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3rd Floor, Arjun Marg, DLF City Phase I, Gurgaon 122002, HR

Reviews on Bhartiya City, Bangalore

Mar 10, 2022 01:25 PM Read (via Mobile)

Nikoo homes is the worst apartment complex I have ever been in. Very poor quality of finish. Extremely uncourteous staff and security. Untidy corridors which are hardly cleaned. Very poor connectivity from Airtel hence work from home is impossible. There is a pungent smell in the bathroom which spreads to the master bedroom. This makes it impossible to use the master bedroom. No one from maintenance to look into it in spite of continued complaints.

There is a clause in the Rental Agreement which says that if the tenant vacates within a year they will have to pay two months rent. This is to ensure no one leaves within an year. Else there would be an exodus from the society.
Oct 25, 2020 07:07 PM Read

Dont even think to rent a flat in Nikko Homes, I have faced so many infrastructure and poor work quality problems in Unit 11010, Tower 1. Worst Support and arrogant and highly unprofessional staff. Worst Experience ever in any society I ever lived.
Sep 20, 2020 09:46 AM Read (via Mobile)

When we bought impressed by glossy brochure or well crafted marketing. But when delivered it's worst. Upon top of that management atrocity. No cooperation to resolve the issues. After eight years of project lunch only thousand per square foot cost increased because of low quality.


Bhartiya City - Bangalore
Jun 02, 2020 12:15 PM Read

Don't go by what the above Marketing video shows. See the reality what the Nikoo-1 home owners are facing -

If there is a fire at higher level(11th floor onwards), then the current fire hydrant system is useless as it cannot reach beyond 10th floor! Sprinkler systems never tested, so not sure if they work.

Tower 1 lift duct is always filled with the rain water whenever there is rain.

Newly built Boundary wall collapsed and it looks like the wall was constructed without any foundation.

The list is endless and so are the Nikoo 1 homeowners pain. If at all you are investing in Nikoo 2 or leela residencies, have a chat to the Nikoo 1 home owners and you will get real picture.
Nov 13, 2018 10:47 AM Read

I had bought it in 2013 and it took 5 years for us to get handover. The project as delayed by around 6 months and we were paid 4 rs per sq feet per month as delay charges promptly. We got handover 2 months back and we did housewarming yesterday. All relatives were impressed with the facilities. Especially clubhouse and swimming pool.With malls, cinema hall, hospital and school getting built inside campus it should be the best place to live if ur office is also in BCIT. Don't miss to buy in phase 2.
Sep 14, 2018 11:31 PM Read (via Mobile)

Be it sales - wrong commitments, be it design - 0 knowledge, be it execution - no experience, customer service - fraudulent, financial commitment - never gonna hold good. Don't fall prey to shiny stuff, this is certainly not gold. Put hard earned money in a safe bet.
Jul 24, 2018 12:32 PM Read

I booked a flat in Bhartiya City Bangalore about 5years ago. Until now they have not given me possession. About 90% of Constructionguru30 Cost is Paid. Whatever price builder has quoted at 5years ago, now on the balance installment of 10%, builder is adding 18% GST. As per my 5 years old agreement Builder was suppose to charge Constructionguru30 Value plus VAT and Service Tax if any. When VAT was there Builder was not getting any input credit hence VAT% was lower about at 5%. But after GST implementation Builder was suppose to charge Constructionguru30 Value Less GST Input credit on raw material plus GST 18%. Since post GST implementation customer tax burden becoming higher, Government has issued an instruction to all builder to pass on the input credit benefits to the consumer but few builders are taking undue benefits since public are unaware and its looks bit complex. In-fact government is claiming that the overall cost of buying home has came down post GST implementation. And this is true as well because I have booked a flat with Lodha Builders Mumbai in the same period and same is yet to handover and my remaining installment is same about 10% of total flat cost, which is lower by about 4% from earlier cost. Whereas Bhartiya City is sending demand letter by adding 18% GST directly on the Constructionguru30 value and without passing the benefits of inputs credit to customer. When I raised this concern with Bhartiya City and requested to revise the demand letter, Bhartiya City refused to do that and saying if I wanted to dispute this I can go court. Kindly I need your views and suggestion. I wanted to fight this and file a case against Bhartiya City Developers Bangalore. If any person agree with me and facing same problem kindly connect with me at my email ID:,  thank you!
Mar 23, 2018 11:25 AM Read

Hi All, My family recently visited Bhartiya city to meet one of her relative and she was impressed with the sprawling campus. We are planning to buy resale flat there. Can anyone kindly guide us if it is worth bet. We are based outside India, hence will purely move with feedback we receive. You may write at as well. With few reviews I read, I am not able to decide.

