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600, 1st Floor, Opposite M K Retail Shop, C Block, AECS Layout, Bangalore 560037, KA

Reviews on CMRS Group

Sep 18, 2017 02:35 PM Read

I was finding a villa in Bangalore. One of my friends recommend me to contact to CMRS. They are one of the leading real estate developer in Bangalore area. Highly professional and quick response.

They can provide all villas on affordable cost. You only have to contact them through their contact details. They will take care rest procedure.

All the staff who work for CMRS are professional and skilled. They are good and nice to talk. They are available even on a single call. I'm happy with the service that they've provided.
Sep 06, 2017 12:48 AM Read

Check for yourself:

1) Ask them how many projects which they launched in last 5 years have been completed?

2) How many people bought Courtyard - answer- all sold out, How many people bought Verdance? answer all sold out.

Have you done registration for these - No, why project is not cleared yet. All approvals are not obtained.

3) When do you think these can be registered - in next 45 days. For how long have you been telling this to customer - for last 5 years.

You can imagine. Projects launched 4-5 yrs back. People paid 4-5 yrs back but till now there has been no development, no approvals and no registrations. If you still want to buy this headache please go ahead.

Now they have Palm hills. They started taking bookings from May 2016 onwards. 15-16 months over. There's no development on the ground. Again, people paid money but no one has got anything yet. All approvals are not cleared and is not ready for registration yet.

People who paid are stuck and they don't have money for refunds. Don't go by the 5 start ratings. Those are their own staff posting fake reviews.

They say they are ISO, ask them for certificate, you won't find any. You can go and check on ISO website. There's nothing for CMRS. They have a cunning chairman and a joker CEO. He says he's Engineer and IIMB alumi. ask for details and you will get evasive answers.

Check for the little details mentioned above and see how will you be treated.
May 14, 2017 06:25 PM Read

Worst company with all litigated properties

worst directors and ceo in the company.

mr dharambir singh marketin manager CMRS don't you feel shame to comment something like this. our friends and we paid you 2/% commission cash for four row houses. we feel so sad and you guys cheated us and rate 5 stars, u thieves loot our hard earned money now the property is under some partition suite in the court.


CMRS Group
Feb 19, 2017 05:43 PM Read

I had very bad experience with CMRS.I'm the owner of one of its ventures called 12 Square.

They built penthouses(5 penthouses for a 48 flat apartment) without having approvals and not even informing residents.

Now they say Penthouses also have undivided share. so they should get parking slots

When there is no space they found a slot in front of one of the lifts.

They even threatened residents saying if you cant allow pent houses to park, they are going ahead and park in front of entrance gates.

When we ask about deviations, they say if the deviations are not there then they should have sold flats at 80L not 40L.don't understand who asked them to sold at 40 and have all these deviations.

They showed couple of gates in the approval and now they are asking us not to use one of the gates as they showed it only to get the approval.
Dec 24, 2016 01:37 PM Read

I have visited their project mulberry mist in Varthur, I have been received by their member "Bhavani"

  • Their attitude of receiving customer itself very bad, when I am asking, why your project Mahavatar got cancelled and did you return all the money back to customers? .

Bhavani: we are asking them to see our other projects, if they are interested they can purchase there.

Me: it is not fair?

Bhavani: We have two offices, I don't know the details of how much money has been disbursed till now.

After one week, I got a call from Vishvanath( a Tamil guy), he is not even fit for taking care of buffaloes

Vishwanath: Why you are rejecting our project?

me: I spoke with 30 of your customers, none of them are recommending your builder.

Vishwanath: all builders will have bad review, even prestige building fall off 2 years back, Will you believe if I say " Your wife is cheating you? ", Will you believe if I say " Modi got a bribe for 10 Lacs from Sahara Group? "

LOL, Modi will take 10 lac from sahara .

me: I don't believe your builder, because all reviews are 5 star, no honest review of 3 or 4 or 2.

Vishwanath: if I scold your family, will you believe?

me: Why the fk, I need to listen I will cut your fat a .

Vishwanth: for me my company is my family, don't talk, listen, listen.

me: happy birthday(kept the call down).

Overall they are 3rd rated people, who does not know courtesy to speak.

I am thinking even when I went for site visit, they are behaving like a hell. How they will behave after getting money?

I have skipped all the nasty talks, if you want fun go and give a site visit.

THis project was started by 2013, but still not delivered, they are saying they will take till 2018. The Land owner is holding 1 complete block and there are some complaints saying that land owner will run a PG inside gated community.!

Aug 29, 2016 12:11 PM Read

I was searching for a villa for last 6 months which would be good in build quality and After running through many builders finally I came to know about cmrs courtyard. I have booked in cmrs courtyard I like the layout and construction quality. I felt happy after experiencing the excellent customer service.They very friendly and co-operative.

