC?

If someone planning to book, contact me on can negotiate better.
Sep 22, 2015 09:16 AM Read

Building quality is subpar and not pays the money we pay for the price.

Post service is awful and they hardly care about you once they turned the villa to you. Stay away from this builder and their property.
Feb 19, 2015 08:25 AM Read

I have booked in Concorde AMBER @ Sarjapur road, After some time we meet with many other owners. Overall the experience till date with many is good. Their response rate is good and Constructionguru30 quality/concept is really good. Shruthisharma/marketing team always clarified our doubts so always felt confident about Concorde.

Constructionguru30 pace is pretty good compared to some big homebasics in that area. morpheushumanpeful to have joyful journey with Concorde guys.

Regards, Sandeep
Dec 02, 2014 01:28 PM Read

After a long search and high expectation, I booked a 30*50 Villa @ Concorde Group Napa Valley project way back in 2010, by paying 2 lakhs as booking amount. After a year & half  later they smorpheushumanwn up all of a sudden and said that they can’t deliver our Villa at the cost, which has been decided earlier and there will be an increase of 10-11 Lakhs.  Some of us argued with them, but they are very arrogant and not even ready to listen to us.

Many of our group members went ahead cancelled. But some of us realized the  fact after searching nearby areas, land prices had smorpheushumant up very much in the entire area and we won’t be getting any benefit out of cancelling, after wamajeechang about 2 years.  So we decided to continue with them by paying an extra 11 Lakhs.

After all, we have seen lot of variation in the Constructionguru30 /material specification from the brochures, to the final agreement and at this time you can do nothing, as they simply ignore your voice. And Finally the Villa mould design has been constructed and to mine and many of other owners surprise.

We have noticed that the so called well decorated architecture and designed team of Concorde, designed a highly sophisticated Villa witmorpheushumanut the provision of Wash basin in Dining area.  What a pity … to our questions they are simply excusing, by saying you can use the wash basin in the G-Floor toilet.

So the moral of the story, don’t go for any villa/morpheushumanuse project until and unless, you have an nhassurance that the builder gives you absolute freedom to decide your needs and wants. Otherwise after paying out all your life time earnings you will get something that will be a useless thing.


Jul 16, 2014 10:49 AM Read

I have been searching since last 6 months to get a house of my choice. After a lot of search and research, I came down to Concorde Group for their Napa Valley Project. This is my third home. Their project ideas are fresh, innovative and up to date. We had lot of issues in Midway City and Manhattan which was my earlier project but they managed to handle it well. As usual a customer never gets satisfied irrespective of the value so I could not, but when I compared the value vs price between them and all other builders, I got myself corrected. The lifestyle amenities that they provide are really phenomenal. In their Manhattan project, the amenities provided are more than what was promised to me. Then club house is a beautiful place to relax yourselves and the lush green lawns and gardens are amazing in these two projects. Another thing that I really admire about them is their sense of commitment towards customer satisfaction from their new team. They managed to get rid of all rowdies and unscrupulous man working in the organization.

After 6 months of research, struggle of moving property to property, I visited their Napa valley project at Kanakpura road and to my surprise, everything got changed. I was amazed to see the Quality and the development inside the layout and on the kanakpura road. The whole area is so developed that I do not see any villa project opportunity in near future at that price. The road widening work is also going on. I was told that the water is available at 400 feet which I got it reconfirmed from the neighboring houses.  The construction finish was so smooth which was making it hard to believe on how a developer got transformed from average quality to best quality which I could not even compare with the best builders in Bangalore. Prior to visiting this project, I also visited one biggest apartment project near caffe day which was few km before this project, pathetic. Prices Vs values are unmatched on the negative side. Apartments are like matchboxes. The total cost per carpet area is too costly and even costlier than the villa total cost per carpet area.

I hope they will deliver all promises which are being promised for Napa Valley project. I am yet to decide on my third home, which I think, it would be this project. I am doing little bit more research before I book it, but I am afraid that the prices may go up further. I have already lost close to about 400 rupees per square feet in last 6 months on account of opportunity.

Guys, be careful of their false promises of super built up area, carpet area and built up area. Always compare your prices on the carpet area.
Feb 17, 2014 06:03 PM Read

I am a victim of Concorde Builders. I bought an apartment in south scape and facing lots of difficulties since then. False promises about everything(Facilities, Deadline, Quality Etc). Basic amenities like Lift, Compound wall, Power back up are not functional yet. But should have been completed atleast a year back. Lots of cracks in the building already. Alarming cracks in beams too. Mr Jaikumar is the project manager and the worst person I have ever met. He never remembers his promise. He never regrets to lie. Worst guy. Same with Mr Khan and others who manage the project. They never listen to customers and never keep promise. Do not fall for false marketing. Do not buy South scape/ Epitome or Wind rush.All are screwed up projects.


Jan 25, 2014 01:12 PM Read

I had a very bad experience in South Scape and I took the step to get my problem solved by mailing the tuv-sud (which is a ISO certification) since Concorde is ISO certified.

I mailed to the mail id and got my problem solved to an extent.

If any one has problem in any projects of Concorde write to, and your problem will be solved.
Jan 07, 2014 07:32 PM Read

I am sharing my experience as happened

1) There was delay from Builder side by at least 12 months

2) Quality is good for the price you pay

3) Read each and every word of a sale agreement
Jan 05, 2014 06:55 PM Read

I own and live in Villa no 17 in Sylvan View. I have had very pleasant interaction with Concorde so far.