Mar 07, 2018 11:58 AM Read

I have personally visited the project two times. I was carried away with the autocad and animated master plan, but when I visited I found all together a different out look. You feel there are only high rise buildings constructed one over the other. Imagine when the real habitat lives there It will look like walking on MG road on week end. Also their flats are very crampy, 639 carpet area of 2 BHK(can you imagine). when I spoke to the respective person over phone about carpet area, he assured me its by mistake and he will get back to me with the corrected version, which never happened. Don't trust their model flats, please have a look at one of phase I flat, preferably furnished one with wardrobes and stuff, you can hardly move in and around. Now their own team says their Phase I had lot of flaws which they have rectified in second phase depending on customers feedback from phase I, "A very bad news" for those who already own a flat in phase I. They are still experimenting, generous people please join them to help their experiment, I cant as 74+7 laks is a huge amount for me to play with.
Jan 17, 2018 08:06 PM Read

Please be careful with this team. The bankers they recommend can cause severe problems, and I faced similar issues in getting my loan processed.

Regarding documents and other parts, we are yet to get a proper catch up. Shortly we will review again if things are not proper. So far, we do not have a good experience with this builder. From my personal experience, they lack the responsibility part on what they point at. So please be careful.
Dec 30, 2017 09:30 PM Read (via Mobile)

I have booked apartment in 2013 and still waiting to get possesion. Its been more than 4 years. Everytime when I asked for possesion, they will give new time line. I am really not happy with developer. They r putting much labour to build IT area, not residential.area. worst experience with this developer.
Aug 24, 2017 05:04 PM Read (via Mobile)

The city of shattered dreams

Been of view that bigger firms/ Projects


Bhartiya city did not prove me wrong

With its boast of Cool Ambium n all

To ones dismay one finds no. of Snags

In waiting while one moves in . On the top of it

Inside bickering among staff there, leavin

No chance of dodging n humiliatING

D hapless customer.

Bitter beginning . .

As an owner of apartment in Nikoo home, made to feel that new builder, under pressure to hand over posession as already been under construction for last 5 years, hurried up with its last leg of civil work, the flooring, sanitary n other fittings etc. POOR FINISHING.

I, having shifted here for about a month back n busy reminding n waiting for the maintainance ppl to come and attend to the snags. Very irritating experience as staff not prompt beside inside bickering, like not my job etc. Throughout playing the dirty game. This they doing with an ex serviceman of 74, what they will b doing with others.

Minor problems such as no water in kitchen /valve broken, bathroom drain blockage, floor Tiles loose, WC CUMMORD leakage( struggling to get rectified for over a month) ceiling fan point, out of place(response - can't b rectified) etc, etc.
Nov 25, 2016 06:06 AM Read (via Mobile)

Concern - BHARTIYA metropolis - NIKOO homes - Bangalore - Malpractice i've booked one flat in Bhartiya metropolis mission in Bangalore. I've given 2.Five Lakh cash for booking and they're asking me to present 25% of total sale price earlier without processing my SA. They do now not want any banks involvement on this transaction. Here my problem is, if I deliver 25% without mortgage quantity then I cannot ask bank for 80% loan amount+ throughout possession there might be some miscellaneous expenses which couldn't be accommodated in mortgage amount. And furthermore they may be not processing SA on the time of filing 25% of general sale price. They say it takes 7-10 days for processing SA. Here my query is - Why they do no longer need to contain banks for this transaction to begin with. Without processing SA, why should I provide 25% of amount? Assume if I am no longer getting proper file at the same time as paying 25% amount and my bank is ready with my sanctioned mortgage so in case of cancellation why am I chargeable for cancellation charges as Bhartiya isn't always capable of provide me the necessary files. If they are getting their money then why are they who is paying what quantity, if bank is ready to provide assist with some amount. Bhartiya is getting their cash so what is the trouble? The message which we are becoming is, they do not want to be obvious with government regarding this transaction otherwise they could have time-honored this deal if they get their money no matter thinking whether financial institution is involved or now not. They are not prepared for submit dated cheque also for a few portion of 25% quantity if bank is helping with my pre-permitted mortgage quantity. Shall I project this in patron courtroom, as I cannot tolerate this incorrect exercise, and do not need others to fall in this lure. I strongly sense that there's some thing wrong on this DEAL, in which no banks involvement is occurring during 25% of amount submission. If they are getting money then what's there hassle if Banks is supporting us in paying a few amount of 25% amount, as it is accepted with the aid of government additionally. Why they cannot take deviation in preference to forcing client to cancel the deal and deducting 1% of quantity of overall Sale fee in order to be round 50 k. Please assist i'm worried as my mortgage is already sanctioned and i've arranged everything but due to their mysterious behaviour I want to go for cancellation and need to let others understand about this malpractice which they're doing. Seeing that starting they have faulty and they say that during application shape it is written truely that you have to pay 25% but it is not mentioned there that they may not offer any criminal report at the time of payment. It's far like their WIN and customer’s Loss scenario. Financial institution has additionally certainly recommended that their beyond record is bad so do no longer pass with out documentation. They are in full mood to hide their preliminary transactions(25%) in their ledger books at the price of customers money. Furthermore, customers haven't any safety if they may be not giving fundamental documentations on time. Just thinking what is going to take place with 2500 apartments which are going to come.Critically horrible revel in.
Dec 14, 2015 12:29 PM Read

Dear All,

Bharatiya City is a big scam and will face it's consequences in future. Please do not spend you hard earned money in that project. It is not even a A Khata approved project.