This project met all my requirements overall, it is a value for money
Jun 07, 2016 05:56 PM Read

I am writing the review as we have invested in Mahavatara project from CMRS group in Feb 2015.

They cancelled the project and we applied for refund on May 2015.

But till now we didn't get even a single rupee back.

Daily they are telling some stories and not making the payment.

There are total 45 customers and they didnt even return money to one customer also.

One person has filled a case against them.

They took money and invested some where else and made profit, but not returning our money back.

So don't buy any apartment or site form this CMRS.

Better search a good builder and invest there.

They are not fulfilling the promises also
Jan 22, 2016 10:25 AM Read (via Android App)

I recently shifted to Bangalore due to my job transfer and was looking for an ideal residential 2 bhk apartment. Being new to the place I didn’t have much idea about the ideal residential locations and realty developers. I got to know about cmrs group through the internet.

The project Saiflora seemed to be the perfect option to me.  On visiting the project location I was amazed to find all the premium world-class amenities under one roof.

I finally booked a 2 bhk apartment in the project and can’t wait to shift there with my family. It is exactly what the developers claimed it to be.  The exclusive features and amenities make me extremely happy and satisfied with my decision of investing in this project.

It is well connected to various reputed schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants and multiplexes. My work place is just a 10 minutes drive from it. It truly is the best I could get at such an affordable price. The project has the facility of intercom, DTH service, 24 hours security, pyramid meditation centre, children’s play area, power back ups, wi-fi, maintenance staff, lift and car parking. I’m extremely thankful to cmrs group for making me find my dream-like home.
Dec 21, 2015 01:12 AM Read

Best property option for a middle class man like me in Bangalore. It is been two years and still we haven’t faced any kind of problem here. At starting I was very worried and doubtful about my decision but as the time moved on I felt so happy and satisfied about my investment.

Environment here is very nice: no noise, no pollution. Construction material used is very good. The team was quite friendly throughout the process. I hope my review about CMRS group will help you others as well.
Dec 15, 2015 02:59 PM Read

Please don’t believe on 5/4 star rating for this builder, it’s all done by their own people. I have a flat in Sunny Dew apartment and first of all handover is delayed with no proper reason, we noticed water seepage in toilet& other room ceilings, they took 3 months to fix the leakage but again the work is not properly done and it started again within a week time. Poor quality materials used and vitrified tiles(flooring) is not properly done, can see tiles up& down(not even) builder claims its tiles problem. If so, still it’s procured by them and they have to change but they don’t agree.

Can hear some air sound(hallow) when you walk on the tiles as it’s not properly fixed. Unskilled labors are used to reduce labor cost. During raining time, water will accumulate in the veranda as there is no proper drainage or floor sloping is done.

On top of this, builder will not respond to your calls after you made the payment. Many of us realized now, that we shouldn’t pay the full amount until they fix all issues. If you catch hold them for any of these issues they will respond back that they don’t have labors available or they will justify that even big builders will have the same issue on quality. If they don’t have labors, it’s their issue or they should inform the customer for the delay.

Most of them are facing this issue and no one is happy with this builder, whatever message posted in their Facebook page is deleted in some time, if they show the same interest in fixing the issues definitely they will get more customers….

If you don’t trust this feedback you can check with any of the flat owners in Sunny Dew Apartment(Mahadevapura)
Oct 05, 2015 11:57 AM Read

I am an existing customer of CMRS and going through a bad experience for the last two years.I truly doubt if the other reviews gives 5 star as they does not sound to be trustworthy.

1.  The builder knows our apartment is NOT GOING TO BE A GATED COMMUNITY community with its own compound wall all sides of the apartment.


The builder says "All the flat customers(more than 50 people) are making a false statement together for a compound wall discussion which he made a fake promise to multiple customers during purchase. The land lord says he has an agreement with builder saying this is not going to be gated community but builder does not agree.

In spite of all these non-sens, we are stressed and getting irritated as CMRS customers.

  1. In addition to above issue, A PAYING GUEST has been STARTED recently WITHIN RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS and the builder denies saying "it is not a paying guest".

The builder literally bluffing every customer and finally washing their hand blaming the customer for all the apartment concerns.

  1. The apartment is under construction for the past 4 years and still buying 8 more months to see if he can complete the project.

  2. Amenities not yet handed over even after 4 years of time. Our kids asking us to take to friends apartments for playing. Despite the money paid to amenities, We are celebrating our kids birthday parties in outside hotels which is sad part.

  3. The builder promised a Gated community but neighboring owners use the community and still says it is a gated community.

Most importantly, NOW I WILL NOT recommend CMRS rather myself NOT LOOKING to invest further with such poor knowledge builders who are not customer centric.