Concorde has done more than what they have promised here. Clubhouse and swimming pool was ready when the layout was completed and they also made provision to setup the association office along completing all amenities before handover.

They have also setup grocery and vegetable facilities.

The staff is very helpful. The comments on the clubhouse written by someone is not entirely correct. The clubhouse is given free of charge for the last 3 years and the residents have used it free of cost.

The residents welfare association is in discussion with Concorde on future usage of clubhouse and Concorde is entirely co-operative.
Dec 29, 2013 01:04 AM Read

Marketing team: committed price 1.5 years back Rs. 2990/- per sqft inclusive of.

  1. Car parking.

  2. Service tax & VAT.

  3. Premium charges Rs.200/- for corner & east/west facing or combination of both.

So, they have written in the booking form as Rs. 2990/-+ registration. While asking they said no extra charges except registration on Sep 1st  2012.

But after selecting the flat they sent a huge list which is around 6-7 lakhs more than my budget price. All the additional charges are car parking extra, service tax extra, VAT extra, extra premium charges etc.

Its all eye-wash. Pre booking discount is fake. Simply trap the customers and before agreement they will reveal all the charges at the end. At that time they will ask for "Are you having any e-mail mentioning all the above said components are included?" They intentionally didn't send e-mail but they will ask for the same at the end.

Its all drama! - Marketing team don't send any e-mail while booking explicitly telling all the components are include in the price. But they commit orally. But during the agreement time the same people ask for proof. At last in the drama we the customers are the jokers.

Beware! all the details that the marketing team committed during booking should be recorded or written in details and we need to investigate each and every work like a lawyer. Because they are liars.:)

At last my story ended in cancelling my booking! I lost the interest of my booking money Rs.1 lakh for around 1.5 years.
Dec 18, 2013 05:13 PM Read

This is such a disgusting move from this worst concorde group to squeeze money from the customer is that they are indulging in different mod us operand I to make money.Now they want to beg for more money from the existing customers of sylvan view in the means of club house usage charges on top of taking membership charges.

Other than this they are giving the same sylvan view club for the usage of south scape customers and wind rush customers.

God knows how they are certified by ISO?

And these threatening mails which don't even have the contact details.

Dear Sir,

Please note that the payment of usage charges is mandatory, failing which the access to the usage of Club House facilities would be barred with immediate effect.

Thanks & Regards,

Concorde Group
Dec 14, 2013 04:24 PM Read

I bought a flat in pre launch offer in Tech Turf project and they had assured me that the price quoted is all inclusive and except the registration charges and now they are telling that there are other charges. This is such a disgusting attitude by Concorde Group.

My friends have told me that they are doing the same since many years even for their previous projects, Manhattans, Silicon Valley, Cuppertino and all.

The customer care is so pathetic that for every thing they tell that they need to consult their management.
Sep 27, 2013 05:38 PM Read

Concorde group and I would like to say thank to everyone at Concorde group for the highly efficient manner in which  my whole project handled. In particular we would like to make mention of our project manager who was absolutely outstanding not only in work but also to respond the all quires of customer. Nothing was ever, everything too much trouble no matter how important or trivial the request was.

This is my second project with Concorde group and I can honestly say that whilst the last project was good this was a great improvement in all things like in amenities, quality etc. We are looking forward to the next one. I have recommended to all of you and other people who are buying the home in Bangalore. I never hesitate to recommend this builder to my friends and family.
Sep 21, 2013 01:44 AM Read

I can certify that after living in this dump for 2 years it is worse than living in a slum. there is water leaking from the upstairs toilet for 2 years now and not one single engineer has come to fix this problem after repeated notices etc. I must be sending to the wrong address as nothing is resolved.

There are 100's of fake Concorde reviews with full praising of management. they are just a bunch of fraud thieves. It is a ripoff and there are several genuine complaints by owners in many places( I know if you speak to anybody in the apartment they will spit on the faces of the builders). This is Concorde Manhattans project,  it is completed project of Concorde( after 3 years delay).

All I can say is speak to real people, customers who have face delay and fraud and frustrate from the builders. This is fraud on industrial scale. Pls be careful and dont get stuck in ur upstairs neighbors toilet water.
Jun 11, 2013 02:29 PM Read

I have booked Concorde windrush project and am looking for more reviews on the same. I would also like to know, who else has booked with windrush, I want to know if they have done the legal verification of the project? Please contact me at

Please join the following group on facebook, whoever has booked Concorde Windrush project :

and post your review and any imp information about the windrush.


Piyush Jain
Apr 25, 2013 11:19 AM Read

Never go to Concorde group. They lure you with good promises and tall claims but do not fulfull anything. I lost considerable amount of money. I book a plot in Mist valley - had lot of trouble with registration as they were not willing to do registration.

Finally, I lost money to the banks as well for loan processing and when I decided to cancel the purchase, they charged me heavily as well for no fault of mine.

To refund my remaining money also I had to chase them for months altogether. My advise is to STAY AWAY.
Mar 05, 2013 06:06 PM Read

Overall, my dealing with the Concorde team has been not so good. They always tried to respond which is better than expected. Their maintenance team is also quite bad though and try to resolve issues but not so successful at it. We have to keep following up response is pretty bad. But once in a while, some good representative comes by but that's not what we expect when we invest so much in a property.

Overall not happy just that I'm stuck one may want to do some homework about the builders before investing

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