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Reviews on Brick and Bolt, Bangalore

Feb 25, 2021 07:03 PM Read

I started construction in Dec 2019. The promise was to handover the Project by 6 Oct 2020. Today we are at end of Feb21 and still 40% of work remaining.

Contractor is delaying left right and centre and Project manager has no control over him. 3 Project managers changed and 7 to 8 site engineers since beginning of Project.

Project manager is not at all taking any responsibility of delays in Project. If now I'm deducting money as per penalty clause, contractor has stopped working at this stage of 60% construction stage and absconding from past 15 days. Both BnB and Contractor is not picking my calls and I'm struck. Contractor has left his labour at my site and there is lot of pending amount to be paid to labour. This labour is not working and simply staying in premises.

Need to take legal action now. But worst service and experience overall.
Feb 20, 2021 09:52 PM Read (via Mobile)

It was nice interacting with these people for the last 11 months. They delivered in time and with the quality promised. Keep it up guys. Crn 42110
Feb 14, 2021 06:10 PM Read

I have got my 2bhk constructed by this company, really good service and they follow a strict timeline and materials as promised. if any escalations were there there then Mr Abhishek handled it well very personally. IDK about others but I got really good service and work from there side


Brick and Bolt - Bangalore
Feb 06, 2021 09:28 PM Read (via Mobile)

They are only to get 5% of their commission from first payment. After that bricksnboltmanagement least bothered to take call. Construction quality is worst.. don't mantain quality at all. At my house lots of structural problems as well as quality issues. Name shake they have site engineer. I want others too should not suffer like me.
Feb 04, 2021 07:38 PM Read

I have used this company and suffered .

Don't go by their promise. They take their 5% in the first payment and then you are going to suffer with substandard work from the contractor with zero monitoring from Brick and Bolt.

Better to hire a site supervisor and get the job done.

Contact me on 9980520196 for more information on this third rated company.
Jan 11, 2021 03:33 PM Read (via Mobile)

Update on review : now rain started and whatever else wall crack are there those are so big rain water coming inside. Hats off BNB for worst quality. Who all believing in those fake review will suffer like me.Ihave very worst experience with brickbolt(I am writting here with proof) .even I can see local bulilder much better then BNB. Not advise to go with them. Untill get the project they will call you.after that's starts suffering.not maintain even quality n promise. There aremany wall crack within 6 months of time . Worst bricks and plaster quality. Call them many times no response from anyone. Local builders much better than BNB for sure. They don't have architecture and depend on builders architecture so whatever builder feel they does .without house plan my house construction completed.all the wall are cross now . Ask them to show the my house construction and visit my house to see their worst quality.CRN986 refer and call on 914864xxxx.Note guys BNB managed to remove all Google reviews as ratings was very bad.also they disabled to comment on FB advertisement as they knows that they are cheating people. If don't believe my post please visit my house. Second pic attached just to say all are fake promise.Looks like BNB buying the review, else how come all 5 Star reviews coming suddenly at same days many review..most fake review..
Dec 29, 2020 08:40 PM Read (via Mobile)

They are doing our building construction , but response from brick and bolt persons project manager is very poor and they are going more important to contractor not customer only in the being of 2 or 3 months only giving attention after that not picking the calls not responding properly with customers, before going with them please be very careful and take each and every points very clearly in written because after written also they will take u turn, Even they will not having Ideas also how to give best to the customer not giving 3d animation and elevation design also given after full construction which we can't change. They are poppet in the hand of contracter, contractor will not listening them
Dec 19, 2020 07:10 PM Read (via Mobile)

Brick and bolt staff will not respond after signed the contract. They will be behind only for payments. Site engineers will be changed every week. Any complaints or issues, customer only has to get resolved themself. All the staff will work only 11 to 5. Even for emergency, Nobody will respond
Nov 24, 2020 02:53 PM Read

Yes, I liked their service I will take it again. I will keep using it everyday and every week every year
Nov 19, 2020 12:10 PM Read (via Mobile)

Worst ever service that you can get. Don't ever think of going with these guys. They will make you run around following up for everything. Their staffs are looking for their personal benefits playing games with customers changing the policies every now and then. Their architects are the worst guys you can ever get. Even a college pass outs can design better structures than their architects. They only speak fancy words but you can see nothing in action.
Aug 06, 2020 01:13 PM Read

CRN 1456

They are pathetic. Poor bricks, poor plaster, balcony got broken, parapet wall of 45 feet without butress created, No milestone on time.

More than 200 severe defects. 21 Months passed from the the day CRN created for a 21 sq ft construction. Project stopped for days and months many time. BNB and contractor has Nexus. Quality check is for name sake. They don't follow their own agreement.

Finally contractor ran away after taking huge money. No penalty clause applied. They keep on harassing for payment but old paid milestones are defective and pending. Not serious at all about anything.

Try to make fool by asking more Money by wrong calculations, manipulated prices on quotes for customizations. I can give 1000 reasons with proofs but better you be aware from this trap or go and experience yourself if you get trapped by their own people's positive reviews.
1 day ago Read

Very supportive Staff, They believe in quality work. Team work is outstanding, they deliver my project o time. Manager behavior is also humble. 100% transparency on my project
1 day ago Read

STAR Rating, excellent project, very high quality work and always on time, They never compromise with quality, excellent customer service, Product implementation top class.
8 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Amazing team the work went smooth, completed on schedule and I am completely happy with the result. i like Brick&Bolt work and Team is very experienced in their work. Excellent quality of construction.. really appriciated
8 days ago Read (via Mobile)

The best people in the business... They created a wonderful interior for my new home. I am pleased to use their services. Working with the Brick&Bolt team was a pleasant experience. Their staff is polite and efficient.
8 days ago Read (via Mobile)

The staff is great help, the construction quality is excellent, and the job was completed on time, as stated in the contract papers. They developed new techniques and built a strong structure, and the work was excellent.
16 days ago Read (via Mobile)

This is a one-stop shop for all of your construction requirements.

The team's efforts are much appreciated. They were always focused on making the ideal home for us.

Bestest people in the industry .. they made my new home so beautiful, interior was good. happy to use their service
22 days ago Read (via Mobile)

One of the best and most experienced people when it comes to making a home strong and beautiful. Materials are very reasonably priced, and they give all labourers with material workall you have to do is make payments and inspections to ensure that your property is being built properly, and the work they perform is incredible.
Apr 05, 2022 11:16 AM Read (via Mobile)

They used newtechnologies to construct an incredible structure. They designed a beautiful room with a glassed-in balcony. I was able to see how they built the construction step by step, and their method impressed me sufficiently that I decided to trust them. They paid attention to anything that wasn't quite right and fixed it. They did a fantastic job. They started and finished on time, and they constructed a high-quality home. I'm grateful to be able to use their services. My own experience has been positive. BNB People are reliable and provide exceptional customer service.
Good job
Apr 05, 2022 11:13 AM Read (via Mobile)

The contract procedure for the BNB team is simple, and it includes every single detail, so no one can claim that they haven't addressed anything or the pricing. I've witnessed the BNB staff in working. These individuals finished the work on schedule and to their standards, and the project was done quite well. We saw the house for the first time after it had been completed with all of the interior furnishings, paint, and other finishing touches, and it was just lovely. The interior design was very gorgeous. I was quite happy with the work, and they gave me with everything I needed. It took a bit longer since some inside materials were unavailable, but when it was finished, I was blown away by how lovely my home looked.

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Brick and Bolt - Bangalore

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