Best of luck CMRS to improve their support and service.
Mar 03, 2015 10:16 PM Read

I am an existing customer of this builder and they are the worst in the business. Do not be fooled by seeing the colorful brochures and banners that they use to attract the customers. Go and speak to already existing customers of this builder in AECS layout, BEML layout, Varthur etc, You will know the pains the buyers had undergone  with this builder.

They have deviation in most of the projects and treat buyers like beggers. Most of the projects are being delayed and the buyer has to bear the EMI & rental cost. They will not pay even a single penny to cover your loss and we have to undergo the mental stress due to this. Damn it. This is the worst part that a buyer has to undergo with this builder and they will not pay any penalty for the delay.  Moreover, I heard from other CMRS buyers that they occupied the apartment with temporary electricity without completion of the project and they got permanent electricity only after 1 year or 2 years. Those who had kids and old people suffered a lot because of this. Also, they have not yet received the occupancy certificate due to deviation in the project. Moreover, the backup and lift is still not yet installed in the apartment.

You can also see the below link where one of the buyers raised a case against this builder few years back.

Worst quality in construction, worst management, not having professional attitude towards buyers, concerns not addressed properly, etc. They claim that they are a ISO company but they are pathetic in their business.

Do not invest your hard earned money with these kind of predators in construction business.New buyers can also go through the below link before you fall prey to this builder.
Jan 17, 2015 03:39 PM Read

I am interested to buy a Apartment in Bangalore. I am currently working in Domlur and

Interested with CMRS Rishi Enclave and Moonstone  project.This looks very good. and price they are quoting is competitive. Please Suggest.

But I didn't see any reviews about this project.Can somebody give some reviews about this builder? Thanks

Sep 05, 2014 05:30 PM Read

I bought a flat from CMRS Properties, Royal Orchid in varthur & at the time of booking the Legal person shown me all the document regarding plan approval so I believe and check with my lawyer, he verified all the document and there was no any legal issue so finally I purchased 2BHK flat which is vastu perfect and they have given festival offer(one car park free) so I am happy with the product and service.

I will strongly recommend my friends to go with CMRS Group.
Aug 22, 2014 02:19 PM Read

Actually planning to buy a flat in Bangalore east, Heard from my friends that CMRS group has one project in varthur, planning to visit there this week, I am looking for Prelaunch project,  got to know they have started now, so it will be useful for me.

Looking for some gated community project, let me visit first this project, if any one can help me about this project.I have gone through the website, I got some flats as per vaastu, let me see.
Aug 07, 2014 06:35 PM Read

My brother purchased an apartment in CMRS Royal orchid at varthur. We are very much satisfied with the location and ambience. It is a corner project with both side road.

As this is very near by prestige lakeside habitat, we are expecting good appreciation in the coming years. I also appreciate the services providing by CMRS  team Because we never felt any difficulty

Thank you CMRS Team:)
Jul 11, 2014 04:02 PM Read

CMRS Royal orchid is a luxurious apartment located on cross junction of 80ft and 60ft wide road at Varthur. With easy accessibility to Outer ring road and whitefield, it provides a convenient option for living with flexibility to choose your work location at two prominent IT areas.


  1. Location is very good

  2. Apartment is located on cross junction to provide best ventilation

  3. All modern luxury amenities are available

  4. Many good schools nearby

  5. Built by an ISO9001:2008 company

  6. All homes are smart home with advanced home automation features.

There are only 105 units which gives one accessibility to all amenities, in bigger apartments the basic things like club house, gym, amphitheater though available are not easily accessible to residents. e.g. for a 3000 flat apartment with even 3 party halls(though most have 1 or 2 only), with an equal demand, a person gets his weekend slot only once in every 10 years!

The apartment is build by CMRS group, which recently got ISO certified and have tightened up all their processes to meet the delivery on schedule with high quality construction.

CMRS group is also an IGBC member, which gives the added value for brand, and the apartment owners are benefited with good price appreciations.
May 17, 2018 11:32 AM Read (via Mobile)

Great Project For CMRS groups, They have a Prestigious venture continuous with great courtesies with the best value. Now my Registration is also Done. CMRS group is so especially Supportive group has much amazing. I trust to highlight its very much created gated group design.Amenities all are great in this layout. Thank you CMRS
May 15, 2018 06:21 PM Read (via Mobile)

Literally, I got nice property, I loved the floor arrange for what I was searching for and deal staff went to me extremely well and cleared every one of my inquiries what I asked him during my visit. very beautiful garden in front of my flat and children park with a very decent location, we can easily go with our car and we got free car parking in front of our flat. thank you Cmrs group.
Apr 27, 2018 04:59 PM Read (via Mobile)

Good undertaking and useful for individuals who are searching for venture with good location, price and amenities then go to CMRS Builders.They are using modern methodology techniques for constructions. Development and facilities in the layout are fantastic and exceptionally co-operative staff. At the budget, they are doing well constructed flat. Thank you CMRS

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