There are projects which are in same locality and better than this once so one looking in that area search for couple of days more I insist go to the location in once week end and deicide after seeing project with your own eyes.
Oct 17, 2015 03:14 PM Read

Has anybody booked the apartment in Nikoo home 2? I have booked a 2bhk on 24th floor  & Need a review on the same. As of now everything is going well but if anyone has faced any problem then plz share here.

Also I want the apartment on lower floor so if any body want to exchange is most welcome because the marketing guy is saying all the full booked since the time I booked but still they taking booking.
Sep 13, 2015 11:55 AM Read

I had given a post dated cheque to book a flat in Phase2. Once I was allotted the flat the marketing person called me and asked for a next day cheque. I asked if they have any papers so I can get them verified. They told me that they will only provide papers for the 1st phase. & they do not have BBMP approval for the 2nd phase yet. They were not even ready to give land papers.

How will the buyer know whether the 2nd phase land really belongs to them. They told me if at a later stage they do not get the BBMP approval they will refund the entire booking amount. When I asked them to give me this in writing they even denied that. On top of that I was told that the agreement will happen in 1 months time once you pay the 20%. That means the buyer will pay 20% cost & will not have agreement papers with him.


I cancelled my booking.
May 06, 2015 02:04 PM Read

Bharatiya city Bangalore is making Bangalore a green city because of its Township projects and it has some 20000 flats projects with modern amenities and other amenities like International schools, Hospitals, Shopping mall, Offices and many more that one can easily access to these place.

This group promises to deliver good things because of their past completed projects. Bharatiya city is one of them.The flats are lavishing and the amenities fits inside the flats are very much catchy.

Those who loves nature can book their flat here. The services from this builder is good because there presales and post sales services are very good they are helping people who need clarification regarding projects and documentation.
Jun 21, 2014 12:50 AM Read

I bought a 2000 SFT 3 BHK+Servant Quarters Apartment and paid the initiate 25 lakhs before even getting the Sales Deed. But after getting the sale deed, it was to my surprise that they are not allocating the Un-devided land share equal to the legal land share, instead swallowing it for their commercial project. All poor buyers without checking the laws all the buying 2000 SFT Apartment with around 360 SF of land allocated to them. Not many people are aware of FAR(Floor Area Ratio) approval and they are taking almost all customer for a raid. It is unlikely that the project will get occupancy if BBPM process the site in legal form. Even if the project escapes the initial hurdle, then the Apartment owner can not rebuild it in future beyond the FAR, that mean the owner who buys an apartment of 2000 SFT now will get reconstructed apartment of around 600 SFT. They are charging at par with premium rates then why they are not allocating the legal undevided land.Fortunately I got back my 25 Lakhs but after fighting for 6 months for which I am yet to go legal on claiming interest.


Hosur. V
Jan 21, 2014 12:25 AM Read (via Mobile)

Its a great project superbly marketed. The wake up call is when you interact with the sales staff and discuss anything other than booking & money. Better still they pay commissions to brokers who sell the property much better than their sales staff but will not budge a rupee to a direct customer.

When pushed and exposed on this account one sales guy threatened to return my booking amount. I have seen corporate arrogance up close, this beats it all. I am hoping the worst is past with fingers crossed.

My advise, use a broker, avoid the direct sales staff.
Jul 12, 2013 05:53 AM Read

I visited the bhartiya city couple of days back and very much interested to book a over there. I tried to negotiation on the price but they are not ready to reduce a single rupee. I was searching for multiple options and consulted many of my friends . One of my friend already booked a flat in the couple of months before but he was able to  get 80000 cash back :). I was really surprised about that.But this is not given by bhartiya city.

There are multiple property broker who are actually providing cash back of 1% to 1.5% on the construction cost. He approached one of the property broker and booked. it got 80K cash on the day of agreement.

Be aware if you already register with bhartiya city directly by filling the form and cheque then until you cancel that you can't buy though the Broker.

What every money is money ? tens of thousands is not a easy money to loose. Might think as investor "Appreciation on booking itself".

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Bhartiya City - Bangalore

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